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@Noahendless ah… thank you for the head ups :slight_smile:

@stuck_in_bed thank you for taking the time to answer! :smile: Yeah, you have understood the scene perfectly, even if a lot of details are vague (since there’s barely any context to go with it) :relieved: The thing is, someone has written to me telling me that this excerpt looks like a porn scene about lesbian incest and sexual assault, and that Cora was drugging and taking advantage of Rhona to sell her as a sex slave, with the help of Maetthere :disappointed_relieved:. I obviously got a tad worried (because… from where can someone get such impression?) so I wanted to make sure I didn’t write anything wrong or that could be so misleading. But I guess I got concerned for nothing? By the way, yep, I will write more snippets for 3 other ROs (Cherry, Maetthere and Maynard) :wink:

@Ardit_Maloku haha, yeah :grin:


I recommend you read the feedback someone called mara give to @Eiwynn about his wip about a animal orgy. That was where I made friends with her. I am easily to find scenes weird out of context due my big imagination lol. That sometimes make seen mystery and drama where is only two sisters making up lol. But you can’t deny my first perception was dramatic and with impact :wink: . Don’t worry You will have more epic Mara reactions in future :wink:


I mean…it’s definitely a unique interpretation, LOL, but no, I think it’s a pretty straight-forward scene.

By the way, good luck for CScomp! I saw your username on the list of registrants and I’ll look forward to see what you come up with :slight_smile:


Extremely out of context, I must say :grin:

@stuck_in_bed aaaaw, thank you! :hugging: This year I’ll try to keep it small and only CSComp suited (I don’t need another WIP :sweat_smile: ). I still don’t know the theme, but there’s something I definitely want to do: I wonder if it will be compatible with the chosen topic and be able to add it :smiling_imp:


She was being too drama diva about becoming a doll and being other color and weird I totally thought her sister was trying drug her to become a sex slave of some noble lol with the help of Mat… I mean a total different story but very soap opera. lol


Who are the other female ROs?


“Chapter_1 line 149: It is illegal to fall in to an else statement; you mustgoto or*finish before the end of the indented block” it happens after the doctor scene.


@Arkham currently there are 4 female ROs; Coriander “Cora” Faerwald, Rhona Faerwald, Cherry Rose and Kalmia Heather.

@Black_Knight thank you for the bug :slight_smile:

I have been thinking, and I believe I’ll limit a lot of the player’s choices when it comes to the MC’s appearance :thinking: Before, you could pick their skin color, same with their hair and eyes, but that takes an ungodly amount of variables (since that also affects Datura, Leander/Baladre and the whole Nightshade family) that are annoying in the long run (for me to remember and code).

If I were to limit these things, the MC would be “locked” (that’s how is it called?) to be biracial/multiracial, although, I must say it: genetics work in a funny way. So it wouldn’t be impossible for the MC to not look like their parents at all.

Specially with the MC’s family. The Crowfoot side is fairly mixed because it’s one of the oldest families and is almost related (distantly) to everyone (although Aquilegia’s branch is predominantly what we would consider here “Caucasian”), whereas the Nightshade features are akin to melanesian people’s (do I explain myself? :thinking:)

Long story short; I think I’m going to make it not possible for the player to make their MC white/caucasian, mostly because for story (since they come from a multiracial family on both sides) and coding reasons. There’s already a lot of games where the MC is (assumed) white (or locked to be white, straight and male) so I feel like changing the formula.

I’m babbling, yeah? English is tricky :sweat_smile:


or let them choose and never mentioned it again? I mean unless our appearance have any type of relevance to the story, I say just let them choose it so they can have a little description in the stat of how they look.


I would just let players customize hair and eye color. Don’t mention the MC’s or family’s skin color. I think that way people could imagine what they want their MC and family to look like. I know I wouldn’t like it if my MC and family were described as having lighter skin than I do IRL.


Also, multi-racial families have skin-tones of almost every shade in my experience - so not mentioning it at all would allow the most flexibility in writing, allowing the reader’s own imagination to do the work of detailing every gritty detail.


It does; if it were something that would never be mentioned again, I wouldn’t give the choice to begin with (since it would be absolutely pointless).

Even though the whole thing is text-based, it relies on the aesthetic aspect (the reader’s imagination in this case) a lot, since there are very visual things such as clothes, jewels, ballrooms, decorations, etc.

One of the game features is to be able to pick the MC’s attire on several occasions, which can make a positive or negative impression (depending on how ill-fitting the choice is, like in real life); I could omit details such as skin color, but then I couldn’t write/code said scenes. Pastel colors or certain shades of green don’t suit everyone, same with white or browns; a MC who chooses their clothes poorly is going to make a bad impression, which will affect some aspects of the game (since their reputation is important and will affect some things).

That’s why I said that genetics work in a funny way :smile: I’m still thinking and pondering on what I am going to do.




Soooo are you planning on giving tips before the choices? Including a fashion course on the stats screen? Or I’ll definitely screw things up.


Guess Rhona might not the only one with the scandalous attires :sweat_smile:


No socks with sandals … that is a good start :wink:


…okay I’m really curious how you plan to code that…considering how many factores play into what kind of color type a person is…just dyeing the hair can hugely change what colors fit a person and not every haircolor fits a person either (mostly…maybe there are people running around that can wear every hair color in every shade but I never meet one?). I guess a preset skin color would make that easier to handle…but it really just seems still much work.

Really, what you describe sounds crazy ambitious :astonished:

Edit: Wait, does that mean we will have no influence on MC’s appereance? I don’t care about the skin color (the color not the undertones) and race, but a few thing I would like to decide for my character… Can I at least decide something about the build and structure (body, face, etc)? Those don’t have much to do with the colors.


Well, that was a part of the plan; the MC will have a something like a modiste who will give them a crash course about fashion, but more often than not the servants will advise the MC what would suit them/what they should wear, versus what they should avoid being seen in (although in the end, it’s the MC who has the last say, of course).

Truth to be told, all in all, it’s not difficult, nor a lot; just plenty of *if(s) (and knowledge in the subject). It would look like something like this (which didn’t take much work, I wrote it just now):

*if skin_tone = "tawny"
  You should avoid shades that are 'in the middle'; you either dress dark, or bright, but never neutral. With that hair color 
  *if hair_color = "blond"
    you better avoid yellows and gold, too.
  *if hair_color = "light brown"
    you could try... no, don't ever think of using black.
  *if hair_color = "dark brown"
    don't ever think of brown or mauve; I'm being serious. 
  *if hair_color = "auburn"
    you should steer clear from red, and be really careful of olive colors.
  *if hair_color = "black"
    wearing cool tones such as mint is a bad idea.
  Although you have magnificent eyes; it would be such as waste not to make the most of them.
  *if eye_color "blue"
    Try to wear shappires or chalcedonies, maybe pearls.
  *if eye_color "green"
    *if hair_color "auburn"
      I have warned you about olive tones, but a set of apple green emeralds will do the trick.
    *if not (hair_color "auburn")
      Emeralds of the same shade will do you good.
  *if eye_color "brown"
    Cat eyes or amber will be wonderful on you.

Mmmm… I can do that. I can give the MC a few options regarding their features (but they wouldn’t be really specific), like:

  #I take after my father; I have a long face shape and strong cheekbones.

  #I take after my mother; I have a button nose and square jaw, with a small forehead.

  #I don't look like my parents; my features are...
    [Then you would have three or four more options.]

Though these would be a bit more hard to introduce in the narrative, they could be used, too. A MC who takes after Datura would get (even) more hate from Aquilegia than someone who might look like her, for example.

P.S: ugh, I should be working on the CSComp :confounded:


I dont know if this is an error but here.


@Black_Knight ya, I know, but I’m busy with the CSComp; I’ll take care of it when it’s done (though there are high chances I’ll remove the game files while the judging lasts; coding reasons and such).

By the way, I’m feeling evil right now, so I’ll leave a spoiler here. Don’t read it :wink: Are you sure? Okay, you have asked for it. I’m going to give the MC a younger sibling :smiling_imp:


Such an innocent … :innocent:


Yeah; they are going to be poor lambs slaughtered. They are going to be important, both for the plot and the MC’s (personal) development.