One Thousand Blooms — Updated August 13



Then I really hope the mc can still grow to at least be of average height, or else they will always be seen as a “cute” child of some sort. If we’re still terminally short a handsome appearance really wouldn’t be worth it and will be more of a bother than a blessing.

If we’re terminally short it’s not like we can get much enjoyment out of it in any case, so I guess that would mean my mc wouldn’t like it very much. If everything has to be done by servants because he cannot reach anything himself then that would make him really loathe said servants and not want them around anywhere near him.

I agree, apart from not liking girls that way my mc wouldn’t want to father any sons who would inevitably grow up to be taller then he is by the time they are six years old at most. :rage:

If it doesn’t make him grow any taller my mc wouldn’t give a damn about “treatment” of any other “symptoms”. As in he would be likely to refuse her treatments if they aren’t going to help him with his primary problem.

Well then she’d better have a way to kick the mc’s worthless pituitary gland into overdrive.

A tiny stature kind of prevents that. :disappointed:


Can’t ask when there is going to be an update. It’s against forum rules. Also it says when it was updated in the title. Authors usually do this so people can tell.


Not just that it’s against the forum rules, in this case it’s even writen in the first post of the thread…


I’m actually a little excited for there to be a Smol MC, I mean in everything either the MC is tall and even my favorite games the character you play is so tall and well it makes it hard to relate, I need step stools, to request help and times I’m being purely stubborn I climb on things I’m not supposed to and nearly dislocate my shoulder reaching. So the idea of being able to play a lovely lady who is also smol makes me so happy. While yes the view isn’t always the best, I can appreciate being able to relate (though to be fair I’m not sure if the MC is going to be a little person or just bellow average height. Either way, if it’s the first it will be nice for people who are to have to have SOME representation, and us who is just bellowing average height, well it’s fun to be acknowledged.) Though I can see why some aren’t happy, but how I see it, it’s only as bad as you make it out to be. I’m personally happy with being short. You taller people who can reach top shelves and the top of the fridge easy would be amazed what being short will get you. XD (also let’s admit it short people are perfect hugging size. Well those of us that enjoys hugs or being picked up off the floor for back popping hugs)

Legit hope we get to pull the sneaky, "I’m small and cute, but I can dance political circles around you, and fierce. We both know that the sweet can you get this for me face is going to work every dang time~ Now fetch me a cup of tea please~


Generally I indulge in escapism to escape my smaller than it should be stature and the ravages my undiagnosed for far too long celiac’s inflicted on me. If authors want to represent smaller people better/more favourably I’d rather they not do it at the expense of player customization but by simply depicting those people as competent professionals who get the respect they deserve and aren’t overlooked nor used as the comedy relief too much/often. I don’t usually feel the need to play one however, and finally I must note that the differences between a small lady (there’s whole fetish websites for “petite” after all) and a tiny guy are pretty stark. Whereas the ladies do have some upsides for guys being shorter than average has mostly or even only drawbacks

For the ladies perhaps, small guys just get dismissed, particularly if they look far too youthful for their age.

Good for you.

It gets club bouncers to call the police on you because they are somehow convinced that your real government issued ID must somehow be a stellar forgery and then the asshole cops take an hour to show up and treat you like a nuisance for “wasting their precious time” and you won’t get so much as an apology from either party and you certainly won’t get into the club. It gets you to to have to lug a physical copy of your credentials around because otherwise some employees and clients are gonna be convinced you’re a highschool “intern” at best rather than a duly qualified professional. And that is just for starters. :unamused:
Also the effect as a gay guy of always having your lovers literally look down on you and never being able to see eye to eye will always be an annoyance for me.

Of course petite women and maybe people with outright dwarfism perhaps do get some opportunities I’m not aware of since my story is simply being a shorter than he should have been and shorter than average guy who had way too youthful looks for most of his life thus far.

Yeah, it’s hell on those of us who don’t like to be touched without permission and certainly not pinched in the cheeks, like you’re some adorable child well into your late teens. Honesty if my Napoleon complex was dictator if the world I’d take a page out of the more extreme interpretations is Islam and make sure that uninvited cheek-pinching would be punished by having the offending appendage removed.

There’s player character customization for that and I mostly enjoy making characters who look nothing like myself.

This I can relate to though these days I will not risk bodily harm, I will still drag the janitor’s step-ladder six stairs up and down if I need a box of case files from one of the top shelves in the archive cause I’ll be damned if was going to beg taller colleagues or some of the real interns for help with that.


Well I am not short for a Spanish girl I lam normalish. However I DON’T WANT TO BE FORCED TO HAVE AN HEIGHT I prefer being let ambiguous. I understand that is a plot device and always I could change it I don’t care. But being Small in this society is like worst thing ever. And I don’t portrait Mara as small.


…A few things.

I’ve decided that the update won’t have Cherry’s birthday party because it wouldn’t make sense (going from the beginning of the chapter, time jump, and then the b-party). Instead, you’ll have about 1/4 of chapter 1.

@Ardit_Maloku and @Sammysam at this point I’m pretty much desperate with these kind of comments, because I believe I have stated clearly enough everything. YET I had people asking when is the update (the TITLE says it) and that there’s a bug in the end (there isn’t; the first post says so :rage:). I bet my skin if I were to put in big, bold red letters “EVERY TIME SOMEONE ASKS ME AGAIN X I’LL DELAY THE UPDATE 1 WEEK,” they would still demand the same things.

@Sammysam by the way, thanks for the bug. It was a typo in a variable that made the he/she disappear.

Regarding the height of the MC; I never guessed that, out of everything that’s going on, this one was going to ruffle so many feathers. The MC is short now, it’s a plot point for reasons; I get it, some of you don’t like it, but I’m not going to change it because it’s related to the whole story. Will you be able to change it? Yes, but for now, it stays.

Seriously, I’m starting to believe that I did something awful wrong in/with this thread :disappointed:


I’m just gonna quickly say this is easily one of my favorite WIPS, it is beautifully written so far and I love the interactions and relationships you’ve created, and would struggle to find anything wrong with it whatsoever. I have high hope and expectations in this WIP that it will turn out great. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with difficult people so far as a writer doing this for fun, you don’t deserve that. @Lycoris


If that means we can grow up nice and tall, or at least to bog-standard average height for a male mc by the time we finally reach adulthood, that’s fine with me, of course his additional childhood problems and bullying will give him one more reason to hate his mother and grandparents.
That we need to be tiny kids for plot reasons is fine with me, I just didn’t want my mc to stay small when we get to the more important adult and romance stuff.


Like I said I like the height be a plot stuff always I could change it. NOW I AM DYING TO KNOW WHAT I WILL DO TO GROW… Maybe I have to sacrifice a virgin in a volcano or poisoning mother.


Or… you know… maybe… puberty:expressionless:


Depends on the poison mother dearest used and exactly how it works to retard growth. I think to get anywhere near normal height we have to get some growth stimulant too (send that worthless pituitary gland into overdrive), otherwise even a relatively “normal” puberty isn’t going to make up for the lost height.
Currently we’re a tiny child so even if that kind of poisoning stops and we get enough to eat and a normal puberty it isn’t going to totally compensate for the lost height without additional measures.

Sad to say that if that was a working formula in real-life I’d probably be a pretty tall serial-killer by now. :grinning:


@Lycoris what does this choice actually do? the previous choices were clear but this one confuses me. Can you clarify without giving away anything spoilery?


It’s an early choice for trans and nb characters (because there is no option to play a nb character in the beginning, because of the game worlds social conventions. It’s a compromise I guess? To make clear that, yes, it will be able to play explicitely trans and nb characters, you know?). Basically. That’s at least what I guess.


I kinda agree with @Sammysam, here.
Although, when I encountered the choice, I thought that was to hint me that my MC is a “special magical-evil snowflake” instead, something like that.


I thought it was that but wanted to be sure. Thanks for the info.


@SuperNova aaaaw, thank you, you’re sweet :hugging: Really, thank you; sometimes when you put a lot of effort into something and see things that you didn’t expect (and not in the good sense) it feels like a slap, but comments like yours cheer me up a lot :blush:

Regarding the height of the MC; just drop the issue. Don’t talk about it. I already know some of you aren’t happy with it, so no need to keep posting about how terrible is it; I’ll end up seriously pissed. Here I am working on several things and it looks like the most memorable one is something that has several people deeply unsatisfied, as if I had stated “this game will only have straight romances/you can only play as a straight white man”. I don’t want to sound rude, but seriously, drop it :disappointed_relieved:

@Ardit_Maloku since this game is set in a very gendered world and I wanted to add trans and nb MCs, @Sammysam is absolutely right; also, since the player takes control of a very young MC, said character won’t automatically know that they aren’t cisgender. I want to make the whole process feel organic/natural, instead of “BAM, I, someone from a very cisgendered and binary society, I KNOW I AM TRANS/NB”. Mind you, one single choice won’t make your character trans/nb, but several points in the MC’s life will be a deciding factor.

By the way, I updated the game; now I have left to do some romance scenes :tada: @Cecilia_Rosewood if you’re so nice, could you change the date of the update to today, please :hugging:


Ok thanks for letting me know. Also, why does Datura call the mom Kardia? Isn’t her name Aquilegia?


Maybe it’s a (common) nickname in that world, meaning my heart/my love or something similar? (Taking inspiration from greece eventually?) No idea, but Datura seems to like nicknames?


Taaa… Taaa… Taraaaa
I think Kardia is more like the mother’s surname, tho.