One Thousand Blooms — Updated August 13



You tease!! How could you?? You don’t just drop a bomb like that and expect us to be “oh that’s cool dude”!


Sooooo does this mean I can just hand over the title and marry a girl? :grin:


I think it means another death in the family , or an illegitimate child …or maybe MC’s mother did find someone else after Datura’s death .

So I think MC will probably still suffer…They aren’t the most lucky fella…


@Lycoris sadist moment if you want to be heir, kid becomes mommy’s favourite, if you don’t, it dies young


Awwwwwwwwwww :sob: I was blinded by hope and didn’t even think of that, you’re probably 100% right :disappointed:


I wish I was wrong, but somehow I think MC having miserable luck is part of the plot… :cry:


The Mc will hit rock bottom, and there’s only one dustin direction(wtf, autocorrect) to go after that. But I’m not even sure if it’ll stop there. We’ll probably just bore through the bedrock…


Yes, and then MC will set everything on fire…okay some MCs…


Well, I did warn you about the spoiler :wink:

1-. You don’t have a title (not really), you would be giving up the claim to it (because it would be the MC vs. their coursin vs. the sibling).
2-. Not having a title would make your MC’s life a lot more complicated, and “defenseless” against people with a higher social standing, which is not a good thing, believe me.
3-. Your MC can’t marry a girl if you don’t meet certain conditions (and you don’t).

Absolutely :wink: I have said it before, at most you will get a bittersweet ending :grin: You either do what everyone wants of you and lead a “peaceful” and somewhat content life (which is quite sad, mind you, not having the last say on who you marry/what you do in your free time/your work/your friends/etc.), or fight your way and find out that life is not a fairytale nor remotely easy :smiling_imp:

@UmbraLamia good ideas! Too bad that I can’t use them (since everything is already planned with them).

Here’s some info:

Spoilery stuff

Avellara “Ava”/Aaronsohnia “Aaron” Aster (I’ll refer to them as “Avaron”)

The sibling can either be a sister (Ava) or a brother (Aaron), five years younger than the MC; they will meet when the MC is 7, and Avaron is 2.

Depending on how the MC treats them (like a good/bad older sibling), Datura’s reactions will vary; just because he loves you it doesn’t mean he will be happy if his child is acting like a brat (nor let it slide; you will get a good earful). I want to make all kind of interactions possible, and give the MC the option to pick how they feel about Avaron and Datura now being father of two (from “I’ll be the best sibling ever!”, “you don’t love me anymore, father!” to “I hate you!”).

Also, how you treat Avaron in your kid years might change some things drastically when you grow up :wink:


I already want to burn mother dearest alive; if she so much lays a finger on my sibling I’ll torture her and then I’ll burn her alive.
Loved the game btw :slight_smile: (Datura reminds me of my dad)


I was here quietly watching this game and now you tell me that I will have a brother !? How dare you! … well at least now I will have someone else to help me in my conquest :smiling_imp:


Will we get to decide the gender? Or is it going to be determined by some factor?


@Ylva my, what a dedicated older sibling you will be :wink:

Nope, you can’t pick which sibling you are going to get; it will depend on the MC’s designated sex at birth. DFAB will get Ava and DMAB will have Aaron. Although both of them are Avaron, each counterpart is a biiiit different in personality (so Ava/Aaron wouldn’t just switch pronouns; each one has different scenes and events).


Granted, I we did get the option to choose, it just wouldn’t have added to the “DeAtH, dOoM, dEsPaIr” and “nothing goes your way” theme going on.


Sorry to ask, but I’ve clicked the link and it says it’s not available. Maybe I’m just missing something, or maybe it’s still under construction. Sorry if this was already mentioned :sweat_smile:


@UmbraLamia nah, it’s just that like in real life, you don’t get to pick if you are going to get a sister/brother/sibling. Really, I don’t see how getting either Ava/Aaron instead of their counterpart may add to the “despair” vibe: there are much worse things :wink: If you truly believe this is “nothing goes your way,” wait 'til the MC is a grown up :smiling_imp:

Ya, I’ll look into it when I have time, hopefully with an update :thinking:


Oh ok thanks! Keep up the good work :grinning:!


What about finding another civilization to migrate to, beyond the society. I knew I asked this before but I get the feeling there’s more out there than just barbarians. Of course “escape” like that could still be bittersweet if it means both a long and arduous journey and then rebuilding your life in an unfamiliar place, on the other hand if it is the kind of civilization where you have more freedom to be yourself that might all be worth it in the end.

I was under the impression that my mc couldn’t marry boys period, which is very sad cause he has zero interest in opposite sex marriage.

Is either keeping a polite distance or resentment, should they somehow not suffer the mc’s vertical difficulties growing up going to be an option?

My mc will do to her what she hates most, ignoring her. Bloody vengeance, if there is going to be any at all he’ll reserve for his grandparents.

Well I hope the vertical issues can at least be remedied to the point where my mc reaches at least average height for an adult “noble” male.


@PisceanLover thanks, you’re sweet :blush:

Ugh, that wouldn’t just be like writing another branch, but an alternate story attached to the main one. All in all, the elope ending would be kind of an early ending where everything is ambiguous and you aren’t sure if they threw everything away for a better tomorrow or ran into their deaths.

Well, if you’re playing a (cis) male MC, yeah, you can’t marry men; that message was for @Lizzy, who plays a lesbian MC (so of course she can’t have her character marry another woman). Unions that can’t bring children into the world (as in, it’s 100% safe to say that there won’t be kiddies because it’s biologically impossible) need to meet several conditions for it to be fully valid (no chances of a future annulment) and have no one bothering them.

I’ll put an example, though it’s a spoiler about the MC’s uncle;

[spoiler]Adonis had this very problem, his marriage got annulled because of one of these pesky stipulations.

Adonis was married to a man named Lawren Mallow, but their heiress (his cousin, Poppy) died without children. Since there was no one left, that meant that Lawren was the next in line and had to take the position as the Head of the Mallow Family. Long story short, that made his marriage to Adonis null (as if it never happened, since what we understand as divorces are not a thing here) so he could marry someone else who could give him children and continue with the Mallow line.

That’s one of the many reasons as to why Adonis is so bitter about a lot of things, lives on the Borders.[/spoiler]

…As I said in many occasions, I refuse to answer anything regarding the MC’s height (and constitution, but that doesn’t seem to be so important) anymore. I planned it as a game feature, like more in-depth character traits that are not visible or the clothes and reputation, but I’m tempted to remove it all together and make it set in stone.

Anyways, things to expect for the next update:

— Prologue
— Chapter I:

  • MC’s toddler years.
  • Some plot-related events.
  • A bunch of NPCs.
  • Datura.
  • Aquilegia.
  • MC older than a toddler.
  • Meeting Ava/Aaron.


I play one in real life too :wink:

Won’t me kiddies from being forced to marry some guy either, perhaps trial for murder, but no kiddies :stuck_out_tongue:

and OMG poor uncle! I hope I get to spend time with him so that we can lament our fortunes together :disappointed: