One-punch man a must watch


For those who don’t know, One punch man is manga/anime about a normal guy that wants to be a hero and ends up training so hard that he goes bald, and becomes the most overpowered character ever that beats every enemy with one punch.
And after beating some earth-theatening monsters, he meets Genos, a cyborg that introduces him to the hero world.
The MC, Saitma, is easily one of my favorite characters of all time, even though he’s so plain (both in personality and looks) he’s incredibly funny and actually interesting. His struggle of managing to become the strongest person on earth (and beyond… :wink:) and the loneliness of being at the top is very well handled, plus some moments on which he shows that he truly is a hero.
But the rest are just as likeable, like Genos, Saitama’s “apprentice”.
He’s the opposite of Saitama(Saitama doesn’t care much about anything and simply isn’t like you would expect a hero to be) a boy scout hero with a sob story and even has a main villain. And even with those tropes, he’s a really likeable character, you really root for him to become stronger and defeat his enemy.
I especially liked how his relationship with Saitama was portrayed. I won’t spoil anything, but there are certain scenes after Saitama (with a group of heroes) gets rid of a huge threat, and even though most of the time he does, like, 95% of the job, he ends up getting the short end of the stick, because the people think he’s just an unknown rookie sticking around famous heroes to easily climb the ranks.
Is at this moments on which Genos shows his support as an apprentice and a friend that their relationship truly shines, and hell, I’d even say those moments are pretty heartwarming.
The rest of the cast doesn’t get much development, but I wished they did, because almost all of them are really interesting and well, likeable. Especially an old man called Bang, he kicks ass.
The action in the series is beard growingly awesome. The fights are well choreographed, and, you would think that seeing Saitama winning his fights with one punch is boring, but after watching a monster beat tons of heroes and then having Saitama completely disappearing his rib cage with one punch is unbelievabley satisfaying.
The music is awesome too, with great tracks placed perfectly on just the right scenes. The ost is simply worth owning.
The animation is great, very fluid and detailed. I almost never watch anime, and this is the only series I’ve seen this year, but if someone told me that this series is the best looking of this year I wouldn’t have any trouble believing it.
This was long as fuck XD but it’s worth it for this series. Seriously, if haven’t seen it go watch it now even if you don’t like anime that much, I fell in love with it and I could count the animes i’ve seen (and liked) with one hand.
In short it’s a must watch.


I like One-Punch Man but in my opinion My Hero Academia is a better manga and a better anime mostly because it gives me the Naruto feels it also goes in depth into its characters check it out


I love MHA, Midoriya is unbealibably likeable, but I guess is a lot about taste, since MHA is like love letter to the hero genre and OPM is more like a deconstruction of it.


Sounds a lot like @Blazerules punch magic


I greatly enjoy MHA and One-Punch Man. I would invent time travel just to go to the future and read the entirety of both stories and never use it again.


I personally prefer One-Punch Man over My Hero Academia which is the thirteenth in a dozen.

Though, I must really think about watching One-Punch Man anime, because I’ve been disappointed too many times when they do an anime adaptation of manga I like.


You should watch it, it’s a very faithful adaptation of the manga.
The only times when something’s different is when they add scenes, but they’re actually well implemented like when a crowd bitches at Saitama for destroying the meteorite and therefore their homes. In the manga that scene ends when Saitama says “I did the right thing, you baldies!” But in the anime they add Genos telling Saitama that even if the people doesn’t appreciate him, he will still follow him, letting the episode end on a happy note


I might have to pick it up then, after christmas of course. Or maybe I’ll just corrupt my nephews with it. We’ll see.


The anime adaption like @Talkingtaco said is VERY close to the manga. I was suprised how well they pulled it off.


You should be the awesome uncle and corrupt them.


Started watching it sone days aho and it truely is glorious!


The last chapter tracends “glorious”!


Theres a very good reason that I like the One Punch Man manga and the anime too.


Madhouse couldn’t have possibly done a better job with the One Punch Man anime.

I literally struggle to think of any other way they could have improved on it.

The expanded Saitama vs. Subterraneans fight in particular blew my goddamn mind apart.


A show about hulk on steroids doesn’t seem to suit my tastes… Anyone here can convince me otherwise?

EDIT: Other than being thin, bald, and human.


This is Saitama, and he’s not that hulky :smile:


Why does he look different in the pics?


2 are what saitama normally looks like.
The other one is super serious saitama.


Oh, I see… Those are some damm tiny pupils. If only the shape of people’s heads changed when they got serious, lol. Though it seems like the artist’s the one that got serious. Kidding but, yea.


@UmbraLamia If you already read that wall of text and still ain’t convinced, then there isn’t much else I can say, just go watch the 1st ep. and if it makes you even just mildly interested, then trust me, and keep watching, you won’t regret it.