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For everyone’s sake just drop the issue.


I hope you don’t get to agitated by these kinda things or when readers get… insert polite wording here about your very understandable agitation. Were just the greedy readers your the creative mind
Sometimes we get stupid and demanding it’s what we do I

i myself tend to be a greedy reader sometimes. If it helps picture us as trolls and tiny little mogwai.


Thank you guys, you’re all so sweet and helpful :hugging: But next time that they start at it again, just flag them :flag_black:

@Drakeye I may get annoyed, but luckily for me I don’t stay upset for a lot of time :blush: I don’t want to be angry at anyone, so I’ll bury my axe (for now) :wink:

@Gapaot you can say that my attitude sucks, but yours isn’t much better. Regarding the anger issues, it’s very clear that you don’t know a thing about them, so next time, think it better before throwing such accusations.


The first post is now editable.

If you have a problem with someone’s comments, please, please flag them. There’s no need to retaliate.

That goes for you too, @Gapaot. If you’d an issue with @Lycoris’ response you really should have flagged.


Geez, I leave the thread for one night and everyone is already at each other’s throats :expressionless:, honestly…
thinks to herself and concludes that she would.of made everything worse

Move along, let’s discuss the WIP.


I’m dropping by to tell you some news.

I bought some green gumdrops, thinking they would taste like apples, but sadly for me, they are eucalyptus flavored :herb: :herb: :herb: This is the last time I trust a Candy Store. On another note, today is my birthday, so I’ll be out celebrating it :cake: Do not worry, there’s still some week left for me to update!

Also, something important; regarding the RO scenes, we have a problem; I was planning on using the ROs we know (Rhona and Maetthere), but! Rhona is straight, so I’ll have to use another female RO for the girl on girl action (nothing dirty, I promise :wink:). The question is, which one should I write? I’m aware that you have 0 idea of the others (some of you don’t even know the current ROs…), so I think you’ll have to guess this one, sorry. Just pick the one whose name is prettier to you :cherry_blossom:

  • Coriander “Cora” Faerwald, Rhona and Maetthere’s older sister.
  • Kalmia Heather, an older and mature woman.
  • Cherry Rose, an “acquaintance” of the Faerwald.

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Happy birthday buddy


:birthday::confetti_ball: I hope you have a great day! :fireworks:

I’m slightly disappointed.

Also I just couldn’t resist the way you put “acquaintance” in quotation marks. I want to find out the reason for that.


Isn’t she Maettere’s girlfriend or something?

@Lycoris have fun on the celebrations and a great day! :tada:


Well, I never played the longer demo, so I wouldn’t know :sweat_smile: But I can share so it would be anyway okay.


If she is Mat girlfriend I totally want stole her from him. And make he find us together in the bed… I HATE YOU MAT


If I remember right, and she wants his money. You two really are going to get along great, aren’t you? :sweat_smile:


Well dating a cute girl and stealing someone’s money with her sounds like a solid life plan.


My character is called Mara not goodie two shoes. So seduction and blackmail is so easy for her.


Happy birthday, Lycoris!


Happy birthday Lycoris :birthday:


Aaaaw, you’re all such sweethearts, thank you very much for the birthday wishes :hugging:

Haha, I see that Cora and Cherry are closely tied for first place poor Kalmia is definitely going to lose, so it’s not guaranted who will win :confetti_ball: I’ll close the poll on Saturday night (8pm Spanish time), so better get more people to vote :wink:

Regarding who’s Cherry: she appears in the original version of the game for the CSComp (redhead, purple dress) :slight_smile: Depending on your MC’s gender, she was either; Maetthere’s betrothed (in case of male MC’s), or the reason he was going to call the engagement between him and the female MC off for.

@Sammysam haha, looks like you won’t get to know why Cherry is an “acquaintance” this time… unless you can get your friends to vote for her :smirk: The word is heavily loaded, thanks to the commas :wink: And who says you have to share :imp:


@Lycoris Now look what you’ve done: :laughing:


And the winner is… :cherries: :cherry_blossom: :cherries: Cherry Rose!!! :cherries: :cherry_blossom: :cherries:

My, I thought that Coriander was going to be victorious, but it looks like she won’t be the one this time. Pity, she was very close behind unlike Kalmia, but fair is fair, and you’ll have Cherry’s scene. @Sammysam looks like your plan has worked like a charm :wink:

@Guhik haha, yes, what have I done :joy:


Well, you told me to ask some friends to vote for her :joy: (Thanks guys!)