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I cant talk to the uncle at the party


Does he actually have a plan or is he just…angry :))

I’m curious because are we aiding a rebellion or trying to reform society?


I think this has probably been reported already, but when it’s time to greet the family, no matter what I do, I get a glitch that won’t let me advance. It says something along the lines of ‘non-existant variant: guests’


Not at all: she will just appear later into the story. I think that all the ROs are important for the plot, some more than others depending on the branch :smile:

He was raised angry :wink:

What if I say both?

That’s where the huge branching starts, you can choose for the slow change (reform The Society from the inside) or rebuilding it from scratch (once you have gotten rid of the current system), along other paths.

@augustus27, @DancingInTheRain279 I’ll take care of them in the future update, along other things. If everything goes according to the plan, I should do a small update in 2 weeks or so.


So I’m sensing there is an epilogue portion to this game O: I just hope the MC survives long enough until then

Is it okay to ask how branching works here?


Will there be a path where the MC can amass high amount of power and money?

If yes, then it lead me to the next question:

If there is a path like the one I asked, which female RO, who a male MC can romance, would be the most important?


Yep! The epilogue will wrap up all of the events in the MC’s life nicely (their choices, their family, their legacy and such, which means that there will be a lot of variations), and explain in which state The Society (or the lack of it) was left in :slight_smile: Except if the MC has an early death; then there wouldn’t be much to be told.

Yes, absolutely :smile:

During the MC’s life the player will make choices that will affect how the different factions in the game perceive them (and how much they approve of/diagree with them). When they reach the middle of the story/the seond third of it, then they will have the make the “big” choice, and that’s where the huge branching starts. Of course, depending on the MC’s reputation with each group, their decision might be welcomed or even detered from by said group (for example, a traditional MC who wants to be a part of a rebellion will raise a lot of eyebrows).

Yes, it’s an option to try and become one of the most powerful members of The Society.

Mmm… There are several options, but right off the bat I can’t tell which one would be the “best” choice. I don’t like making a “most” important RO/skill/path, and I want to make several of them equal (or as balanced as much as I can) so players will want to try different things. So, for such path, the best options marriage-wise would be Cora (if you complete her side-quest, then even better), Kalmia and Lantana.


So everyone who isn’t the spoiled best :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: who is Kalmia? I only know she is older then the MC.


Her and Cherry; Rhona because she isn’t considered marriage material (not respectable by The Society’s standards as she doesn’t behave like “a proper lady” and unlikely to inherit the Faerwald title), and Cherry because she has 3 more sisters and doesn’t have enough influence in the Purple/Green Circles (she would make a courteous partner, but doesn’t have much sway over anything).

When it comes to marriage, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, it’s not a simple matter.

Kalmia Heather is an older RO whose family is pretty military-oriented (her family used to be Thorns, but her great grandmother gained a title generations ago) and has quite a bit of influence in The Society even though she’s from the Green Circles.


Wasn’t she going to inherit a Countess title?

This makes me curious why Cora would be one of the best, because while she is a proper lady, she doesn’t seem to be inheriting any titles. It makes her a very interesting character.


Mmmm why do I feel that Maynard and Lupin fall into a bit tricky to romance in this light


Hmn? No, back then I used that as an example (to show that in case someone had several titles and more than one child, the oldest wasn’t going to be the one who inherited everything), but I don’t think I’ll give the current Faerwald branch more than one or two. Plus, a Countess title is a minor one, it doesn’t hold much power.

That’s right, as it is, she isn’t going to get anything when it comes to titles (because she isn’t Caelan’s biological daughter and he has plenty of more kids, Cora doesn’t have any claim to them), but she is worth a lot of contacts: the Faerwald, the Rose, the Mulberry and the families her siblings marry.

Let’s see if you still want to do Maynard’s route when I’m done with him :wink: Marrying him is easy (compared to other ROs, since you don’t need to romance him in order to wed him), but I believe he’s not going to be very liked. Lupin isn’t very complicated, either, depending on which path your MC ends up taking.


So theoretically though, Cora would be a better match for an heir? She gets a title and he gets her contacts?

Oh my. Suddenly am wondering how certain personality types will work with the ROs :)) I hope he’s at least the love to hate sort of character in the best possible way


Not exactly; she’s a very good (future) partner, but I wouldn’t go as far as deeming “the best” candidate out of all the other women. I don’t like making a single RO that’s more important than the others (marriage-wise) because then the player may feel obligated to pursue a RO in particular to get a “good/perfect” playthrough.

Story-wise, though, Cora may be a better match than Lantana depending on which path the MC follows (the same can be said for Kalmia rather than Cora if the MC is thinking about joining the rebellion). A politically inclined MC (who wants to reform The Society from inside) might do better with Lantana, who is from the Purple Circles, has a title and is a very influential member of The Society, whereas if you’re more interested in only money and power, Cora is better suited for the MC’s schemes. Of course, they are not absolutes, so either three of them, or even Rhona and Cherry, will do for your playthrough if you make the correct choices over the game’s course :smile:

Oh, believe me, my plan is for the character traits to have a great deal of influence on how the ROs perceive and interact with the MC :slight_smile: For example, Maynard likes stern and rational MCs that are not prone to touching him, whereas Maetthere and Cherry like sweet and caring ones :smile:

He’s… Complicated, and not even nice or a decent man (he has a lot of growing up to do), but I’m dying to know how will people react to him once romanced :smiling_imp:


She is becoming better and better.
If we go for the powah route and marry Cora, can we will have a poly relationship with Kalmia?

Isn’t Cora 12 years older than the MC? Why she wouldn’t be already married when the MC reaches adulthood (I think it will be when they turn 21, right?).


Yes, it’s a possibility, but if Cora is the one marrying the MC, things might be a tad more difficult to handle (due to the NPCs’ personalities). For several reasons, the “ideal” way for the three of them (Cora, MC, Kalmia) to be together (and for it to work without many issues) is either if the MC “officially” weds Kalmia and Cora has her own marriage (but is still a part of the relationship) or the MC doesn’t marry neither (in which case Kalmia is a constant, and Cora is in and out of their lives for plot reasons).

What? No, she’s only 4 years older than the MC; maybe you’re mistaking her with someone else? Like Maynard (the MC’s senior by 8 years) or Kalmia (10)?


Oops, I read she was 4 years older than Maynard, but she is 4 years older than Maettere, my bad.
But doesn’t she have a lot of suitors? Why she decided to not marry any of them yet?


Yeah, she has plenty of them, but she has her own reasons to not wed yet. I can’t tell you any of them, though: that would be a spoiler :wink: She has a few years of freedom before having to marry at least once :ring:


I noticed something funny:

2 days later:


@Urban well, she remained a secret for 2 days, isn’t that enough? :smile: