One Thousand Blooms — Updated August 13



So! I have news, one good, one bad.

The bad one first; part of chapter 1 can’t be done (this week), since yesterday I had a surprise party thrown by my friends, and today I have family over, so I didn’t finish editing/correcting what I wanted to. Looks like the week of your birthday is terrible for working on wips I’ll surely update it in a few days, along with some of the ROs’ scenes :wink:

The good one;

:tada: :confetti_ball: :tada: The demo is working!!! :tada: :confetti_ball: :tada:

As always, the link is in the main post, so you can play :wink: If someone is kind enough to change the title so everyone can see that the demo is now live, I’ll be infinitely grateful :hugging:


Want me to change it for you?
Nvrmnd: thought I could change it but can’t.


Question why is it that after you select your name you are finished


Is it a bug in the system or what?


Title should be changed.


@Lycoris. Thanks for the update and a working link. TQ TQ TQ Yay for an update. I am a sucker for daddy’s girl. Will wait for next patiently. Keep up the good work. Happy belated birthday.


@Eiwynn thank you very much, but is there a way to change the date of the update? :blush: I tried to correct It, but It won’t let me :disappointed: @Cecilia_Rosewood, could you lend me a hand, please? I want the title to say that it was updated today, please :slight_smile:

@Ragnock136 …No, it’s not a bug; it’s the end of the demo. With the previous one a lot of people also asked if the game was bugged or what :angry:

@Sau_Mei_Ng haha, thank you very much, you’re just too sweet :blush: I also like very much the idea of the MC being daddy’s girl/boy/child :wink:


I’ve been super excited about this game; I love games involved in character creation (especially starting from a young age and then moving along the years) and also intrigue/politics/poison/etc. It’s like you found all my weak points :stuck_out_tongue:

The prologue was super great. It explained the parent’s relationship while also allowing us to choose our reactions to it, and that was a super neat way of putting two elements together. The only thing is that when I chose the option: ‘You are just curious about the fight; maybe you can get an earful of why they are having a row’, it didn’t allow me to proceed, so maybe there’s an error in coding there?


It’s a bug it seems. And for @Lycoris the error message is:



That was a really short demo but I already like it. The dad is cool. Might have something to do with the kids nickname - “Sweet pea” :cry:.

It is bugged :stuck_out_tongue:

“What about another tale? I can tell you another one, and you can be the pro-tag-o-nist,” he offers.

Protagonist sounds weird when talking to a 4 year old that can’t even get into their own bed. Precocious kids would know but normal dumbass kids like my 8 year old brother sure as hell didn’t. So you might want to:

a) Use a different word.

b) Put dashes in the word like he’s taught the kid it before but is sounding it out for them.


c) Have the kid ask “the fuck does that word mean father?” or just look at him confused.


@stuck_in_bed I’m glad you like the demo so much :blush: There’s a lot of room left for you to create your own MC (chapter 1 will let you customize their looks too!), along with their personality and how they treat several of the NPCs and ROs :wink: Thanks for finding the bug :slight_smile:

Also @Sammysam, @valentine_v_daygirl, @deusvult thank you for your reports too!

…The demo only has the prologue, which is over 7000+ words, does that seem short? O____O

I meant that people asked me if the end of the game (the part where there is the option to play again) was buggy or if there was a mistake, which is definitely not; only the end of the demo. I can’t count the amount of times people have asked me if there was an error there because the game ended :confounded:

Well, the MC can’t get on their bed because they are short, not dumb; if the MC sees their parents’ argument yet choose to go back earlier to their own room instead of seeing the whole fight, they are smart enough to think of using a chair to get on their bed. Plus, the education is a bit different in this world, kids have several tutors/governesses from an early age, so they know their stuff. I didn’t think that the word “protagonist” was so difficult for a 4 years old (I know several and they talk a lot).


I can’t have a stupid protagonist? :cry: But how will I be able to immerse myself in the story when I can’t relate to the main character? How tall is their bed?

Asking the important questions here.


This was great! I love the setting for the MC and the dad character so far :grin:


The link is in the first post…


I said there’s the option to, so the MC has the potential to be brilliant; but if you want to play a dumb MC, you can too.

The bed frame is over 40 inches, plus the mattress height; I believe a 4 year old, who’s rather small for their age (plot reasons) can’t get on it on their own. They either need an adult or something to work as a stepping stone.

@RaiBagel Thanks :wink:

@Sammysam thank you for having my back :slight_smile: But seriously, why do I get questions like that one? It clearly says in the title that the game has been updated :disappointed:


Aww…will our poor mc’s stay that way or do they have some serious growth coming during (late) puberty?
Asking because escaping my limited verticality by vicariously living the taller (and often smarter and more handsome) man’s life, is a big draw of any interactive piece of escapism for me.

I wouldn’t want to, besides the shorter my mc is the more bloody brilliant he needs to be to compensate.


There’s a nice doctor(ess) named Pria that will help you with your MC’s pains :head_bandage: But really, in the check up scene, where the MC is around 5-6 years old, Pria will mention that they are abnormally tiny, even more so since the Nightshade family records were on the taller side (and none of the Crowfoot were shorties, either). Depending on certain actions/choices, though, this could change. Spoiler: this is due to someone’s doing. Bigger spoiler: I think it’s rather easy to guess who :imp:

Hey, I’m just giving the option :joy: Plus, every MC has strong and weak points, so even if they are not really smart, maybe they are the prettiest/most handsome, or spectacular at sports (riding and fencing).


Hmm…are those plot reasons may connected to the mother’s assumed attempts to abort her pregnancy? Depending on what she tried that could have some after-effects. It also could fuel her hate towards her child considering how important “health” is for the society in that world. So having a small, maybe sickely child could cause some loss of face for the MC’s mother (even if it may got caused by her own deeds)…or she still is trying to poison the MC.


You’re absolutely right :wink: Datura honestly has no idea of it, because even if Aquilegia hates him and ignores their child, he didn’t thought that she was capable of such thing. And he didn’t discover it yet in this version, so be prepared for when he gets angry; it ain’t pretty.

Even if the MC’s current condition is 100% her doing, she’s a narcissist (I don’t know if you can see it in the demo or not), so she will never accept that she’s at fault. She blames it all on the MC, believing that they should have died. After all, Aquilegia’s the kind of person that would rather have a dead kid than “a disgrace”, because she values her (inexistent) social standing (or the illusion of it) above everything else, and a sick child is like having a face scar.

Another spoiler: plus, she’s also furious at the MC because their birth wasn’t natural, they had to perform a C-section that left a huge scar on her (another problem in The Society), so she clearly resents them.

What do you think? :imp: