One Thousand Blooms — Updated August 13



Mmm… Cherry’s romance has a different vibe to it, it’s… very sweet (with plenty of angsty situations), whereas Cora happens to have more spice to it :wink:

Careful, I might use them to hurt you the most: in this game things are not going to be easy nor wholly happy :smiling_imp:

It’s a really fun thing to do, believe me :wink:

The MC can literally break certain ROs; it will take a bit of planning (several actions through the game, to make sure it doesn’t trigger accidentally) or change them (their personality, how they perceive the world around them) for good.

With some ROs it will easy to tell if they are truly in love with the MC (Rhona, Maetthere, Cherry, etc.), whereas you will have to play your cards right to get them to love the MC rather than it being just plain fondness/endearment (Cora, Lovage). Then there are those who you will never know if their feelings are real or means to an end :wink:

Yeah; the initial plan is that the two options are possible.

If the MC really, really wants to carry on the Nightshade line (and meet certain conditions), Leander/Baladre will give the MC one kid (or whatever comes out of one pregnancy, be it twins or triplets), but no more. So if they end up with one child, that’s the maximum for them. They will do the heir thing, but if there’s no luck the first time around, they won’t go for the spare.

Leander/Baladre won’t mind if the MC has children with other ROs (they may even prefer it), as long as they are discreet and don’t make an scandal or somehow manage to convince the RO to let the MC and Leander/Baladre raise them as their own.

In the case of dfab MCs, it’s going to be impossible for them to hide bastards from Leander; pregnancies are not something easy to hide, and he will know if the children is his or not (since he will be very much aware of if he has slept with the MC or not). And if the MC has been with both the RO and Leander, he will be able to tell, too, if the kid is his or the RO’s.

In case of dmab MCs, it would be easier for them to hide bastards from Baladre, since they won’t be the ones getting pregnant. Although if the RO has a baby who doesn’t look like her husband (because there’s no way they are going to have kids unmarried) but shares resemblance with the MC, well… That’s going to bring a lot of gossip.

There are some special scenes for ROs whose heart has been broken by the MC :wink:


Don’t worry, I don’t think it will be all happiness, but I liked the fact that my MC can have a partner for his schemes to reach power.


This is Maynard isn’t it? Maybe Lupin too (tbh I don’t know how he’d feel romancing someone who is technically a Purple despite being in relative impoverished status)


Was it that obvious? :upside_down_face: Yep; Maynard is a manipulative bastard, if I have to say so myself. The MC will have to work hard for him to see her (since he’s only interested in women) as an equal, not as another pawn, and even then, the player won’t know if Maynard actually loves them or just regards them as convenient or suitable :slight_smile:

Lupin is not poor (nor exactly rich), it’s that he has a relatively low social standing (both because he has no chances of inheriting and his reputation). He has learned to care less about people’s position in the social ladder, only their actions; that’s why he’s good friends with Rhona. Yet I’m not telling you how easy/hard he is to romance :wink:


Ah, I actually meant the whole keeping-the-bastards-secret question to be directed at the love interests in general, not just our cousin. Sorry for being unclear :sweat_smile:. SInce I’m going to guess the answer will differ for every RO? Or not?


Yup; the ROs getting pregnant will obviously know about it, but the male love interests are another whole story.

You can try to hide it from them with varying grades of success. Some will know that the babe is theirs even before they are born (story-reasons), whereas others will have to wait until much later to start wondering if the babe looks like them or not. The MC would have to go to especially great lengths to hide the child from their biological father, since the male ROs don’t look like the cousin at all (and in case the baby was truly Leander’s, they should have some of the Bane family traits).


I just replayed the demo for the 4th time…and I still hate Aquilegia. that’s all everyone, peace out.


Heh… Get in line buddy. points at the massive line.


I wonder if the MC can make Aquilegia regret what she has done to them, and accept the MC as her child.


Am actually pretty worried if Datura does die and she now becomes defacto the MC’s guardian

The only hope I have is that if Datura does die, I hope it’s after the MC is legally recognized as an adult or at an age where they can declare emancipation


well in the early version of the game he dies while we were a little child


Her name has the word “Crowfoot” in it… So she’s totally gonna be an Evil Stepmother.

Edit: Wait



I’m in love of how detailed and in depth your story is turning out to be. Keep doing your best I’m rooting for you! :smile:


Well dang. Cinderella circumstances here we come :))

But I’m hoping out that he does live longer given one answer of the author (wherein if he does live you would have to do some really questionnable things to make him happy)



why the authors now like to play wit our RO and Puppies!?

greet from the middle of the file

don’t expect much of this file…this people is angry



It’s been really interesting to see how much changes the story has gone through since it was first put. While I can’t really offer much input on the story or the characters for the time being (and you seemed to have already answer most of the questions that have been in my mind at the moment), I will offer the ever so tradition ‘this story has caught my interest; I can’t wait to see where it is going’.

That said:

I’ll admit, I am the most curious about the role that our little sibling will be playing now that they are part of the picture, especially when (I think) I remember you posting that Datura’s attention will be more split than before due to the little one’s arrival (mostly in the baby’s favor, but for likely understandable reasons). I can’t imagine that Veela (my MC) would hold anything against her little sister herself (in fact, I think she’d be the type to take her new role of older sibling in stride and really get into helping to look after her in any way she can) But if Datura’s attentions felt too much on the little girl, I think Veela would feel a little neglected and start wandering off on her own to explore other means to use her time now that her father isn’t really part of it. The fact that Datura’s attentions won’t be a strongly on his first child really does feel like a good opportunity for the MC to start going off on their own to expand their horizons and even find another adult role model that they can take to in place of their father.

I wonder how Datura would feel if MC began to be a little more distant with him? Not in a hostile way; more like a child who was once really attached to him begins to not be as quick to seek him out for companionship and is taking more interest in spending time with someone else (especially if that someone else was a person from the family like Adonis or the others).


Waiting to get revenge on mommy dearest voz no 1 poison their own child, not even tiger. Hope Mc won’t be too weak by the time he/she reach puberty. Love the sibling. Thanks @Lycoris for the update. At least Mc meet up with daddy coz previous version Daddy already 9 feet under.


@Logan3000x I wonder how will you feel when certain scenes are done; Aquilegia has been… behaving quite well for now (I’m not kidding), she will get way nastier as the game progresses :innocent:

Regret? Aquilegia? Those are incompatible words; she’s unable to feel guilt or pity for anyone else than herself (when her schemes fail). I’m nowhere near done with her, and believe me, very few people will want to start a familial relationship with her/have her near. She’s, at her best, irredeemable: I didn’t create her to be a likable character, but a reflection of how awful humans can be, regardless of the ties that bind them to you (even if said relationship is something as important as a parent/child bond; how cruel they are, even thought they are supposed to love and protect you). Those related to you by kinship aren’t always ready to help or support you when you need them, even if they are your blood and flesh, and real family doesn’t always share your blood.

The Crowfoot are not fit to take care of children or any form of life that might need nurturing :upside_down_face: Adonis believes that they (all the branches of the Crowfoot family) should die out some day, preferably as soon as possible.

In case Datura does quick the bucket while the MC is still a minor, Aquilegia won’t interact much with them; she will leave the MC’s care to the staff, but will arrange their lives as she sees fit (what will be best for herself, basically).

@DisturbedOne What’s wrong with “Crowfoot”? And does the formula still work if she’s the evil mother? :thinking:

@PisceanLover Aaaaw, you’re so sweet; thank you for your encouragement! :hugs:

I said “”“if”"", so it’s not like I gave you a clear answer :wink:

I could give you a huge spoiler, but… I like to keep some things secret (for now), and I also want to see you guys beg tear your hair out a bit, wondering what could it be. But I know that the players will have to break their own hearts in order to save Datura, and even then, some might not be ready enough to go through it :smiling_imp:

Because it’s fun :wink:

Absolutely; the purple desire was a very rough draft, but I like how much it has changed :smile: I’ve learned a lot of ChoiceScript in the past year, and I don’t have any time constraints, so I can do a much better job.

Avaron (the sibling: Ava+Aaron=Avaron) will play an important part in the game (if not vital); they will help with the MC’s development and once the main plot starts, they have their own role. They can be a great ally or bitter enemy for the player, depending on how they play their cards, and the relationship Avaron has with the MC can affect the outcome of the whole game :slight_smile:

I intentionally put Avaron in a very delicate position (as the younger sibling of the MC, who will more than likely steal Datura’s attention) so the player has meaningful reasons to resent/love them, shape their personality, and how people perceive them (given how they treat their baby sibling). It also worked for the MC to be much more self-reliant than just from the independence gained from age (giving the option to look for him or start distancing themselves even more), so you’re totally right; you have good observation skills :wink: So Veela’s reactions are totally valid and a possible outcome for Datura’s decisions, that’s bound to cause drama and shape your playthrough :smile:

Oh, he’ll likely be really hurt, but sometimes things are out of his control and his hands are tied; he grieves the fact that his oldest child might feel abandoned (they won’t be, but now he can’t spend all his free time with only them), but he can’t just ignore Avaron. That doesn’t mean Datura won’t have any more time for the MC, but they will have to learn to share their time with him (or be willing to spend a lot of time with Avaron too).

@Sau_Mei_Ng you’re welcome :smile: And just to let you know, you will be able to deal with Aquilegia in the future :wink:


Can we kill the mother?


@Lycoris, i did some code reading and i noticed some code problems (i’ve noticed that they occur on the “meek” attribute).

Here they are:


i included this one since it abruptly ended because i didn’t have the right attribute.

Also, i can’t wait for the scene where we can meet Adonis prior to the party and the skin choice for the customization. i wonder if our choices there will have some weight in the story as well and not as a pure cosmetic choice.