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Probably all of the above, “mom” really is a piece of work Unlike myself in real-life I do hope our mc still gets to grow out of his tiny stature to at least average height, though I guess we can forget tall and handsome, sigh. :cry:


I think mom is a jerk that 100% would still try to kill her child , even when I can strongly relate to the “I rather would abort instead of birthing a child” part.

I hope your MC can grow up to a pretty and tall swan so you don’t have to feel too sad. And if not maybe you can at least kill MC’s mom (socially and/or literally, whatever you prefer?:imp: It’s not much but maybe at least a scrap of comfort.


You’ve given a lot of reasons for why the mother resents the MC now but if she worries so much about status why would she not want a child? At least I’d assume society would look down on a family that can’t produce heirs.


My memory may be a bit fuzzy here, but I think that is because our mc’s father was disowned by his own parents for marrying mother dearest and thereby lost most of his wealth and status, so my mc is probably going to really, really hate his grandparents as the root cause of all of this even more than his mom. Besides it seems that the very worst thing to do to a narcissist like her is to completely and utterly ignore her. As far as I can recall it’s probably best to save the (overly complicated) revenge plots for our grandparents.

As do I, or well average height at least. Being short is no fun at all, being tiny is even worse, particularly as a guy.


True but there are perks: everyone underestimates something that is short and small like spiders. When in reality they can be the most dangerous thing in the world like spiders. Being different heights has different pros and cons so it depends on what type of character you want to be.


Yeah, when you are small you can hit the tall guys in the solar plexus with your head!


Trust me being short as a guy mostly has cons. I suppose if I really were in a situation with exposure to the elements and a shortage of food, I could maybe survive longer than the super tall guys. On the other hand that may just prolong the misery, so…
As for being underestimated, I suppose it is possible, but if our mc’s has the same rotten luck I did of still looking like a young teenager well into his twenties, it may not be so much a case being underestimated, but rather a case of being dismissed outright. Again, that’s no fun, I can assure you.
Like I said the mc had better really be super-genius level brilliant in order to compensate for that.

If the mc is forced to be short, then along with his already precarious social status that means they’d have to work at least thrice as hard for a quarter of the credit and recognition, at best

You do realise that also means tall guys almost always manage to hit you on the head. In general I like to avoid head trauma, since I’m not a Krogan and my head isn’t built like a friggin battering ram. Having far more limited reach than your opponent in hand to hand combat is a serious handicap, not an advantage. The only advantage would come in a pitched gunfight, where smaller people naturally present smaller targets, particularly when fighting with earlier, less advanced guns.


Easy there I just made a joke. :sweat_smile:


And mine was an apparently flawed attempt at sarcasm. I don’t advocate getting into physical altercations with anyone, and not only because of some moral high-ground. In the couple of years I’ve worked as an attorney now I’ve already seen far too many cases, of “we only wanted to scare or intimidate him” and “it was just a bit of good old-fashioned rough-housing fun” turn nasty real quick and ruin real lives. :worried:

Still I stand by what I said, the only escapist fantasy where I think being short, but not childish looking, and being underestimated would have a real advantage would be Tin Star esque gunslinger stories. Even then you need to be at least tall enough to handle decent caliber weapons comfortably.

Objectively of course, my own situation is compounded by living literally in the land of the tall, as there are still some countries where I’d be about average for an adult man, height-wise. I will again note that is only because of mom’s heroic efforts to try and feed me right, even in the face of our then rather limited resources. Unlike the “mother” in the game who is the cause of the problems.


Okay, Tyrion.

That’s a tall fucking bed. Average 4 year olds (now) are only about that tall. Is there like a desk or a wardrobe underneath it or something? I bet the Mom was the one who thought a roughly 1.2m tall bed was a good idea for a midget child.


Of course she thought that. She wants to make MC’s life hell. And when they suffer through her stupid ideas it is course is only another proof for what a terrible child and what a disgrace MC is for the family.

And so she gets another reason to hate MC.


Medieval beds in Europe were terrible tall and children had to be put inside by servants so bed is accurate for a noble family. It was a way to display a message I am noble I don’t sleep near ground like you peasant.

A reference of it is in tales like the princess with the pea in the mattresses. She doesn’t notice that the bed was over the top, because it wasn’t for a noble woman


If the MC was a krogan, that would solve so many problems. The MC would be damn hard to kill and then some.


Krogan also aren’t exactly short although a short Krogan probably would get ridiculed by his peers, same as a human. Point is more Krogan heads seem built to be able to take a lot of blunt force trauma without causing anything nasty, like concussions, the way it does with human heads.


Well, the MC has both Nightshade and Crowfoot genes, so it wouldn’t be impossible to be attractive; a good facial structure is kinda guaranteed (I still don’t know if I should add a comment or two here and there in the game). I guess I should have said alluring instead of pretty/handsome; after all, a good looking face without charm is kinda bland/not worth remembering.

The situation is not as simple as just Aquilegia not wanting to have kids :sweat_smile:

You’re right on the heir part; there’s a lot of pressure to have offspring (specially if your family branch is the one holding the title). In Datura’s case, it’s his sister who has the position of Marchioness, so “”“technically”"" it doesn’t matter if (""“if”"") he has kids. Yet, everyone knows that shit happens something may happen in said line, and cousins may be needed.

Aquilegia knows this, but she also takes into account other facts; from their current situation to her future:

  • Datura’s sister, Petunia, is happily married (or as joyful as these thing are since hers was an arranged marriage) and pregnant (the MC’s cousin is only a few months older than them). It’s very likely that Petunia and Stephanos (Bane) will have more than one kid, so the chances of Datura’s spawn possibily inheriting are very low. She has no idea of what may happen in the future, of course.

  • So for starters, going through a pregnancy is already a big no, not worth it since it’s not nowhere guaranteed that said child would hold the title someday. Also, the delivery could be complicated, needing a C-section (which it was needed in the end), making her undesirable for many. Remember, scars are a big deal in this world! :confounded:

  • If she’s unwanted, that limits a lot of her future marriage prospects (you can guess that she would need to get rid of her current husband), or heighten the chances of having an annulment. Because if said man later on discovered her scar, he could (publicly) denounce her for fraud (after all there’s plenty of people getting “divorced” or declaring the thing null for petty reasons), which is worse.

So, long story short; yes, she was aware that someday she needed to have a child, but not necessarily Datura’s.

Yep; Datura kind of lost everything, but he wanted to marry for love. He had to start almost from 0, and those were hard times. Mmmm… I don’t know if I should add their backstory in-game or not.

If you ignore her, she will make sure that you’ll notice/remember her, so better watch out; these types can’t stand being overlooked. If a forced marriage isn’t enough, she will find something else :smiling_imp: I would recommend you better take care of her in some way.

1,2m a 4 years old? I checked several records, and they are are about 90cm :disappointed_relieved: Plus, the MC is tiny, so they don’t even reach said height.

Sorry, but this time it wasn’t Aquilegia’s fault :sweat_smile: @poison_mara is right, the furniture was made with certain kind of people in mind (those of “high status”), so it would be Datura’s. Though he doesn’t realize it, because back when he was small, servants helped him, and the MC is usually tucked either by him or someone of the staff, so he sees no problem, there.

@Underlurker there are several ways of dealing with her mortal or not, but you’ll have to be careful. Everything has consequences, even more so if you’re not careful enough.


Can i get rid of dear mother in a lethal way? I already hate her. :angry:


Ugh, that society sounds terrible. MC’s mom may be a jerk, but damn it’s no wonder considering the circumstances. (That however won’t stop my MC from becoming the greatest disgrace possible for her. From shitting on fashion conventions to ending up in the military and probably showing off all the nice scars they may end up with. And yeah, society can keep on dreaming if they want my MC to bear a child. Yeah, my MC will give mom a damn cardiac arrest with their actions.)


It is; from certain point of view The Society is like, very glamorous and stuff (who wouldn’t want to be a highborn, even if from a disgraced father, with all the luxury that came with it?) :sparkles: :crystal_ball: :sparkles: But when you look closer, you notice just how dreadful the whole thing is in general. Think of a poisonous fruit, which looks appetizing yet is lethal :skull_crossbones: :apple: :skull_crossbones:

That may be true, but sometimes circumstances only exacerbate the traits that were already there. The MC’s uncle, Adonis, has plenty of stories about mother dearest in her younger years (warning; Adonis is not a good role model. That, and other few things, that’s why he lives in the borders. He’s kinda exiled).

Haha, your MC won’t be very popular among traditionalists, but maybe they can be in someone else’s good books :wink:


Hope there are also ways for dealing with our height issues and my mc wouldn’t care if they were dangerous or seen as “unethical” or dishonourable or something.

Well I suppose my mc could find a way to pin the gruesome, terrible and bloody murder of one or both of his beloved grandparents on her if he really had too, before he likely flees the society himself that is. :wink:

If that is the case and the mc doesn’t get to grow out of it, I wonder how she was able to arrange a forced marriage for the mc at all, given that they have no obvious wealth or status the mc would need some damned impressive charm and mine simply refuses to charm girls that way, even if he could. So I don’t see why Rhona would want to marry a garden gnome in that case who isn’t even nice to her.


That’s okay, I think my MC will just sent them some flowers…probably yellow carnations, some basil, meadowsweet and oleander…:smirk: (I fear my MC soon will end up with a bunch of people ready to kill them…:sweat_smile: Well at least it will be a wild ride.)

Also I found a missing word:

's not here, who cares!” If she only knew you were peeking on them from the stairs…

“Enough! We are making enough noise to wake the dead, and 's sleeping upstairs!”

(In thise case it should be “she’s”)

Rhona wants what she can’t have and also rebel against her family. MC is mostly just a means to an end I guess.