One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP 815k)(UPDATE 07/04/24 + 200k - A Perfectly Normal Rest Stop)

Yes. Just pick strange/eccentric options that don’t require the MC to speak.


Hi, I love your game! Just wanted to tell you about a bug I’ve encountered. I saved the game yesterday, at the beginning of the dream sequence at chapter 2, and when I loaded today I checked my stats after the dream ended, and everything was the same as if I had started a new game, including status and relationships. Merlin also mentioned I didn’t take the pearls when I actually did. Something happened to make my stats and inventory revert to the beginning values? I am unsure how to explain it, but I’ve restarted today. Maybe some sort of corrupted save? I saved at/loaded from slot 0 save.

Edit: After playing to the end of the demo, here are my stats:


Blobbed: Yep

Bold : 114 Sweet : 112 Sassy : 89 Optimist : 7

Health : 92 Mark Status : Healed Merlin Healing : 2 Merlin Forced Healing : 0

Caution : 25 Will : 0 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 13 Silent : 8 Curse Level : 4 Fear Level : 4 Corruption : -2 Mute : false Mindcontrol : false

Downtime : Had Breakfast | Shower Accident |

Route : Went into Store Early & Retreated |

New Inventory :

They Know : false | It Sees : Masked | You Replied False

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Happened to me too, but I just loaded a save from before the dream and everything was good. It’s probably that the demo got updated in-between.


Thanks for all the comments and stats!

That’s the blob for you, all right.

Whenever the game starts bugging out after it’s been updated like that, the first thing you’ll want to do is clear your cache (for just the website if your browser allows it) and refresh the page to see if that fixes it. A lot of a time these bugs/errors are caused by the browser using an old out-of-date cached version of the game files that no longer work.

Sometimes an old save slot will just get too buggy to use after a major update, however, since a lot of new variables and such would get added at that time. It should hopefully just boot you back to the start of the scene and not require restarting from the very beginning, but if nothing else is working, then a fresh restart may be required.


Interesting. So in other words if you pick the choice to change clothes then regardless of which option you pick here:

  • I briefly glance over towards the practice yard.
  • I best hurry back to my chambers to change my garb.
  • I look surreptitiously about the courtyard for any trace of the king.
  • I keep my eyes focused upon my next destination. The door awaits once more.

It’ll always bring you to the Merlin route?

Yeah. I found that out after another playthrough. On a side note, the MC’s kinda clumsy aren’t they?

Looks like I’ll need more playthroughs to find out how to unlock those options then.

Okay, so I fought the blob and sliced its head off, got to round 2 afterwards, chose all other options after that (She comes, Lightning nerves, Mental dice, Something’s gotta give) and got ’noped’ in the blob stat at the end of the demo. Still didn’t get the Flawless Victory Achievement, so what am I missing? Possession? Curse? Higher stats? Mag is 11%, Phy is 27%, Int and Cha are 25% each.

Speaking of, what happened to ‘Pigging Out on Treats Mark 1’?


Idk how to kill the blob, i get to round 2 as serial killer MC but all the other options are greyed out except for the ‘Something gotta give’ and then Merlin just comes to help.

My MC starts the fight with 84% health, has 32% in strength and 21% in intelligence if that helps?


Blobbed: Nope

Bold : 38 Sweet : 74 Sassy : 25 Optimist : 30

Health : 99 Mark Status : Present Merlin Healing : 1 Merlin Forced Healing : 0

Caution : 24 Will : 4 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 6 Silent : 10 Curse Level : 2 Fear Level : 8 Corruption : 2 Mute : false Mindcontrol : false

Downtime : Kitchen Fire | Shower |

Route : Went into Store Whole Time |

New Inventory : Everything

They Know : false | It Sees : Unmasked | You Replied True (Work) (Friend)

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Blobbed: Yep

Bold : 212 Sweet : 137 Sassy : 138 Optimist : 126

Health : 92 Mark Status : Healed Merlin Healing : 2 Merlin Forced Healing : 0

Caution : 21 Will : 9 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 45 Silent : 13 Curse Level : 0 Fear Level : -1 Corruption : -2 Mute : false Mindcontrol : false

Downtime : Had Breakfast | Snarfed Sweets | Shower |

Route : U Dead | Went into Store & Fought |

New Inventory : Everything

They Know : false | It Sees : No One | You Replied False


One more run to see if I could snag this route:

Blobbed: Nope

Bold : 53 Sweet : 64 Sassy : 87 Optimist : 40

Health : 94 Mark Status : Present Merlin Healing : 1 Merlin Forced Healing : 0

Caution : 18 Will : 2 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 4 Silent : 12 Curse Level : 2 Fear Level : 8 Corruption : 6 Mute : false Mindcontrol : true

Downtime : Had Breakfast | Binged Coffee | Shower Accident |

Route : Sabotage |

New Inventory :

They Know : false | It Sees : Not You | You Replied False

RIP Lili and Maia, you were adorable :pensive:


Thanks for all the continuing comments and stats!

  • Yes, if you tell Arthur you’re going inside to change your clothes, you’ll be going inside the castle which is where Merlin is. If you want to check out the sparring in the courtyard instead, you need to tell Arthur that you’re heading to the courtyard.
  • MC isn’t clumsy at all with the right stats and choices.
  • The Blobbed in the ending screen isn’t referring to fighting the Blob monster, that’s being calculated in the Route stat instead
  • I just checked and the Achievements are all working as planned. The original Pigging Out on Treats is exactly where it’s always been… there’s been no change to the polo route at all.
  • MC can’t kill the blob monster themselves as they lack any sort of enchanted weapon. They can, however, completely disable it without getting hurt at all (at least if they’re the serial killer fulfilling all the prerequisites). And same as with the Monster Under the Bed, the exact ways the MC gets hurt or messes up is telegraphed in the flavor text. And that’s pretty much it for my hinting with that Achievement, maybe someone who’s gotten the achievement themselves or gone code-diving will pop in with their own advice.
  • Alas, sacrifices must be made to see all the routes (and also all the variations of the news report on what happened back at the apartment)

And my computer turns off and refuses to turn on again right before I posted this. :smiling_face_with_tear: Good thing this forum saves unposted messages.


Uh, I know this is out of date, but how do we not lose when we compete in our dreams?

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When choosing a gun as an option to take with you, Merlin says they will enchant the bullets. You might want to add a single sentence while in the rv that says something to the effect that Merlin hasn’t yet gotten around to enchanting the bullets, just to avoid the minor inconsistency.

I know you dislike the gun(s) options and I get the knight theme begging for swords and such… yet, I’d like to share a different take.

It is the modern times, so it would seem that the reincarnates should be adapting to modernity and in this age, Excalibur maybe should be something like the portable machine gun.

I appreciate having the fencing and polo clubs (waiting for the book club for sure) as ways of bridging the classic tales into modern days and feel everything transition well, just wish there was more bridging and connecting going on from legends to the modern.


Just discovered this WIP and it’s blowing my mind, in the best way possible!!! :star_struck:

  • Common close guard OR low guard
  • Any choice
  • Say something insinuating OR feint
  • Set my blade ablaze OR push my luck (lucid dreamer only)

The way I laughed so many times while playing this game is ridiculous. I played as a semi competent, somewhat chaotic and random afab mc who’s a serial killer with an internet obsession and prone to jokes and occasional off the wall remarks. No one takes her seriously, until they do, as proven in the gas station when tangoing with the blob.

As for stats:
Blobbed: Nope

Bold : 201 Sweet : -20 Sassy : 98 Optimist : 82

Health : 92 Mark Status : Healed Merlin Healing : 2 Merlin Forced Healing : 1

Caution : 13 Will : 5 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 12 Silent : 4 Curse Level : 3 Fear Level : 11 Corruption : 7 Mute : false Mindcontrol : true (They know)

Downtime : Had Breakfast | Binged Coffee | Shower |

Route : Went into Store & Fought |

New Inventory : Everything

They Know : false | It Sees : Masked | You Replied False


The issue with line 3620: no selectable options still persists even after clearing the cache


Blobbed: Yep

Bold : 147 Sweet : 129 Sassy : 115 Optimist : 52

Health : 94 Mark Status : Healed Merlin Healing : 2 Merlin Forced Healing : 0

Caution : 28 Will : 5 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 24 Silent : 14 Curse Level : 1 Fear Level : 9 Corruption : -5 Mute : false Mindcontrol : false

Downtime : Had Breakfast | Binged Coffee | Shower Accident |

Route : Went into Store & Fought |

New Inventory : Battery Charger | Shower Mat | Towel | Shampoo |

They Know : false | It Sees : Masked | You Replied False

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Thanks for the continuing comments + stats!

It’s not that I “dislike” guns, it’s that’s not the way this setting’s world building works. Normal scientific law (and all human technology based off it), fae magicry, demon diablerie etc are all based on mutually incompatible laws of nature.

To use magic, you’re basically overwriting the Earth’s normal laws of reality as explained by Merlin. Merlin offers to enchant the MC’s bullets (and not the casings) if they want because they’re basically a slab of metal that Merlin can try to work around.

The gun itself with its many moving parts and it’s “hot gases do this at a high pressure” and “the primer does that when hit” absolutely requires Earth physics to be operating. That was why no guns were working in the time bubble.

If players want to play Russian Roulette with the equivalent of how close they can put matter & antimatter together before it backfires, they can indeed go get their bullets enchanted.

Oh hey, a new guide to add to the FAQ!

This error is caused by the game thinking that the MC has no addiction. I tried manually duplicating this error (and then ran Randomtest 10,000+ times), but I can’t replicate it.

If you were using the web console to edit your stats, you’re going to need to turn an addiction back on, Otherwise, please go to your Status screen and see what the below section says for your playthrough.

You excel at [club info], [club info], and [talent info]. Meanwhile, you’ve got a weakness for [addiction info] and [fear info], as well as having [vice info].

The “got a weakness for [insert addiction here]” is the important part to see what the game is using for your MC’s addiction.


I fucking FINALLY managed to get the Flawless Victory achievement against that damned blob after half a dozen playthroughs and savescumming like crazy!

Victory borne out of obsession and stubbornness is as sweet as it is frustrating.

And for anyone who wants to know how to do it:

If anyone wants to experiment further with the battle, that’d be great.

  • I was mostly making a joke about them hitting the RV ladder during the option to choose whether they still want to curse, as well as hitting things while working on their balance, which I think stays there even when the MC has high athleticism.

  • I know. I was mostly just reporting on everything in the hopes that would help me figure out how to beat the damn thing.

  • In my defense, I was hyper focusing on beating the blob so much I’d forgotten that ‘Pigging Out on Treats Mark 1’ Achievement doesn’t involve the player character pigging out, and may have missed the title when reading the achievement descriptions.

Sound to me like your computer got possessed/cursed. Hopefully it’s friendly enough to let you keep using it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go bask in my hard earned victory and wait until that wears off before trying out more playthroughs.


Didn’t think I’d be able to get negative fear

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