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Yeah, please don’t make the fashion set in stone, that would really be taking something away, the vertical challenge is just something I’m unusually sensitive too, because indifferent idiot doctors made me miss out on a big chunk of my supposed growth spurt in real life too. Only I was unknowingly poisoning myself.

Well from my real life experience most of my other health issues were tied to the same disease (celiac’s) so once I finally learned to manage it they all (mostly) went away, save for the vertically challenged bit. I guess my point is that in many cases chronic health issues can be managed, once you learn to live right and manage them appropriately and non-chronic ones can often be overcome entirely, provided they don’t kill you

Yeah, our poor uncle.

However we have a living cousing and a living brother, so wouldn’t we’d have two potential heirs, even if we did marry a guy?


[quote=“Lycoris, post:446, topic:18780, full:true”]…As I said in many occasions, I refuse to answer anything regarding the MC’s height (and constitution, but that doesn’t seem to be so important) anymore. I planned it as a game feature, like more in-depth character traits that are not visible or the clothes and reputation, but I’m tempted to remove it all together and make it set in stone.[/quote]That’s too bad, I thought it was interesting.[quote]Anyways, things to expect for the next update:

— Prologue
— Chapter I:

  • MC’s toddler years.
  • Some plot-related events.
  • A bunch of NPCs.
  • Datura.
  • Aquilegia.
  • MC older than a toddler.
  • Meeting Ava/Aaron.
    [/quote]Yay! Can’t wait to see it!


Well, as bad as it seems, ultimately a spouse can’t force their partner (regardless if it’s male on female/female on male) to give them children. It’s just that there’s a lot of pressure/expectations to have them, so sooner or later they end up having at least one. So if you want to avoid any of that, just don’t marry, it makes things somewhat “easier” in the long run. But you have to keep in mind that their perception is vastly different from ours (since it’s a different world); they think of having offspring as a duty (to their families, to The Society), rather than just the result of wishing to be a parent. Something they must do, to put it bluntly.

That’s why a lot of them are quite distant with their children and let the staff raise them (the Faerwald, the Crowfoot, the Rose, the Parsley, etc.), unlike Datura, who actually wanted to be a father, not just have an heir that would continue with the Nightshade line.

Sigh, I understand that everyone is sensitive about something/have a strong opinion about, but when I ask people to drop the subject repeatedly and I get ignored, it grates on my nerves. It literally burns me out and makes me lose interest in my own project.

There are several factors that will affect the MC short-term and in the long run regarding their overall health, and not just their height. And it’s not only an aesthetic aspect.

I’ll quote what @Lizzy asked, which is pretty much the same:

The whole situation is complicated, because even though Baladre/Leander are… “suitable” enough to carry the title, there are a lot of difficulties that can’t just be ignored. As things are, Avaron can’t be the Nightshade heir(ess), they don’t even have a claim to it, so it’s truly between the MC and their cousin.

Now, if the MC’s cousin was the one to have title, the MC would be left with nothing; whatever Datura left them as their inheritance and what they could make for themselves (without connections), but money without name don’t go very far. Not a lot of people would want (or would be allowed by their families) to marry the MC, and a union with thorn is not an option.

And well, the game is about the MC’s helplessness/lack of control of their own life because of bigger circumstances, and what they are going to do (or are willing to) in order to change that. Unhappiness and social expectations are some of the main themes of the game, I can’t write the game without them; it’s like asking Jim to make ZE:SH without zombies because you don’t like them.

I didn’t say that I would remove them, just that I’m thinking about it :slightly_frowning_face: The height issue has caused quite the… ah, uproar, even when I asked in several instances to drop the issue, and I don’t feel very motivated to carry on with it.


I’ll probably be bashed for this but whatever. Guys, this is not your story. This is Lycoris’s story. They (sorry I don’t know the author’s gender) are not here to cater to every request people put out, they are here for feed back.

Frankly, I don’t see the issue with the height thing. True, I found it odd at first but I got used to quickly and found it fascinating and curious afterwards. Even endearing when the MC said something like, “Has father always been this tall?” It took back when I was little and looked up my dad and things about how towering he was. It brought a smile to my face. I’m very interested in how this will play out in the story. While I’m sure you all have good intentions, can’t you see how displeasing this is to the author? So please, and I say this with kindness, back off some, okay?

@Lycoris, please just keep doing what you are doing because what you have right now is amazing. The characters are wonderfully flushed out (I can practically feel the love of the father radiate off the words!) and the world from what you described is awesome! I’ve only joined the forum a few months ago but already your story is one of few I’m really looking forward to!


Can’t play story. Link not working.


The title said the link was dead so author already knows.


So there is no way to play it ?


The link is dead, so no, you can’t play it at the moment.


ok thanks for the info


@Phoenix_Wolf thank you, you’re a sweetheart :smile:

It may seem silly, but the height of the MC is not just an aesthetic thing, it was meant to be cute (in their younger years, mostly because of Datura, as you said) yet somewhat strange in some points (making the player realize there was something wrong about it). It was also the root of deeper issues that would be unveiled as the game progressed, both with the Nightshade family and The Society. The player can alter some variables that will influence the end result of their MC’s health, and even then, in-game they can blame Datura (for not doing more, for being unable to make give them better medicines even though he did his best, etc.) and cause a rift between them. So long story short, it’s related to some important elements in the plot.

But yeah, think about all the effort put to just see… this, is quite disheartening. I’m still not sure how I’m going to proceed with it (like removing all options and variables, leaving the player stuck with whatever I decide; if they are going to protest regardless of what I do I might as well save myself some work), but I feel better now. Thank you very much for cheering me up :relaxed:

By the way, for those wondering why Avaron can’t inherit the Nightshade title:

Spoilers about the sibling:

The reason Avaron doesn’t have any claim to the Nightshade title is because they came from the Aster family, they aren’t related to Datura (and the MC) by blood, but they are still his daughter/son. In this world bloodlines are very important, that’s why The Society puts so much emphasis on having children, and also the reason that Avaron can’t inherit the title.

That’s also why Coriander, the eldest daughter of Perebea Faerwald (née Mulberry) can’t inherit either (unlike Maynard, Maetthere or Rhona), even though she has been raised as a Faerwald; because her (biological) father isn’t Caelan, so she’s the only one without a single drop of Faerwald blood (and thus, has no claim to the title in case something happens to all three of her siblings).

Due to several circumstances, Datura adopts Avaron when they are 2 years old, making them the MC’s little sibling. He didn’t do it with any political purpose/intent on mind, so much to the chagrin of some players, no, you can’t dump your claim on Avaron and run off to do whatever you want.


Can I teach our sibling to rebel and to slander the society? Because I would like to double the trouble my MC will be.


Anything to help! I get irritated when others back some one to a corner, I’ve been there too many times litterally in real life. I get kinda protective even if it is a stranger. :sweat_smile:


Is the link going to be revived soon? I’m interested in this…


Yes and no.

Both Ava and Aaron have a set personality that’s not changeable (not even between them; ultimately, they aren’t the same person), but there are some nuances that are the result of the MC’s influence on them (in the long run, not just one-time decisions).

You can be the best/worst sibling ever, and that alone will have an impact on them; you could also try to sway their opinions regarding The Society as they grow up (and how successful you are depends on how keen on listening to you Avaron is). The sibling is not a clay doll which you can model however you want (the amount of variables for only a part of their personality would be insane), but yeah, they can learn some things from your MC.


This game sounds really interesting!
I’ll look forward to playing it in the future. :relaxed:


this whole post made my day


After some deliberation, I’m done with the prologue. And there’s a grand total of… 3 choices. Yep, what a magnificent number. But I’ve thought about it a lot, and the prologue is not meant for the MC, but to… establish Datura’s character, mostly. Or at least let the player get a feel of what the MC’s father is like. Here, you can see it for yourself :wink:


A beautiful baby that had been born late into the night and welcomed daybreak with the most perfect bawl Datura had ever heard.

Snippet #2

“What I am going to do with you,” the man mussed, petting the little hair the baby had in a small tuft that stuck upwards.

Snippet #3

Datura was a devout man by nature, but even his convictions failed him sometimes.

Snippet #4

There were so many things he wished for his {child}, but ultimately, he wanted {them} to be happy.

Snippet #5

As a parent, he promised to love them unconditionally, not under pretenses or terms.

What can I say, Papa Datura is mushy. That’s why it’s so much fun to write him ( :smiling_imp: )

I also have a mess of scenes and stats for chapter 1, but I’m getting there. I arranged a space in the stats page for beta-testing purposes, with plenty of attributes that make me wonder if I’m utterly messy or if I truly know what I am doing. Well, we will see, we will see :grinning:


Hello there :grin:

I’m changing the game’s name. I’m not really sure of what I’m going to call it (in the end), but for now, I’m naming it “One Thousand Blooms,” both because of in-game lore and personal reasons. If OTB is not successful, then it will be back to “The Purple Desire” (though TPD is not definite, either). I thought of playing with the surname Nightshade, but for now I can’t think of anything suitable. Any ideas? :thinking:

Progress is good (I think); each scene takes forever because I want to make it feel like you’re really in control of the MC (their emotions and thoughts in particular, asides of their actions), but I’m using so many *if commands (because of the variables) that I worry it may feel clunky. Oh well, I’ll worry about it later. On the bright side, you can have several MCs that are really different from each other.

Some of the scenes are playing hide-and-seek with Datura, meeting Aquilegia for the first time, the MC’s uncle Adonis and one of their cousins, Sid (Adonis calls them Cotton; they are not Baladre/Leander. Sid is the MC’s cousin on the maternal side, whereas Baladre/Leander is the child of Datura’s sister, Petunia), picking toys/hobbies/skills and a large etc. that will help set up the MC’s personality (though later on it can change, of course).


I think i prefer the purple desire has some passion erotica vibe i loved