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I understood clearly that Clematis was being sarcastic. I wouldn’t want to change that bit unless there are many people misinterpreting that bit over and over again. That’d be silly.

This might be a bit taboo, but are we allowed to have children outside of marriage, or have children that are not from our partner? Since this game is pretty ambitious as is, I’m curious as to how far you’ll go with making scandalous affairs and whatnot.
Also, since Datura mentioned it, will any of our children have similar defects or illnesses like our MC does?

You already make it sound cute when I play as a gentle and loving child, and you’re going to make it even cuter? I can’t wait for that. :smiley:

I already enjoy the game as is, but it’s nice to know you’re putting your heart and soul into it and having people pay (temporarily metaphorical) dividends to heap praise on it. and also ask how tall the MC is but lets not go there right now


There will be several instances where the MC will witness what is it truly like out there for Thorns, and how different is it of what they are used to. I believe that it’s vital for the MC to have a different initial/starting point of view of what the rest of characters are used to (hence I created Datura as he is :slight_smile: ) for the player to truly have options (or else they wouldn’t be able to play a MC with thirst for freedom; they would be like sheep, doing whatever The Sociey wants!).

They will have the option to intervene (or not) in such cases: of course, that will have an effect on their reputation, on how both The Society and the Thorns (and other possible factions :wink:) see your MC.

Again, thanks for your feedback, really :hugs:

Once we reach that point, we will see how many people will do it for real :smiling_imp: Although it’s not like I verified if Datura is going to live enough for him to see the MC becoming a monster for his sake, either :wink:

@Zanite thanks! I knew how to rectify the typos, but I had a bit of a hard time figuring that one out (I’m not a native speaker, so sometimes I don’t know how to correct my mistakes, even if I look around).

@Bre haha, yep, going from having no demo to 30k+ words; not bad at all! Nah, jokes aside, I’ve gotten better at using ChoiceScript; when I made the other demo, I was quite new to the whole coding thing, so what I made was buggy as hell.

@bbcurl it depends on several factors, such as who is the other parent and how many the MC wants in-game.

Yes; the MC is of mixed descend. Most of the Nightshade family is dark skinned, while the Crowfoot are varied and mixed (though they look predominantly like what we would interpret as white/caucasian).

I’m still not sure if I should leave the skin color vague (so the player can imagine their character however they want and they don’t bug me with “RAH RAH RAH, I DON’T LIKE HAVING MY SKIN COLOR DETERMINED, I WANT TO CHOOSE IT”) or give an option, since genetics aren’t an exact formula (plenty of cases where a mixed baby only looks like one parent and such), and the MC’s family is kind of a melting pot.

Okay, I’ll leave it as it is; I just wanted to make sure :smile:

@RagEgnite Mmm… I’m not really sure, because I don’t know how much work it may take me. It’s unlikely that I allow having children outside the wedlock; it would complicate some things a tad too much. Having a child with someone else other than the spouse, maybe, but it also depends on the workload and how well it fits the rest of the plot.

And yes, it’s a possibility for the children to inherit a sickness or affliction from their parents. Every family has a thing or two running in their blood (plot reasons); not only the MC’s children may have something from the Nightshade and Crowfoot, but their partner’s family, too. I don’t think I’ll determine it (or maybe I set some in stone with certain ROs :thinking:), but use a *rand feature (like in real life).

The MC’s height depends on several factors, but it relies mainly on a variable called “health_points”. The more points you get, the taller the MC can be :slight_smile: Though if you want a clear answer, I think of dmabs between 5’5’’ (165cm) and 5’7’’ (170cm) and dfabs between 5’1’’ (155cm) and 5’3’’ (160cm) as the “average” (whose health_points are neither too low, nor high).

Thank you for your kind words! :hugs:

By the way, I’m looking for a different name for the game, but I don’t know what :thinking: Do you guys have any suggestion or idea?


One Thousand Blooms is beautiful on the tongue and with what visuals may be imagined, alas:

A Bitter Fate/The Bitter Taste of Fate
The Bitterest Kind
The Bittersweet Descent
Bitter Flowers
A Flowering Fate
The Bane of Us
A Baneful Existence
In The Garden of Night
Intoxicate We
The Deadliest Bloom(s)
In Darkness That Blooms
To Poison A Dynasty
The Nature of Civility
The Seeds of Society


wow this WIP is awesome! I can’t wait to meet my brother and teach him how torment Mummy :smiley:


So far maybe Bloodlines due to the emphasis the game has on it?

Tbh, your game has this odd steampunky feel despite it not really mentioning of the sort so :)) (only clue is that they wear clothes that can possibly be from the first IR)

If I’m right then you can play off that?

In case father dearest does kick the bucket, how precarious is the MC’s situation? How many of them actually see MC as a viable pawn/player in their own right from the get go? Is it enough for us to be wary :))

Oh! Do we also get to be “introduced” to society? Or Datura isn’t into that either


@Lycoris He will live on.


Hmmm…how easy or difficult is it gonna be to keep those health points up? Of course those possible “average” mc heights tell us little without knowing the overall average of the Society.
There have been periods within European history where those heights would have been well into the average/above average range overall and then there’s the present situation in my country where the men are currently the tallest in the world at an average of 183 cm, though at the time of our fabled “golden age” by the best estimates of some historians the average Dutch man would have been only 167cm tall. Although back then that apparently used to be quite tall too.

Of course there is also the fact that you’ve hinted the mc comes from fairly tall lineage on both sides, but that would possibly make his lack of stature only a drawback within the family, provided it isn’t far below the overall average.
Still having to literally look up to almost every other member of our “family” would be a constant annoyance to my mc.

From the old demo from way back that I remember where dear old dad was always dead the mc didn’t really have a position, which is why they were locked into a rotten arranged marriage type of deal to Rhona. So I’d say very precarious, though that may have all changed into the revisions.


@Quaintrelle it’s not like I’m really displeased with the title, but I’m not 100% sure it fits, either? Out of everything a story has, naming things (especially places) is probably what I dislike having to do the most.

Thanks for your suggestions! I quite like several of them: I’m still not sure how many I’ll make, but can I use them for chapters? :thinking:

@Vergil16 thank you! :slight_smile:

Mmm… the game itself is not so focused on the lineages, but it’s the in-game’s society who does (do I make sense?). The Society cares about it, but in the grand scheme of things there’s so much more than just blood ties to the story. The very quote I used in the prologue is “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”: calling the game Bloodlines would be kind of counterproductive, if I explain myself?

A steampunky feel, you say? How curious, I’ve never thought of that (or aimed to; I don’t think I would have managed to if I actually tried. For some reason, it’s difficult for me to fit my writing to such genres, I just write and let people find the nuances :upside_down_face: )

Though, what do you mean with the first IR? :thinking: Does IR stand for interracial relationship? If that’s the case, the MC’s parents aren’t the only mixed marriage; the Nightshade-Bane, Crowfoot-Mallow (I said that the Crowfoot look white/caucasian, but there’s a long story of mixed parents), the Faerwald, and a long etc.

Quite :slight_smile:

The MC will be left unprotected to the upper classes’ whims, and that’s not a nice position to be in (so they must find a way to gain control of the situation, power or… something). I can’t say much more without spoiling the plot (but it’s clear that offing Datura wouldn’t be a good thing for the MC :wink: ).

The position of pawn/player is sometimes hard to determine; players can be tricked intro believing they are the ones in control (and end up being played), and pawns have a lot of potential (if they know how to use, that’s it). So I can’t truly say how some NPCs may perceive the MC when they meet them :smiling_imp:

I have a quote in-game that sums up his feelings regarding what he thinks of The Society pretty well:

Even if Datura doesn’t agree/isn’t into some practices (such as having their children introduced into The Society), he knows he can’t just ignore their customs. That would do much more harm than good for his kids in the long run, and he doesn’t want that.

So while there are some things Datura is bound to do (like arranging his childrens coming-of-age parties so they can be presented to The Society as tradition demands), he will get away with what he can (like not making arranged marriages).

There will be several choices where, depending on the player’s choices, they may get more or less points. I’m not leaving it to a random number generator, but gaining them is going to be quite intuitive (if not logical/consistent).

Yeah, there are some game elements that have been redesigned and adapted, but they are in the same vein as the whole game.


Oops. Industrial Revolution since the whole movement was from the mid/late 1700s to sometime during 1800s strictly speaking (since there were some breaks in between but more often than not the aesthetic vibes for steampunk were for the Victorian era, which was the highlight and at a much later time)

So having said that, peeps think of the Industrial Rev, more often than not it’s the latter/Second Industrial Rev. In so far as headcanons go it’s refreshing to see an “earlier” setting (even if it’s just a headcanon image as of now)

Like my headcanon costuming is more of Regency era fashion rather than Victorian

(Yes. Historical fashion is my jam and this is me nerding out over the possibility of semi-glossed over periods of clothing for fiction purposes)

Okay having said that, do we require an escort? I’m not sure about the in-world tradition but cottilions/debutante balls from where I live usually do :))

AKA: is this the earliest point we will meet potential RO’s and their parents/guardians? I’m equally excited though to see more of the Society and the kind of maneuvering that’s involved


Oh, I see! I’m terrible with acronyms, so when I looked it up online, I got things like interracial relationship, infrared and injured reserve, so… yeah :sweat_smile:

Some time ago I wrote about the game’s setting, maybe this might be of your interest? :thinking:

There isn’t much historical accuracy because the game is not set in our world, so I made a mix and match of things. If anyone who studies history reads this, I’ll probably make them cry :upside_down_face:

When I started, the setting was similar to the Victorian/Edwardian era (though now that I think about it, the Regency era looks quite good!). The industry around it is backward/belated while medical procedures (that don’t need surgical intervention) are quite progressive, and the general knowledge about hygiene is quite advanced.

The attitude regarding women is much better, they can inherit their family titles and have their own business, and it’s not expected of them to save themselves until marriage (just childless); same with homosexuality, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the continuation of the bloodline (heirs and such), people have nothing against it, not even the several religions I have in-game.

Mmmm… I’m liking the Regency era (or at least its fashion) more and more. Thank you! :smile:

In the game these balls are called Efflorescence, and serve to present upsurges/burgeons (how youngsters are called) to The Society as functioning adults; that’s why a escort is not needed of them (to symbolize their independence as grown-ups). Though if any of them is betrothed, their escort will be their fiancé(e), to show the start of their life together.

Not at all; in chapter 2 the MC will meet their childhood friends, Rhona and Maetthere Faerwald (Rhona is only for male MCs), along other love interests as they grow up. The romance won’t start until everyone is an adult, though.

Here you go some info about 4 ROs

The Faerwald siblings:

  • Maynard: the oldest of the four, is eight years older than Maetthere and your MC. Natural tan skin which is dusker thanks to the multiple outdoors activities he does. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are the same color as iron. Takes after their father, Caelan. You won’t see much of him in your MC’s childhood years, but once Shade reaches adulthood, he’s going to be around. He’s strict and doesn’t like change, and Rhona often says that he doesn’t know how to have fun.

  • Coriander: named Cora by her siblings and four years older than Maetthere. Unlike all of her siblings she doesn’t have a single drop of Faerwald blood, since she is the daughter of Perebea’s previous relationship. Her biological father remains unknown. She’s fair skinned with a lot of freckles, with hazel brown eyes and honey blonde locks. Having learned everything from her mother, she’s the very definition of a “proper lady”, feminine and coquette; she has plenty of suitors.

  • Maetthere: the awkward one, doesn’t share much similarities with his older brother or father since he shares looks with their grandfather. From staying indoors most of his time, his skin looks paler than it really is. His hair is chestnut with blonde highlights and his eyes a pale blue. Childhood friend of the MC, they have the same age; he lacks confidence and is very much a bookworm. Has a strong dislike for fencing, but loves horseback riding. His mare’s name is Peppermint.

  • Rhona: the youngest of the Faerwald, three years younger than your MC, thus the most pampered child of the family. Her skin is tan and peppered with freckles, and has strawberry blonde/copper hair, which to everyone’s horror, she cuts short. Her eyes are a dark brown yet bright with life. Unlike all of her siblings, she’s cheerful and jaunty, to the point it’s almost unbecoming; that’s something that displeases her family greatly, whether it’s for tradition or future consequences.


Is there a Season then? What other public outings are there that require the MC’s attendance :)) (I have a very good feeling that I will somehow botch the social events haha)

All and all the world is looking more and more exciting!


The Efflorescence takes place around the beginning of spring, with the first blooms :smile: It’s a really big ball arranged for all the burgeons (not individual parties for each person) because even the Peers of the Realm attend (they hold the highest status on the social ladder), so it’s a yearly party instead of a set of events :slight_smile:

Except the Eflorescence, there isn’t any other party where it’s demanded of the MC to attend; refusing to go to any of them will have affect the MC’s reputation, yes, but it’s not strictly obligatory for the MC to assist to any of them.

Most of the social events are held by the families (a birthday, an engagement, because they just feel like it…), few are actual festivals: Spring and Fall Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstice, Harvest Season, and few others I have to work on. Those can either be celebrated in a big social event, or in family (like in the story).

Thank you for your kind words! :hugs:


Sounds fascinating! Looking forward to seeing it!


Tfw you dont know if you should trust @Lycoris anymore.


So I’ve come to the realization that my kid is absolutely, positively baby-unicorns-on-the-good-ship-Lollipop too precious for this world–chasing all the horrified Machiavellianists around the ballroom with open arms because hugs cure evil, gosh darn it! And once left alone with mother and sib, oh, how society will poison this soul.

Now if you are still not sated on stats, meet Hyacintha, namesake of an actual 17th century royal party girl and socialite turned nun, who has the Nightshade eyes and is far too endearingly naive and sickeningly saccharine for her own good.

Her Values

I must say, Charming MC’s reaction to meeting Adonis Crowfoot(in mouth) was the living end. He casts aspersions on a 4 year old and little Shade, (or Mini Blinds), is all indignant until–oooh, shiny pressie!
Just wait ten, fifteen years when the kid becomes a world-weary threat, and then try it, Uncle. Tsk. He probably would.

Also, as a real life ninja doll at gatherings who remains quiet enough to observe and retain the bits of knowledge and information that can potentially be used later, (even with such a trusting MC, I was able to perceive all the little goodies you laced about), and rather than leading us about by the hand, I agree vastly with @awkward_viking and appreciated that we could make our own connections. Like fitting together twinkling, silver slivers of a grander puzzle.

I do find it intriguing that the more affable Clematis is the more aggressive counterpoint to her brother’s passive-aggressive one, but perhaps he’s just better at avoiding the impetus of emotion. Granted his living situation casts a shadow on the family, but he was the wounded party when it came to losing Lawren–though as they had married out of desire and pure choice, then they all lost and Clematis likely doesn’t want to feel like the elephant in the room–not to mention her own hand-me-down marriage. Still, I cannot manage to have much sympathy for Adonis Crowfoot quite as yet. Ah, such toxic fumes must be bad for the children, and in particular I worry for Sid.

Also, if Leander exists than Baladre does not? 'Tis a shame, but it does make Petunia’s intentions far more precarious.

And then there was this:

Rue, who for once looks agitated and not in complete control of the situation. What could have her so worker up? Her skin has a gray hue that makes her look sick

Since Father appears to be faring better healthwise at this point, a wonder that Rue must have unknowingly intercepted the poison meant for him.

In earlier versions of Blooms I saw Father as a saint and martyr, but for me it is all the better now that I find Datura imperfectly human. Never more so than the times he seemingly convinced himself to think the best of one of the worst, (to give the benefit of the doubt to she who should have caused nothing but doubt), even to the detriment of his own children.

Oh, whichever you find the least taxing. It’s not very necessary for me to choose a skin color. Why, even my own caramel cashew hue is unique amongst my family.

I was thinking this but didn’t want to cause the petals of hope to wilt off the newer readers just yet. {{bites lip in trepidation}}

In whatever capacity you choose, they are yours, dear one.

Truly am ecstatic over the fashion extravaganza to come when we display ourselves at The Efflorescence, even if it does arrive later than usual, thank you, mommy dearest.

Aww. MC already stripped to bloomers and went fetal due to flashbacks of demos past…


The better question is if we’ll have the budget to go shopping for a suitable attire given how pressed the finances of the fam is. As it is, my MC would probably cry if Datura manages to scrummage enough money to buy them something suitable (and also feel a lot of guilt)

Interesting. My MC’s name is Hypatia which is close but not close enough :)) I’ll run through again so I can post my stats too for comparative purposes


I loved this game, Well it wast long, byt i cant wait to either play it all or bye it, I would ask how long you are in your writing but that last page makes me not… I just want to say I loved it, and hated that you left me on a cliffhanger… I don’t want a sister just because I am a bit small… is mc sick or dwarf or is she just small of nature, delicate… I need to know


Ah, in demos past we did end up presenting to society at a later age than what is considered proper due to Aquilegia’s…wastefulness.

Still, when it comes to fashion, or our greenhouse couture, I have a deep-seeded faith that @Lycoris would never let such a lushly opulent opportunity wither on the vine. :rose:

Hypatia has a strong name to live up to indeed. I’ve always been into symbolism and the Hyacinth resonated all too perfectly with me: while sweetly fragrant their poison is most concentrated in the bulb, or heart of the flower, and yet the plant also has healing properties and was even used for glue (whereupon at many points in time the child might have been the very thing keeping the family together); in Greek myth the flower is born of tragedy, and if purple it symbolizes sorrow or deep regret, blue for sincerity–both colors found in MC’s and Datura’s eyes–while in Victorian times the hyacinth would be the memento for play or the engagement of sport, (an attitude that might serve well in society once childhood naivete is gone and buried).


Oh this is news. How old are people when they come out in society @Lycoris O:

And what do you mean by green house couture? We make our own fashion? Or is this like Aschenputtel where we shake a tree and get a dress :))

(Jokes aside, doesn’t this bode poorly for mother dearest? I mean even if she hates the MC she’s still big on appearances. So I imagine it will not do for the MC to present late and shabby)


At 18 years, and yet the MC was not allowed to present until the age of 21.

Well, first we would knock over all the unused potpourri inventory, spread it out a bit and then roll around in it, and whatever sticks we call art and whatever molds to the body we call
haute(house) couture. :wink:

Ah, nothing meant but a playful reprise on the theme of flora, as well as the consideration on the fragility of a greenhouse’s glass structure–but…now I greatly desire that dressmaking tree…

Oh no, late she’ll allow, never shabby. :nail_care: