One Thousand Blooms — Updated August 13



@Logan3000x where did you get that link? That one is not the same as the one for this (current) thread :no_mouth: The title itself says that the link is dead, that it doesn’t work, I’m still working on the update.


I found it in Choice of box, in the list of winners of 2016 CSCopm. @Lycoris


Oh, I see; that demo was, like, really buggy (and is hella old), and most of the stuff there is being reworked and done from scratch, mostly. As I said, I’m still busy with the update :relieved:


Did you want this thread locked for now?


@Eiwynn thanks for asking, but I want to keep it open for now; if everything goes according to the plan, I’ll most likely update towards the end of the month/beginning of August :smile:


@Lycoris I’m very excited for the update, keep up the good work!:heartbeat:


Haven’t played it unfortunately but it sounds interesting can’t wait for it.


This is an actual line from the demo:

Who says this; the MC’s uncle, Adonis. I don’t know how much of a likable character or of a jerk nasty NPC he’s going to end up as. Maybe both, he has his moments where he does good things, then he opens his mouth and you just want him to shut up.

The update is going to be quite big, maybe about 30k; there’s plenty of choices and a lot of branching (since not all of them follow the same formula) and quite a bit of flavor text depending on the MC’s personality, so you should try really different characters and pay a lot of attention. It’s also very character focused (MC focused, to be precise), since it will establish a lot of personality values rather than skills, which will be worked on when they are in their teens.

Edit: welp, I’m over the 30k mark (both in code and text). Also, it’s very likely that I’ll update in August, since quicktest and randomtest don’t work (I’ll have to see why) and I have to comb through the code the old-fashioned way.

Edit II: I didn’t forget about the update; it’s just that there’s a scene that’s taking me forever to do, and I don’t know if I should just put it for the next (next) update and be done with it, or finish it for the demo. Which one do you prefer? :confused:


I’m sure whatever choice you make will be great! Keep up the great work, I’m suuuuuper excited!


@PisceanLover thank you, you’re sweet :blush:

By the way:

:tada: :confetti_ball: The update is live :tada: :confetti_ball:

The demo is over 30k words; and probably full of bugs. That’s for you guys to find and report :wink:

There are some missing scenes that were taking me forever to finish, and to be honest, I was getting kinda burned out, so I’ll add them later (in the next update). I hope you enjoy the demo! :smile:

Since there are tons of *if commands, maybe some bits are clunky or strange; please tell me. And remember to scrub your computer’s cache to play (it has something to do with the files displaying properly, if I remember correctly).


No!! You add them NOW!! LOL

Going to play NOW!:slight_smile:


Chapter_1 line 1091: Non-existent variable ‘affeactionate’

Loving the rewrite, keep up the stellar work. <3


Got some bugs for ya:


And the all of these lead to a bug immediately or the page after:

One spelling error, just though and you attached together.


Like the update!

A few errors (one kills the game)


Swing baby fist

When = When?


Reads weird, maybe change to “at least tell someone”?

Space missing

Indifferent choice


Game breaker. 3rd choice can’t fund variable “straightforwards”, other 3 choices can’t find variable “affeactionate”. Maybe that 2nd A is throwing it off?


@Pace675, @FutbolDude21586 and @Phoenix_Wolf alright, thank you for the bugs! I’ve updated the files, please clean your cache and try again :slight_smile: And thank you for the sweet words :hugs:


This looks super interesting, but I keep getting this error message


Anyway, I really like the idea of this, and from what I’ve read so far, it looks great!


Gotta a couple more.



Love the update non the less


Edit: Bug was already addressed :kissing:


@shield619 eh… there’s not much I can do about it? :confused: That problem is not on my end (on the demo’s coding), so there isn’t anything I can do. Are you using Chrome or Firefox?

@Phoenix_Wolf thanks! :smile:

@tooweiss it’s squashed, thank you! Clear your browser and try again :smile:

I somehow managed to get quicktest to work, though now I don’t have the save feature in the demo; again, clean your cache and try again (this time around you will be able to play without bugs, I think?) :slight_smile:


I’m using Firefox. Will another browser work?

Edit: Chrome worked. Good thing I keep it around for this kind of purpose :grin: