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Now I’m thinking Cora might be very possessive if she marries the MC :stuck_out_tongue:.


Hi, @Lycoris. I was wondering if you could list all the ROs with their personality and what sort of mc they’d prefer etc. Thanks! :blush:


@Urban no, Cora isn’t the jealous type; it’s more about Kalmia, she’s a bit insecure and might feel out of place in the relationship if the two “youngsters” marry each other.

@snowyowl my, there’s a lot of ROs, so if I give a detailed answer, it’s going to take me forever. And what I may tell you here might change as I write (since the draft and the final result can end up being nothing alike), but I can give you a basic idea of their character :slight_smile: Although I don’t want to say what would be considered their “ideal” type; I think that might condition the players to make their MCs a certain way (instead of playing them how they actually wanted), and I want people to try playing several MCs (with their own personality). There are no absolutes, only trial and error; I want you guys to see how the relationship dynamics with the ROs change with different MCs :smile:

  • Maynard: stoic and composed, with traditional values and a tad strict. Terrible when it comes to making friends (because he’s not nice; he doesn’t even try to make good impressions).
  • Cora: mischievous and quite affectionate, but not overly emotional, and far from naive. She’s outspoken and well mannered, the epitome of a proper lady by The Society’s standards.
  • Maetthere: quiet and awkward in social situations, doesn’t like to be the center of attention. Rather introverted and reserved when it comes to himself, but he’s somewhat sweet.
  • Rhona: adventurous and fearless, clearly radical, and definitely a doer. She wears her heart on her sleeve, has an optimistic outlook on life and loves a good sense of humor.
  • Cherry: shy and reserved, with impeccable upbringing and slightly traditional values. She’s not daring nor brash, a natural worrier and a bit pessimistic, and would pick safety over freedom.
  • Lupin: audacious and quite insolent in the eyes of The Society, either very brave or too stupid to know when to back down. He was raised to be angry and is not ready to let go of his wrath.
  • Kalmia: quite insecure but is good at hiding it with a serious and stern facade. People think of her as cold-hearted, and sometimes it affects her mood, but she can’t allow herself to trust blindly.
  • Lantana: an airhead who hardly pays attention to what’s going on around her. She means well but doesn’t always act accordingly, incapable of lying and a bit of a bleeding heart. Generous and idealistic.
  • Lovage: mercurial and not afraid of speaking his mind, could be considered almost rude. He’s cynical, untrusting, hates feeling trapped or without options, and lashes out with little provocation.

This isn’t the definite number of ROs, I may add or remove some as I make progress, and their personality is just a basic outline, so it’s most likely subject to change :slight_smile:


Now the big question…does she like girls?


Well… no.

She’s the only hetero girl out of all the ROs, whereas Cherry is solely interested in women, and the other three are bi.


Curses, foiled again! Ah well, Cherry was a close second anyhow :grin:


I have to ask, did you change how Rhona is from the earlier versions of the game? I used to have a good understanding of her but some things on her description surprised me.

I like that, quite a lot :sweat_smile:


In her younger years, she’s going to be like the earlier versions, and gradually mature into a true rebel (with valid reasons and a clear objective) rather than doing it just because (the same way other characters can do some serious introspection and become a better version of themselves).

As it is, even in her younger years Rhona shows curiosity and a bold personality that’s willing to take risks, and has a strong dislike for The Society’s traditions and rules, but just like everyone, she’s bound to change as she gets older :smile:

Oh, you had! At least from what you shared in this thread, and I’m saying this honestly, but in the earlier versions everyone was kinda flat (so there were a lot of aspects of their personality left unexplored. And people happen to have unexpected sides to them). So don’t think you are (or were) wrong about her :slight_smile:

Cora is bi and quite interesting to romance :wink:


Yeah, I’m sold. My MC is without a doubt marrying this woman.


This has to be the first time I don’t care about the story’s ROs. I’m still entranced by the family!


i realllllyyyy, realllyyyy love the story and concept of this game :heart_eyes: and i love being called sweet pea hihihihi. :two_hearts: it makes me feel so loved and ughhhh :see_no_evil: it makes me melt into a puddle. hahaha :joy: plus im a really touchy feely person irl with people that i like so giving out hugs as much as possible made me happy hahaha :joy:
anyywaaay that being said, i…how should i put this? i read the concepts for the ROs and its nice and all buuuut…i dont wanna offend you or anything so just ignore me if you wish. wwweeelll…the male ROs all seem…asshole-y excluding the timid one, and all the girl ROs seem cool and diverse…i dunno it just seems kinda…unfair? uhhhh but its just me anyway so yea. in the end I’ll respect your decision and continue to support this amazing narrative. :heart_eyes:


I’m still very concerned over Datura. I feel like he’s going to pull a “so long as you’re happy I will be”

Me: why are you like this


No man will good enough now!!!


There’s a lot of interfamilial drama going on, and several arcs (something like side quests, not vital for the story to progress, but important too in order to fully understand each characters’ personality/decisions/etc.), where the MC can learn what’s truly going on and what happened between them in the past, before they were born :slight_smile:

@Elsee thank you, I’m glad you like it so much! :smile:

Regarding the male ROs: truth to be told, Maynard and Lovage do sound like real bastards because they are, simple as that. Lupin isn’t on the same level as them, he’s… just a bit rough around the edges. Is it unfair that two (or three, if you end up disliking Lupin too) of the male ROs are pricks? Maybe, but they ended up like that (because of their role in the story, their background, that’s just how they roll, etc.). Though your MC won’t have to deal with the attitude of both of them at the same time (when romanced), since they are gender locked. Maynard is for female MCs whereas Lovage is only interested in men (and non binary folks), so at most you only have an asshole-y RO.

Dunno, maybe I should make another RO, but I already created Lovage; my initial draft had 2-3 more women than men, and I may add more or even remove some male ROs, so I’m not sure. Thank you for your encouragement, and don’t be so wary of the ROs, they may end up being much better than what you just read :wink:

Given that he did marry for love, against his parents’ wishes, it would be unfair for him to not let the MC do the same. Although… Sometimes things happen to be beyond his control :smirk:

Because I want to make you suffer, wasn’t that clear enough? :smiling_imp:

Datura likes some ROs better than others :wink:


Don’t be such a tease! Please, do tell us more.


yes, i figured that was the case but there’s no harm in asking eh? i might change your mind wink wink nudge nudge hahaha jokes aside, its fine cracks knuckles its tough trying to break peoples walls enough for them to trust you, but when they do, it feels super heartwarming. i might get that satisfaction with them, mehehe. i swear when i play otome games and go with the asshole guy’s route, i always want to punch his throat, but i swallow my pride and make him hear whatever he wants to hear until he inevitably falls for the MC, and i just let out evil cackles knowing that i totally have his heart wrapped around my pinky and that’s the best revenge ever. :smiling_imp::joy:


Why, making the readers squirm is something I love :wink:

Although Datura isn’t the best judge of character (or even a good one) when it comes to people close to him (read: Aquilegia), he is quite intuitive on some aspects. And he will also get better at telling who’s sincere or not as years go by (for example, in the demo if you try to lie to him when he makes you promise to not disappear on their own, and are not manipulative enough, he will notice).

While he wouldn’t be able to tell straight away who is a good person or an utter bastard, he could become a decent enough judge of character, plus being perceptive (or especially weak/sensitive) to some emotions/inner turmoil. So if I tell you Datura’s opinion on each RO, I may end up giving away some spoilers (such as if Maynard is truly an unpleasant fellow or a troubled man, if Cora is a scheming genius or a lonely girl playing the role of a seductress, etc.), and we can’t have that :wink:

Mmm… Although maybe I can say something: he pities the youngest Faerwald siblings, both Rhona and Maetthere :speak_no_evil:

Careful, maybe you are the one who ends up being played :smiling_imp:


Why does she keep getting better?

She seems to be what I thought Cherry would be, a few days ago I wasn’t that hyped for the romances, I only thought of them as something to further my MC advancement, but now I’m actually excited to read it.


i…i guess you enjoy making people squirm? :cry::fearful::skull:


Tbh I don’t mind if all the male ROs are assholes. It will just make it more interesting when trying to win them over… if that’s what you’re going for. It will be far more interesting to see how far they can be pushed >:D

Btw is it possible for any of the ROs to ever truly love you? I know Leander/Baladre is aro so not gonna happen (is it possible to have kids with them out of necessity to continue the line? … or would they be fine with the kid not being theirs because MC has one out of wedlock in secret? Can we even keep it a secret if a child is a bastard?) but I haven’t decided who to romance yet and I’m wondering how bad ramifications will be if MC breaks somebody’s heart.