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whats the point in having another child if u dont love them, for me it seems stupid

she already have one child doenst need another one , is just pointless


No, it’s mostly because of these two sentences:

They look like out of a picture, and if you have to be honest, that’s shifty. and Which is kind of weird, to be all fawned upon when she has never met you before this very day. I didn’t notice it the first time around but when I played as a more skeptical MC, that’s when the impression of them being fake came out so I guess it actually works?

Mmm… maybe I’ll remove the summary and let the player make their own conclusions/suppositions.

Yeah tbh I think you should…It was fun re-playing the game and trying to figure out the small nuances, so I think having the summary there kind of falls flat and feels a little out of place as well because not all of the MCs would have the insight to make that sort of observation anyway.


Because as established within the universe of the story, children are not born out of love necessarily. Datura is an anomaly for loving the MC like he does. As per the word of author, the society in the story has their children raised and cared for by the staff (nannies and the like). Parents are rarely involved in raising their kids

So child birth and rearing are done more out of duty or obligation rather than want or love for a family. It would make sense for mother dearest to have another child, if at the very least to fulfill that duty to the society (it has nothing to do with wanting or loving the baby)

As to the rest, if you find it stupid or dumb on Aquilegia that’s totally fine but the in-universe logic is very sound. I wouldn’t discard it so easily


thats okey and all but your missing the point thats a second child… they have already 1 child


And the story logic dictates that usually there is an heir (the MC) and then the spare (the unborn baby)

So by birthing just the MC, Aquilegia has done a minimum. She might be pressured to have another child by expectation alone. Since she cares about appearances and what people say, by not having the second child might be considered a shame on her (rather than her husband)

Now the baby that makes an appearance is apparently a child by adoption. Which probably would hurt mother dearest by implying she can’t give a healthy second child. Since the MC is apparently “ill” this would reflect poorly on her (arguably) and cue much more dislike for the MC


It is very strange.


Since i’m the eldest in my own household, i might swing back and forth from being overtly affectionate to forgetting that i do have a family or that i am the eldest/an adult.

As long as Ava/Aaron doesn’t do anything to anything to provoke me, they’re good. They may not like me being overtly affectionate though.


Oh I had this while playing on Mozilla Firefox. It doesn’t happen anymore if you use Google Chrome


i finished my playthrough with Veranne, who is generally an affable child though not afraid to be a bit underhanded if it brings her/them to closer to what she/they (believes she/they would) need to know.


Summary of Traits

Humorous: 1
Serious: 1
Sweet: 7
Meek: 2
Mischievous: 2
Polite: 5
Outspoken: 2
Reserved: 1
Composed: 3
Caring: 1
Blase: 1
Affectionate: 6
Stoic: 3
Sentimental: 3
Demure: 2
Cordial: 2
Brash: 1
Courageous: 1
Craven: 2
Trusting: 2
Skeptical: 1
Charitable: 2
Wasteful: 1 (i can’t just reject food!)
Idealist: 1
Compliant: 1
Rebellious: 3
Unsure: 1
Self Reliant: 2
Curious: 2


@Umbreonpanda, @Beaterxys there’s going to be a lot of pain in the future :wink:

It’s perfectly fine to post them here; you can always copy/paste them instead of print screening them in a word, too. Thank you for the stats and pointing out the error, I’ll check it and see what’s wrong (I probably messed up a label or something like that :thinking: Ah, the wonders of coding… )

I like how you think :wink: Yeah, the one living on The Borders is Adonis, and is being taunted by Clematis (such good relationships between siblings!) You are right about him being forced to live there (what gave it away?), but that’s because most of the military-related stuff is stationed there (and it’s his job to train/overseer them).

The Borders are not really a good place to live, nothing grows there (people have to import everything), but there are a lot of gems and crystals to be found there. The bracelet Adonis gives the MC is made from gems from The Borders :slight_smile:

Oh, does it give that kind of impression? I wanted to make it as if they were wary to see Adonis’ gift (because of their past history), not because they were embarrassed of the marshmallows (they are a rather modest couple, and not really ashamed of it; they aren’t very big on fancy/extravagant stuff). After all, they believe that as a kiddie, the MC is bound to like candies much more than a jewel.

The stats don’t lie; Clematis and Lawren want to have a good relationship with the MC; they like kids even though they don’t have none yet. And yes, if you have a high rep with a character, they are more likely to do your MC a favor/be persuaded :wink:

Adonis just doesn’t know how to deal with children, even if he has one :joy: Truth to be told, he doesn’t really know how to treat anyone, but if you’re good to him, he will be good to you, simple as that. He’s not exactly condescending, it’s… it’s just he doesn’t have the patience for a lot of things, even less when he’s feeling bitter because his sister and Lawren are around. He’s still incredibly angry at the whole situation, and feels betrayed by both of them.

Indeed, Stephanos isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, which makes him a pawn rather than a player or a schemer, but he’s lucky enough to have Petunia around. And since the mother is like that, it’s to be expected for the child to take after her, don’t you think? :smile:

You can keep a good relationships with the cousins, though out of the two of them, Sid is the easiest to get along with. Since Adonis raised them on The Borders, far from caring for The Society’s rules and doing pretty much what he wants with their education, Sid’s attitude is really different from Leander’s/Baladre’s (like being openly affectionate and cheerful, among many other things). They aren’t drugged, it’s just that they are very extroverted (and 10 yeard old; kiddies have a lot of energy!) :smile:

Thanks for the praises; I’m glad to see that I managed to write properly all the characters in that scene (I was a tad worried that they would feel very flat) :hugs:

In Sid’s particular case, they don’t have to worry about a forced marriage; Adonis would never do that. If his kid doesn’t want to marry, or wants to wed a man/woman/another nb fellow, then that’s the end of the issue, period.

When it comes to marriage, there are a lot of factors to take into account. First borns (the heirs, in most cases) have a lot more restrictions because they have to continue the bloodline, so they are bound to marry someone who is both of the opposite designated sex at birth (regardless of their own gender identity or even sexuality) and considered “suitable” for their social status (other heirs and such). Same with the second child (spare) in case anything happens to the heir(ess).

The third child and onwards have a lot more freedom in the sense that they can even marry someone of the same sex (because children are not demanded of them), or people who have little chances of inheriting a title. Or, in case the heir and spare aren’t suitable future Heads of the Family, they can also be the ones getting the title.

That’s why most families want to have more than one child; in case anything happens to the heir, or said heir doesn’t want to/can’t continue the bloodline (because they are homosexual, don’t want children, are sterile, etc.), there are more options. If Lawren had siblings, or cousins, he would still be married to Adonis, not needed to wed Clematis to continue the Mallow line because someone else would have done it.

Long story short; yes, non binary and trans people would be forced to marry someone of the opposite designated sex at birth (if they married, that’s it; they could always refuse to wed anyone at all). The Society doesn’t care for its people sense of self, but what they can do in the long run (and they think that carrying on family lines is more important than people’s identity or own wishes). Terrible, I know.

Adonis is fond of Datura; they have known each other for a while, even before Sid was born (they are 10, 6 years older than the MC). He finds him intriguing in the sense that there aren’t many people out there like Datura (wearing their hearts on their sleeve and not playing mind games), and Adonis also likes him because Datura takes the time to explain to him what he doesn’t understand (social cues and such).

And yes, Adonis did entertain the thought of trying something with Datura in their younger years, not long after Clematis married Lawren. Mostly because he was feeling very spiteful about everything, but he knew his advances weren’t going to go anywhere. Datura was still very much in love with Aquilegia and had no interest in men, and he lived in The Borders (so keeping a fling with him would be kinda difficult).

Aquilegia never loved Datura; he was madly in love with her, but she only saw a perfect opportunity to climb the social ladder. (This isn’t the end of my answer for question 3, but @zenbu made an important point:)

Yes: he was to inherit the Nightshade title, which was a part of the Purple Circles (the highest ones, below them were the Green Circles from where Aquilegia came from, and then the Thorns, the lowest); marrying him would make her the wife of a Marquis. Her plan failed horribly when Datura’s parents didn’t approve of her and threatened to disown him if he went through with it, bit he wanted to marry for love and decided to hand his claim to the title over, to his sister Petunia.

Aquilegia was left with very little options other than Datura, and the rest is history :upside_down_face: P.S: the MC’s birth didn’t ruin anything; what’s more, it gave Datura a reason to work harder and be an even better person. Although maybe I should detail their relationship better, and show how it gradually worsens (if you pay a bit of attention, when you meet Aquilegia for the first time, Datura is still in love with her and doesn’t notice how obnoxious she is towards the MC, believing that she’s still not feeling well).

Don’t worry about long posts, sometimes I make massive ones, too :relieved: Feel free to write or ask anything you wants, that’s why there’s a thread going on, to discuss the game and share thoughts (and typos and mistakes).

There’s a lot going on between everyone, but those three are really fun to write (I love writing drama and unhappy people :wink: ) The whole game is going to be a blast :smiling_imp:

I was teasing you :wink:

Datura isn’t Avaron’s biological Father; not only cheating would go against his personal convictions, but also his beliefs (his religion gives a lot of value to family unity and condemns anything that may disrupt it), Datura isn’t really interested in sex, so chances of him cheating are slim.

I won’t tell you of Avaron’s origins yet; it’s a huge spoiler :speak_no_evil:

The MC can already annoy her in their early teens, when they gain more autonomy and don’t need the staff to watch over them all the time. Their view of the world is quite limited as for now because they depend of whoever is watching them, so of course for now everything happens in few scenarios (inside their own house, and maybe the gardens).

Once the MC is an adult, they will roam around, along with many other places (thought the aunts and uncles will still make appearances. Depeding on which path the MC ends up taking, they will see some more than others). And there’s plety of drama regarding ROs and marriage :smirk:

@UmbraLamia only 20? Drats, I have to seriously up my game.

As I said, what doesn’t make sense to some may be a very logical move to others. @squarelyblue has given you a very nice explanation of how things work in this world, and why would anyone want a second child (even if the love for them is not involved).

That would be very much the case if it wasn’t Aquilegia, though: the MC was not even supposed to be born. Aquilegia’s initial plan was to use them as leverage over Datura, but she has horrid luck and there were complications in their birth, forcing the doctors to perform a C-section; said procedure gave her a huge scar (a great shame in this world). That made her loathe the MC to the point she prefered to hold onto that hatred than put in motion her scheme. As to what would happen if they had more children, you will have to wait and see.

Things aren’t so simple between Aquilegia and Datura :smiling_imp:

Sigh, no, you’re the one missing the point.

Again, as @squarelyblue spelled out, that’s because of the heir and spare policy; the MC would be the heir (or at least be the one with a claim to the title, if anything happened to Baladre/Leander), and any other children the spares, the “backups” in case the MC died or something.

Think about it; as for now, Petunia only has Baladre/Leander; if they die, then the MC (their cousin) would be the one more likely to inherit the Nightshade title (and they don’t have any siblings). But for some reason, they also die; then what?

That’s why families have more than one child, a spare (or more); if Baladre/Leander had siblings, then the MC wouldn’t be the one getting the title in case Baladre/Leander died; if the cousin was an only child and died, and the MC had a sibling (and something happened to the MC, too), then the sibling would act as the heir (because they are the spares, the “backups”. As the spare, they would have to take the mantle of the heir).

Oh, indeed, these two appear only if you play an skeptical/untrusting MC, so I think it’s fine if I leave it like that, then :relieved: I’ll remove the summary, too; thanks for your input! :smile:

@Abe, thanks! :smile:


You better mean Aquilegia’s pain


I’m wondering if the MC can poison their way to the title.


Suddenly. I have a favourite uncle :))

If Aquilegia doesn’t want to be my MC’s mom, my MC will settle with a dad and dad figure >:C (I can see how this is annoying to her which makes it more delightful)

Okay. Knowing this, if Datura survives long enough, can we push him to find happiness in a different SO? Or is divorce a taboo in this world? In your spoiler answer, anything to disrupt a marriage is bad but what if separating would actually be better for the fam – i.e. abusive relationships? Or is this not a consideration and society says family unity no matter what?

Okay yes good to know but also: CAN WE HELP ADONIS MOVE ON FROM THIS HEARTBREAK? Like if we get close enough with him, can we conspire with Sid in playing cupid for their dad?

(Guess who is a fan of eventual happy relationships)


let me correct myself then, it makes no sense to me that about your wip , it seems pretty forced , even the relationship beetween brothers and sisters…:thinking:


It’s just a different mindset, @djisma69, something I guess the player will have to be open to.

You do have to admit that society is different in this world and the characters have been socialised with different expectations. Personal relationships do not matter at all unless they can be exploited and manipulated to your ends. Everybody is cutthroat and not even your own mother can be trusted: basic aristocracy. To keep power in the family they literally kept everything in the family, just to keep the line of succession short (although I’m going to assume that incest isn’t something that operates in the game). Even then people murdered each other just for a higher stand. Look anywhere in history (where methods of upbringing from the game were common in life for the wealthy) and you’ll observe the amount of sense it actually makes.


It’s so well written! Sweet and sad, and an interesting discussion on being non-binary. Just have a few minor spelling things:

*Datura says ‘drats’ at the beginning. It’s generally just drat.
*from the beatiful dolls you have,
It doesn’t scape you the way he looks at Lawren
They don’t look anyhting like Adonis
a bit trown off by your older cousin’s friendliness
adorable girls and athelic boys
_ as if reading herself for something big._


How so? What would your take be given the world the author has built? Like how would you rewrite the relationships given the chance?

I’m not trying to sound forceful but I’m very curious to see how you think the family should be or act given the in-universe logic


is the whole idea of all brothers and sister hate each other that i find it hard to believe, if it were just a certain character maybe i can understand but all of them? i dont think so, of course is only how i see it


@awkward_viking is pretty right on it. Usually in upbringings like that, the concern wasnt you getting along with your family. The concern was that members of said family would find a way to bring themselves higher on the social ladder. And all of them (not Datura of course) do have reasons to hate each other.


@Beaterxys everyone’s, especially the readers :wink:

Truth to be told, I don’t think I’ll let the MC work with poison. There will be poisoning, yes, but the MC will not have much to do with it.

In those specific cases, it largely depends on each individual.

It’s like asking, religion serves man, or is it the man serving religion? Some people would stay married (even if it was hell and knowing they would be happier alone), just because their religion dictate that they must remain married. Others would interpret it more like a guideline and end up doing what they (personally) believe what’s better (like separating, because said relationship not only hurt them, but could also affect their children. Even if it went against their religious convictions, it would be the best in the long run).

Regarding a new RO for Datura… the answer is too spoilery, I can’t say anything (not even if I actually have one… or not) :smirk:

Adonis has been bitter for many years, to the point it’s just another part of his personality. Let’s see what you think of him once you know him better (spoiler: he isn’t a nice man) :wink:

@Zanite thank you! They are already corrected, though, how should I correct “reading herself”? She’s making herself ready, but you pointed it out as wrong; how should I write it? :thinking:

Ay, what do you mean by forced? That kind of feedback is not helpful; it’s like saying “there are typos in the demo” instead of pointing out which word is written wrong.

No, not all of them loathe each other. And even if they did, in this kind of cutthroat society, it wouldn’t be infeasible (so @Beaterxys and @awkward_viking are spot on).

In their case, a lot of stuff happened over the years, so they don’t have the best relationship, either.

Datura and Petunia don’t hate each other; they were close when they were children, but drifted apart a great deal. Datura is openly affectionate towards Petunia and wants to have a good relationship with her again; Petunia doesn’t hate him, but there’s a lot of conflict with what she feels towards him and her position as the Head of the Nightshade Family (her duty and what’s expected of her).

What would be forced is if Adonis and Clematis had a good relationship, given what has happened between them. Do you seriously expect them to get along, or even be nice to each other, after Lawren separated from Adonis to marry Clematis? And we all know how charming Aquilegia can be.

Marriages between second cousins or (first) cousins are not the norm, but not so rare that people would give it the side-eye, either (although the former is a bit more common than the latter). They usually happen when people are running out of heirs and spares (that’s why there’s so much insistence on having more than one child).

In the past there had been cases of siblings who wedded each other because they didn’t want to mix their blood with that of “impure” people, but those where dark times that The Society wants to bury and act as if they had never happened. If the MC decides to study history, they will find the info in some really old tomes, where it will be heavily implied.

Fact: Datura and Petunia’s parents were (are) second cousins.