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I’ll make it easy for you; you should never trust me. NEVER.

@Quaintrelle thank you so much for sharing your MC, her stats will be of great help! I love her name, and its meaning :smile: She sounds like a sweetheart, too bad that she’s in for a lot of suffering, I wonder how well she will fare all by herself. Also, depending on which initial stat you pick, you’ll get to see different hints and interpretations, so maybe you should make another MC and decide which one you like better :wink:

Clematis is usually a sweet-natured woman who isn’t one for hostility, except when it comes to Adonis. But rather than it being another side of her personality, or something she keeps under wraps to play a nicer charade, that’s because as her brother, Adonis knows how to push her buttons (anyone who has siblings knows what I am talking about :grin: ). He doesn’t even need to say anything in particular, just being in the same room as her is enough to keep Clematis on her toes.

It’s good that you don’t feel much compassion for Adonis or even like him; I didn’t give him a winning personality for reasons. He was never meant to be a likable character, because even though awful things happened to him (for which you can empathise with him or not), his personality isn’t the best, nor some of his actions on The Borders. And yeah, he would still make snippy remarks regardless of the MC’s age :smile:

Adonis isn’t the best father out there; he’s not quite awful but I wouldn’t really give him another child to take care for. Also, given that he used to be with Lawren, and is still quite angry about him marrying Clematis, no one is wondering who is Sid’s mother? Or from where did they pop up?

Exactly; I have coded it like that for plot reasons, since Petunia has only one child (if she had both, that would complicate a lot of things). If you’re playing a dfab MC, then you get Leander, and if you have a dmab MC, Baladre. What intentions are you talking about? I love it when people share their theories :wink:

Regarding Rue she was extremely tired because she had to deal with Aquilegia (and failed to get her to the dinner), not because she was poisoned. It’s a bit soon for that. Datura looks better because he was having a good day and was in a wonderful mood :slight_smile:

In the earlier versions of the demo, he died when the MC was 4 (so he is already outliving what I had planned for him) and appeared in very few scenes. I had very little room to establish his character, so I decided to portray him as a figure full of love and compassion, in contrast with Aquilegia’s personality. Now that I have the time to make him a full-fledged character, I could still make him a kind-hearted man, but with his faults and flaws, which reinforce his kind and utopian nature :smile: Too bad he’s a really poor judge of character, and just like all humans, makes (serious) mistakes.

@Lillith …you say it wasn’t long? …The demo alone is 30k words (30.000), over one hundred pages of text and code, you consider that short? Anyways, it’ good that you liked it, but the fact that the MC has a sibling isn’t because they are smaller than average. Just like in real life, having siblings isn’t really much of a choice.

I’ll give some elaborate options for the MC’s Efflorescence party; the first demo had different dress/suits styles and materials you could pick, but this time around I’ll arrange more specific choices that will evoke a nice imagery :smile:

Just as @Quaintrelle pointed out, in most cases burgeons become adults at the age of 18, and of for some reason fail to present, they have a second chance at 21 :slight_smile:

No, it doesn’t (really) sit well with Aquilegia, but if there’s no money, not much else can be done :confounded: It reflects badly on her, and she hates it because she cares a lot for her reputation, but her management skills are poor. There will be a scene where Aquilegia is really angry with the fact the MC can’t have their Efflorescence, and it’s a nice opportunity for the MC to express their feelings regarding The Society’s traditions.


I’ve been wondering who and where is Sid’s mom and her relationship with Adonis for a while but always forgot to ask :sweat_smile:


Ok then if i should never trust you then i cant trust this thus i should trust you…:thinking:


Yeah, which is why the mc could only get the crappy jobs that don’t really deal with the professional management of money/resources, such as military intelligence and even there they’d apparently give us the evil eye, which was why my mc in the old one was considering simply taking a job among the thorns and dropping the pretense, partly because of how much that would upset mother and the grandparents.
I wonder if the tentative option to take some jobs normally filled by the thorns has survived?

My mc was gonna thank mommy dearest by wearing the absolute cheapest and most drab outfit we can get away with.


Question: since the point of the Season is to make merry to get…married, is there an age where people are considered unmarriable? Since everyone is big on keeping bloodlines and children I assume that women have it harder due to menopause and thusly would need to be wed ASAP

Would there also be an in-universe equivalent for men? Like they don’t have that biological restriction (or at least it’s not as pronounced) so are they societally pressured to have kids by a certain age?


There will come a day where i give you the benefit of the doubt. But not today. I see the target you have on Datura’s back.


It’s a spoiler, but it’s good to keep in mind everyone, even if they aren’t around :wink: Also, no one noticed anything between Sid and Adonis? :upside_down_face:

Trust me to make you cry :wink:

If the MC manages their own business, that’s not a crappy job. Though that’s not the sole reason; the fact that the MC gets a late start doesn’t mean they are doomed to have a poor life.

What would be considered “crappy” jobs are usually filled by Thorns, though (such as taking care of households, dealing with animals, teaching, etc.). That’s not really the word they would use, but the reason is that a lot of them have little education and don’t know how to read/aren’t very good with numbers, and the few that do (thus teach) have limited knowledge (and give only one subject).

About the military; just like over here, there are a lot of mixed feelings regarding it. What I said was that the MC had the option to enlist as just as a “common soldier,” which is mostly (if not always) position for Thorns.

People must be at least adults for it to be legal (18 in most cases since they have the Efflorescence at said age, but in the MC’s particular case, that would be 21).

Any younger than that and it would mean jail time, since it would be considered a child marriage. Betrothals can happen when they are children, but they can wait years until the actual ceremony happens.

Though the whole point of the Efflorescence is not only marriage, but the adult status (thus meaning they can inherit titles if they are heirs, manage their own money and business, join the military, etc.).

Children are important, yeah, but The Society doesn’t expect an 18 year old to start making babies right away, since that would be risky for her health. Most people marry in their early 20s, some a bit sooner (like 19 or 20 sharp) whereas others later, if they happen to be very busy people.

The usual range for having children is when women are in their mid-20s to early 30s; the pressure starts if they don’t have any kid and are past their mid-30s, since they are running out of time.

Yes, men are expected to be married and have children around the same age as women, since you need both of them to make babies.

People don’t regard very well man in his 30s who doesn’t look like he plans to marry, even though biologically speaking, he has more time than women to carry on his bloodline.The pressure women have in their mid-30s starts in their 40s, in the case of men, not a lot of difference.

@Beaterxys offer me an appropriate sacrifice and I might spare Datura :wink:


If its the same thing mother dearest has run into the ground with mismanagement then it will probably be a crappy job. As would starting our own business, which would require a hefty loan and for someone with, again thanks to mother, such a bad credit as the mc the only people who might be willing to lend us the required funds would probably be outright loansharks who charge extortionate interest rates. Either way to make it succeed, if that is even possible at all the mc will probably have to work to the point where they’re bald and grey within the year.

Right that must be what I remembered. Probably only an option if one manages to get health points high though, due to the demanding work of an army grunt.


So not only is it parties and balls but recruitment pitches and maybe entrance exams :))

In speaking of, socially speaking, how do people feel about the military? Theoretically if you earn your stripes regardless of birth (though likely if you were born wealthy you get a huge headstart perhaps?) wouldn’t a lot of the elites be upset about allowing a commoner into their ranks? Or it doesn’t work that way?

Would a lot of Thorns enlist just because they have a better chance of upping their ranks in society?


Ah, the practical rebel then. At this point my MC wants to be less obvious about her disdain, enter Society, play and devastate memorably from within, and hopefully punish Aquilegia all while maintaining the integrity of Datura’s name and legacy. She’s going to feel wicked, be shocked and shaken out of her childish notions of safety and immortality, be wary as to how to maintain any of her former ability to trust and love others so naturally and fiercely…perhaps even having an epiphany reminiscent of Marquise de Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons.

Regardless of how Father erred and his fate, (and whether he’s there to bear witness), she desires that all his hard work and devotion towards his family not be forgotten or irrevocably tarnished. Even if she’s not wholly successful in the endeavor, she’s going to take back some of what has been stolen from her and the first step is being seen as an adult at The Efflorescence in something triumphant, her first independent move across the board to display that she will rise despite the odds and obstacles. And she will make it clear where that strength came from, enduring all the shadows and shades of Aquilegia’s weakness to find the remnants of her father’s light and its warmth.

Of course such a path may be treacherous, if not cathartic…

Well, Sid not only bears no resemblance, but they refer to Adonis by his first name…:thinking:

Now I imagine him walking by an outdoor cafe, seeing this little one in a pram unattended and thinking “you’ll do” before nonchalantly rolling them away…

Or far more dramatic alternative being that Sid was somehow an exchange for the dissolution of his marriage to Lawren.


Is the part where we’re pushed off th balcony still apart of the story? If so do we find out who did it?


…why is this suddenly GoT-esque? And why was the MC pushed off


@Lycoris, i just would like to ask, Is the determinant for Avaron’s gender the MC’s gender (at birth)? Same-sex siblings has its own kind of drama but i don’t mind having a brother as a female MC and vice-versa.

And suddenly my head is playing situation where Veranne (PC) would try and convince Avaron to go around the town and then have the “i’m mistaken for being the younger sibling” situation going on.


@idonotlikeusernames sigh, okay, it’s a crappy job, whatever. No one with common sense would leave something as crucial as managing to people who barely know their numbers or someone who could literally fuck them over because another family made them a better offer.

Yes; it’s a very important event in every socialite’s life :slight_smile:

There are mixed feelings; some families don’t like the idea of their heirs going off to The Borders to “play war” (both because they see it as risky, and because Adonis has a terrible reputation), so more often than not it’s the spare and third/fourth child going there. Then there are others who are very military-oriented and have it almost as a requisite for their kids, because they believe it helps “build character.”

You are right, those who come from a wealthy background have better starting options, but that’s… what’s the word, systematic? It was established a long time ago by the Peers of the Realm that children from families from the Green/Purple Circles would follow different programs, since they usually aim for higher positions than the Thorns.

It’s not common for Thorns to get granted merits and such, and very few are granted a title (which would only make them a part of the Green Circles; several generations have to pass for them to even think of marrying someone of the Purple Circles). They are bestowed by the Peers of the Realm, the maximum authority in The Society, so it doesn’t matter what the families think. In most cases, it’s accepted, since they know that it makes sense to periodically accept newcomers; lots of lines disappeared over the years, and new blood is needed from time to time to avoid inbreeding.

Only the most…elitist of families wouldn’t want to mix with newly accepted families, but those are very few and dying out as a result of their extreme selectivity.

Yeah; their current situation is really unfavourable (a lot of members from the Green/Purple Circles don’t even consider Thorns as humans) and the most an average Thorn can aspire to is working in a household where they will be ignored rather than mistreated. Those who hold the power don’t want to change the status quo, so a lot of Thorns try to survive however they can or jump at the slightest chance.

@Quaintrelle kidnapping, taking an ignored child for himself just because, that’s absolutely Adonis’ style :grin: I’m surprised by how well you understand his character, even though we have seen so little of him; how do you do it? But now I wonder; why do you think he would do it, if he doesn’t seem to really have fatherly instincts?

@Aquarian_Princess maybe, maybe not; it’s a spoiler :slight_smile:

@squarelyblue it’s from the old demo, where everything was crammed because it was for the CSComp (thus I only had one month to make a game).

@Kurvo for the love of, it’s in the first post.

Yeah, just like with Baladre/Leander, Avaron’s gender is determined by the MC’s designated sex at birth, for plot reasons. Depending on how things turn out in the end, I might go back and put a random command, so you can either have a sister or a brother :thinking:

What do you mean, that Veranne would trick their sister? :confused:


Will we encounter such a family in the demo? Maybe an impoverished but blue blooded family to justify mingling within the MC’s circles (or is that too much of a stretch)


But then again our dear mother has little common or business-sense now does she? I mean in her case it would probably have been better if she had delegated the running of the business to someone more competent. Cause whether she ran it herself, or whomever she has appointed has clearly done a poor job of actually running the place. Probably necessitating a significant investment and someone with actual business sense to turn things around.
Not suggesting our dear mother left it to the Thorns, but she is clearly a very poor manager of just about anything or she has hired someone who embezzled funds on a large scale, since she also seems to be a poor judge of character I wouldn’t put that one past her either.
Even Datura himself is likely too trusting to have the required cutthroat attitude to business that is, unfortunately, vital to building highly successful business empires. So in all fairness to mom the business was probably at most doing okay and operating on tiny margins and if she then comes in and made boneheaded decisions or went on a spending spree…well debt would pile up fast.
Either way the family finances are clearly in a very poor state by the time the mc themselves is 21, unless that is one of the things subject to change in the revisions of course.

Mind you my mc would at least take a look at the “family business”, but it seems he would be highly unlikely to have the requisite venture capital to be able to turn the damned thing around, again unless he gets it from highly unsavoury people who are less concerned with credit ratings and past results of the business then more formal avenues would likely be. The same would likely go for starting our own business as it is a universal law of capitalist economics that the poor and impoverished have equally poor access to sources of credit.
There’s also the fact that my mc at least would refuse cash from Rhona or his grandparents as that would mean he would owe any success he has with the thing to them and that’s really not a position he wants to find himself in.

Hmmm…if the mc enlists as a common soldier it seems very unlikely that we’ll get into a position to be granted such merits and even if we did would they even do it considering that we were already born into the Society?
Also even if they did would that necessitate accepting an officer rank and commission, even if we start our as ordinary soldiers or could the mc stay on as an nco or something?

The mc themselves is very much an impoverished blue blood, even if their status is very precarious by the time they turn 21. I mean we could meet such people, but other then genuinely falling in love marrying them would just double our poverty issues and any debts.


It’s also a perspective flip and possible mirroring/character foil for the MC. Since Datura is an anomaly it might be interesting to see how things unfold if the MC was raised conventionally given their current circumstances

//shrugs into the distance


Hmmm…that’s a good point.


Does the sibling have a different personality depending on their gender? Also, would it change relationship dynamics, especially if the MC is a girl and the sibling is a boy?


Oh dear! i mean Veranne will be mistaken as Avaron’s younger sibling since you’ve established that the PC is quite short for their age. i was thinking of that scenario when they’re a bit older such as their teen years.

Sorry about that.