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//lies down dramatically

Would it really hurt to know that our very dear father deserves to be happy?

(Granted he’s miserable because of his choices but it’s hard not to feel awful about this)

I’m assuming that no one here is going to be the obvious good guy and everyone is a shade of grey. He may not be a nice man but if he’s a good one then we’ll be alright – though good is a manner of what ethical/moral standard is applied but still.
Datura is not the best judge of character but I’d like to think he has at least one friend who cares about his well being – is it bad I was hoping for Adonis to be this?

And I’m still clutching my heart like “please let the family be relatively happy” – looks like it won’t happen but still, I do hope that Petunia and him have a heart to heart on this


Why, yes; me answering would imply that Datura does live enough to look for love somewhere else :smiling_imp: Having a character that’s a sweetheart but suffers because they make awful life choices is great; I can make everyone feel bad for them.

Mmmm… no :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Unmistakably bad fellows yes, but good ones? Never (except the father).

I want to make the player feel conflicted (specially with the ROs); I’ll give everyone plenty of reasons to both love and hate the NPCs, because it’s fun to have a cast full of morally gray characters. They will do good deeds and at the same time make petty moves, be sweet one moment and deceptive the other, be good to the MC but plan something shady for them.

As for Adonis; without giving too much away, all I can say is that he’s a Crowfoot. The other two we know are Aquilegia and Clematis; you can draw your own conclusions :slight_smile: Datura wants to think of him as a friend, but Adonis is not the kind of man who has friends. And Father dearest knows it.

That kind of conversation doesn’t have to (always) end well :smiling_imp:


Isn’t the mc themselves, particularly if male the subject of long-term poisoning?


Oh no and the wait game continues to intensify. I’m excited to see where this will go. Even if just to find out if Datura is going to be okay

As far fetched as it is at the moment, I want to be able to win at the game enough to be able to get Datura to retire comfortably – and hopefully Aquilegia is out of the picture by then

But alas. It’s currently a dream right now :))


I dont know if i can trust you not to rip our hearts out now.


After going through the first two pages of the demo I encountered an error that said “Error: prologue line 1: invalid character. (ChoiceScript text should be saved in the UTF-8 encoding.) ��” ;w;


I meant that the MC is not going to be the one doing the poisoning. And there’s no particulary if male. How the heck is Aquilegia supposed to know that she’s going to have a dmab or dfab child?

You’re too sweet and pure; this game is going to break you :smile: At best, what you can get is a bittersweet feeling, so hypothetically speaking, to get Datura a happy ending, your MC will have to do/go through some unsavory stuff. Now, the question is; is your MC capable of it? :smirk:

@Beaterxys no, you absolutely can’t; the tears of the readers and their agony is what keeps me going :slight_smile:

@illuminato sigh, literally right next to the link, there’s a note saying that you should use Chrome instead of Firefox; Firefox makes the game buggy.


I’ve got all the typos I mentioned before under the cut. Sorry if other people have already mentioned them :sweat_smile:

Open at own risk - possible spoilers

Green is typos, blue is suggestions and red is just random comments

The Doctoress Pria Ivy is later described as “latter than” …somebody. I don’t remember who *taller

You might have also mixed up the words ‘specially’ and ‘especially’ since you use specially in the start of your sentences when it should be especially

You mention that our mother isn’t pretty pretty but that she’s still attractive in a regal way. If Datura wasn’t overworked to the bone, how attractive is he by Society standards, just on looks alone? Do we look more alike to either of our parents or is it up to our interpretation?


I was under the assumption the poisoning is an ongoing project throughout the mc’s childhood and that she may target then. I assume that just like in the real world there are poisons, viruses and diseases that disproportionately affect the quality of life and social perception of one gender more than the other, even if both are susceptible to it.

The most stereotypical real-world examples of uneven social impact on people’s lives being men with breast-cancer and women with male pattern baldness. Though of course doing that deliberately would require sci-fi gene hacking that we’re just on the cusp of now and may be a bit advanced for the in-game society. Still a poison that has baldness as a side effect may at least socially stigmatize women more than men whereas one that stunts growth stigmatizes men more than women, assuming the Society shares some of our stereotypes about what makes for attractive/desirable men and women.


Well no such thing as a free lunch. I’m pretty sure there is a heavy price to pay for father’s happiness but the bigger question is if he found out how much would he hurt? And is there a way to make sure he doesn’t?

Also who do we have to hurt :))

Not saying my MC would but it’s good to know the options


@awkward_viking thank you! Seriously, you’re helping me a great deal :smile: Not only I’m kinda messy (so I make plenty of typos or/and end up writing strange stuff because I forgot certain words), I’m not a native spaker either, so I’m bound to make grammatical mistakes. By the way, I love, love the little notes :hugs:

Mmm… I have never thought of Datura’s attractiveness to be honest; only as a father figure :laughing: Aquilegia is another matter, because even if she’s the mother, she’s a lot more (emotionally) distant, so I see her in different light. Mmm… on looks alone… he has a wonderful facial bone structure, a long face and strong nose; and even thought he’s under a lot of stress, he’s not balding. I would say he’s a good catch.

The concept of beauty is not exactly definite, because not all the families are of the same racial group (so it would be unfair to expect all of them to fit certain criteria). I still have to put a lot of worldbuilding in-game, but over the generations new families have been introduced into The Society, making beauty canons hard to establish. So in this world, someone’s attractiveness is calculated by their social standing, the riches they have, their appearance (their looks and how well they smarten up), and their personality (and yes, their relevance is in this very order).

While the MC is still a child, a lot of people assume that they will look like Datura once they are older; but as they grow up, I’ll give the player the option to pick if they take after him, Aquilegia, or neither. Depending on what you choose, there will be slight differences. A MC who doesn’t physically look like him and has a really poor relationship with Avaron, will get a really cool variation of certain scene :wink:

@idonotlikeusernames I… I think both of us are getting confused. I was saying that there’s no particulary if male because Aquilegia won’t specially target the MC if they are male or dmab. Mostly because back when she was pregnant with them, there was no way she could know if they were dmab/dfab. She messed up the doses, and rather than aborting, possibly caused some serious long-term complications for the MC’s health. Then there’s another phase where she does, indeed, poison a little MC, messing up their constitution even further. I have never, never said anything of what you’re mentioning about baldness and breast-cancer.

Given what we have seen of him, do you think that knowing his child is capable of/would actively harm other people in order to get what they want (even if it’s for him) would hurt him? Yes, so the MC better covers their tracks properly so he doesn’t discover all the stuff they have done :wink:

You are not going to like this answer, at all; the very first person you have to cause pain to is Datura. Yes, you have to make him suffer, but that’s not the end of it; if he finds out who the MC hurt after or the stuff they had done (to achieve all they wanted/needed) he’s going to be twice as miserable :slight_smile:


@Lycoris Hey, you’re welcome :blush: Glad to be of help. I know what it’s like to be a non native English writer too so I feel you there. You’ve done really good for yourself though because this story is going to be my drug until I get through a few hundred playthroughs of the finished product xD

Say, will there be any possible Thorns to romance? I’m a sucker for angst. Or at least have an affair with? Will it be possible to get intimate with multiple characters (while married/betrothed/courted)? :smirk: Because I’m up for that.

Not to demand anything from you or anything :sweat_smile: I’m just curious


I kind of assumed from how pointedly she mentioned both savagery and gentleman

>"The Borders are such… ah, a savage place that it must be distressing for a gentleman such as yourself."
What a loaded comment.

It’s probably my English literature brain going too in-depth but if the Society is such a prevalent thing and the borders have negative connotations then it wouldn’t make sense for somebody to willingly move there (in my mind I had bandits on the borders wreaking havoc xD) The way “gentleman” was italicised I took to mean a barb at what Adonis is truly like (in terms of either his wealth or personality)

Ah, I just saw this :arrow_down: in my playthrough and thought that her smile faltered at the sight of a more expensive gift. Maybe if her gaze flickers over your shoulder and you look back and see Adonis? It could be right after the hug (but maybe that’s rude idk) or once you’re done talking but to do the latter you’d probably have to make them seem preoccupied with Adonis for a few seconds more and then maybe resolutely not look at Adonis.

“Your uncle and I brought you a little gift,” she adds, producing a bag from the purse she was carrying around. You almost miss it, but her smile falters when her eyes land on the bracelet you’re wearing, but she quickly catches herself and gives you a forced smiled that’s meant to look cheerful but looks like a grimance. Lawren’s stance isn’t much better.

But then I played with a more astute Shade who actually had intuition

You almost miss it, but her smile falters when her eyes land on the bracelet you’re wearing, and that’s when you know that there’s an untold story between Clematis, Lawren and who gave you that gift. Maybe this is what Father talked about?

Honestly, I think I’ll play this kind of Shade from now >:D


Also I looked into your coding because you have a craaazzy amount of variables and I wanted to see how you keep track of them all and

*comment kiddies!
*create firstborn false
*create secondborn false
*create thirdborn false
*create fourthborn false
*create fifthborn false

screams Is this what I think it is? Do we get to have children while playing? This is so cool!!

In any case if I’m wrong as long as any them turn to true, I’ll be happy :star_struck: more young minds to influence :smiling_imp:

This is going to be a long and terribly complicated game. I wish you the best of luck.

How mean, you think,
*if (sentimental > stoic)
puffing your cheeks,
*if (sentimental = stoic)
*if (stoic > sentimental)
*if (affable < 50)
*if (affable >= 50)
at him,

It’s just the little things THAT MAKE EVERYTHING SO ENDEARING xD
This is so cute. So, so cute.


No, there aren’t Thorns to romance out there; back when I made the worldbuilding, I stablished that it was strictly forbidden for the Green/Purple Circles to lay their hands on Thorns. I realized that the lower classes were at great risk in such cases (there is a great power imbalance there; if a Lord/Lady wanted to coerce a Thorn into their bed, the servants couldn’t say no), so I decided that Thorns couldn’t be touched (by the aristocracy).

Although there’s a RO (from the Green Circles and with no title to inherit) that rejects his own social standing and acts like a Thorn, if that works for you. Another RO used to be a Thorn, but gained her own title through great feats, too :wink:

I have several things in mind; different love triangles, marriage arrangements (where you marry someone for appearances/political reasons/any other motive, yet have a lover, or more than one, on the side) and maybe even poly relationships (though you can only “legally” wed one).

And drama, a lot of drama if you play your cards right :smirk:

Who knows, maybe a misanthrope would :joy:

When I put the word “gentleman” between italics I wanted to make it sound like Clematis was being ironic (or mocking the fact that Adonis is stuck there), since he is a bit of a brute. Maybe I should make it a bit clearer, or… I could just let the player draw their own conclusions and leave it like that :thinking: Although Adonis is fairly rich, since he trades with gems and has a high military position (have you seen his ring? That one used to be his wedding band back when he was still with Lawren.) :moneybag: :gem: :moneybag:

When I add the missing scenes (since they were taking a lot of time to finish and I wanted to put the demo as soom as possible) I’ll go through the others and edit them. Although… maybe I’ll leave that one like that (so when the player replays with different stats they will see possible different interpretations). Ah, decisions, decisions :thinking: And thank you for the ideas! :smile:

All Shades have their perks :wink:

And yep, since the game will follow the MC through their life, things like children are a must! I’m still trying to figure out some mechanics, but I know how to code different ROs as the parents and the variations depending on who sired/beared them. There’s a long way until then, but I’m very excited for it! :smile:

You’re absolutely right, coding this game is going to be a nightmare (except the cute bits; these are easy to do thanks to my crazy amount of variables :wink: ), but it’s going to be really worth it once it’s finished. It already feels rewarding enough when people notice all the variations and the effort I put, and tell me how much they enjoyed the game :hugs:


Ah, good call with the Thorns. That really would be a big power imbalance that I hope we won’t have to witness. Or at least be able to stop if such a thing happens.

HELL TO THE YES on the poly. This is going to be great fun >:D

In terms of the Adonis scene, it was perfect. It’s just that you asked how I came to the conclusion that the move to the borders was forced and that’s what made it stand out to me.

AND THE RING!! I did notice that! I love how you made it the colour of their lover’s eyes, it’s really sweet

I have to be honest and say that I really liked being proven wrong in my intuitive!Shade playthrough. So I do recommend that you keep the script like that, although in the end it really is your call.


I think you know. Most of our MCs would do anything to save Datura.


In regards to "reading herself* thought it should be “readying herself” .


I hope you don’t take offence, but this is a huge improvement!


How many children can we have?


What is the MCs skin color, mixed?