One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)

Magic : 1 Physical : 15 Intelligence : 52 Charisma : 20

Bold : 32 Sweet : 70 Sassy : 77 Optimist : 31

Health(at Climax) : 58 Health(Final) : 92 Serious Injuries : 1

Caution : 10 Will : 2 Apathy : 0 Purity : 0 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 11 Denial : 4 Coward : 0 Silent : 6 Mute : false Pottymouth : 2

Serenades : 2 Interpretive Dances : 0 Lore Dump : 22 Lore Dodge : 0

Tech : 55 Medical : 20 Internet : 40

Club : fencing Talent : memory

Crazy Theory : zombie Crazy Theory Level : 2

Fear Level (at Climax) : 21 Corruption : 9 Mindcontrol : true

Vending : 7

Adrian Affinity : 65 Adrian Flirt : 0

Weapons :

Achievements :


i miss merlin so bad I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH


when trying to paly beta its asking me to sign in after almost every decision and i don’t know what it wants :disappointed_relieved:
how do i sign in? or make it stop?

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Thanks for the stats! While I’m here, I’ll just give a heads up that I’m currently running a poll on Tumblr regarding potentially starting a Patreon for side stories like that Roommates one I linked not too long ago.

Glad to see that someone likes Merlin! I’ve been mostly getting feedback on Adrian so far.

Thanks for the heads up! I think I’ve fixed what was causing that on the site, so the game should be working properly now. LMK if you’re still getting the error message.


My opinion was not in the majority for the poll, so I thought I might as write out my thinking, for anyone interested:

I don’t like extra content on patreon. Not because it isn’t fun, but because not everyone has access to it. I know I feel left out whenever theres something new on patreon. And I always worry about productivity on the actual main story. I’ve seen YouTube channels and IFs that have a lot of side content, but slow updates for the primary thing.

I don’t begrudge anyone who does use patreon. It’s fun, and it makes money as you write. But I don’t personally like when it’s used, for side content. Though I have no problem with early access or more frequent/detailed updates.

Again, I don’t mean that I have hard feelings towards any creators who do decide to do this


i have again be denied my promised clusterf*ck experience . Security Guard with Fear Itself as your phobia is imposible to pick at the same time. i cant believe it.

which is better fear phobia or security guard background for worst experience?
also demo now works thanks.

now that i think more about it its brilliant strategy. player asks for clusterf*ck experience
and you give him walkthrough that’s imposable to follow :grin:


Well, the Patreon would also have early access (including access to the rough draft Alpha version) and Weekly Developer notes, but most people seem interested in the side content most of all (as that won’t exist otherwise since I don’t normally do drabbles on Tumblr).

The security guard job pretty much guarantees that you’ll end up getting possessed, but there are other ways to do that easily as well. Such as sticking your head out the window at the polo club or looking into the restroom stall in the fencing club.

The fear phobia is the phobia most likely to repeatedly kick the MC in the arse until they’ve finally got a handle on it. Fear of darkness is also pretty bad in Chapter 1 and fear of death is another one that’s F̸U̵N̸ to have during the apocalypse.


Magic : 10 Physical : 41 Intelligence : 36 Charisma : 10

Bold : 152 Sweet : 54 Sassy : 98 Optimist : 41

Health(at Climax) : 29 Health(Final) : 94 Serious Injuries : 2

Caution : 23 Will : 4 Apathy : 0 Purity : -1000 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 18 Denial : 2 Coward : 0 Silent : 8 Mute : false Pottymouth : 0

Serenades : 3 Interpretive Dances : 2 Lore Dump : 30 Lore Dodge : 0

Tech : 60 Medical : 0 Internet : 50

Club : fencing Talent : luck

Crazy Theory : zombie Crazy Theory Level : 2

Fear Level (at Climax) : 20 Corruption : -1 Mindcontrol : false

Vending : 7

Adrian Affinity : 56 Adrian Flirt : 2

Weapons : fencing sword

Achievements : Possessed | BBQ Deferred | Sword Dancer |

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Just finished playing through the fencing club path! WOW. The amount of customization here, the absolutely wild variety of things at play in terms of worldbuilding and character that somehow manage to come together into something cohesive and really fun, the humor… Absolutely loved this. Dropping the stats from my run here :slight_smile: Will be keeping an eye on this one. Great work!!

Magic : 0 Physical : 50 Intelligence : 27 Charisma : 10

Bold : 79 Sweet : 65 Sassy : 43 Optimist : 21

Health(at Climax) : 79 Health(Final) : 97 Serious Injuries : 0

Caution : 27 Will : 6 Apathy : -1 Purity : -999 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 7 Denial : -2 Coward : 0 Silent : 17 Mute : false Pottymouth : 1

Serenades : 1 Interpretive Dances : 1 Lore Dump : 15 Lore Dodge : 0

Tech : 30 Medical : 10 Internet : 0

Club : fencing Talent : endurance

Crazy Theory : werewolf Crazy Theory Level : 2

Fear Level (at Climax) : 29 Corruption : 9 Mindcontrol : true

Vending : 7

Adrian Affinity : 69 Adrian Flirt : 0

Weapons :

Achievements : Possessed | BBQ Deferred |

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Thanks for the stats and comments! Endurance gets chosen as the special talent so rarely that I literally forgot to add it to the current spreadsheet I’m using to tally data. :rofl:

Also, I finished the first branch of the third route of the second part of the next update. (So 2 branches for the third route and the fourth route to go) A totally chill route through this part of the game, as you can see in the following preview.

Nothing to see here...


EDIT: Okay, WTF, that’s a little too possessed, even for me. That screenshot was originally taken on the dark mode background, so let’s try that again…

Hopefully more legible this time...



I just finished reading and this is such a pleasant surprise…As someone who would never watch a horror movie and is about as brave as a mouse, I actually think this is one of my favorite WIPs of all times!

I really enjoy Adrian’s company with MC. His character feels fleshed out. He is a very kind and calm person, and he is also fearlessly protective of MC… to the point he can go beyond his moral boundaries. Which makes his character all the more interesting! I can totally see how he spend excruciating effort to try to get close to MC so to protect them (and basically kind of stalking). And my clueless MC be like: “Oh hi Adrian you got so many interesting plants! Oh you like fencing as well? No way you actually stock up lemonade as well?! We’re destined to be friends :3!!” I’m like my poor innocent MC… way too cute for this world.

And the second thing I have to say is about MC…. MC is just too adorable. I don’t know if it’s my playing style or not, but my MC is too cute, and I’m definitely protecting this cinnamon roll. He poking around Merlin’s motorhome like a tiny mouse, he cracking random weird jokes to ease his nervousness and fear, he being actually super kind and caring, and just the random small things that he does!!! Just make me chuckle alongside Adrian :pleading_face: No one touches this tiny cinnamon roll! I did end up with a -1 corruption stat so I’m pretty happy :slight_smile:

And the dream! I’m actually so excited trying to figure out MC’s past incarnation. Since you mentioned there’s four possible incarnations, I tried to cheat to see if I can use personality stat to get different dreams (yes, shame on me.) I didn’t succeed. I’m always getting the same dream for MC. (maybe I’m just not very good at cheating(. )) However through the dream I can conclude: 1) My MC past life is female since she shifted to noblewoman stance when facing Lancelot. 2) MC is quite close to Arthur 3) MC has very high status such that the people always bow and show much respect, including Lancelot, Marshal, and the Princess (and Arthur, but he probably just being really kind…. Or maybe MC’s past incarnation is Arthur’s mother! Haha… ) 4) MC knows magic very well.

So the only conclusion I have is….! I guess Morgana? I heard she is great with magic and is sister to Arthur right? But Merlin said she is not dead. So my next guess is Guinevere, because I actually don’t have the faintest clue about Arthurian tales and these are the only two females I know. :cry: I’m not sure why I am so excited but I really did enjoy the dream sequence. Finger crossed more to come!

As for polo vs fencing. Both are great! I actually like polo route more, giving treats to horses felt great, but I feel fencing would be much needed skill; therefore I went with fencing route for my MC later.


from what i understand dream doesn’t changes. what you do in dream determines mc past incarnation. if you do choices which are generally female you will get female incarnation if you talk like knight you will get knight incarnation. something like that.


Ah I see… so there is only one variation of dream right now since it’s just the beginning? That does make me wondering tho, would Arthur really offer to assist another knight to mount horses?


That’s what I thought! It would feel kinda weird, wouldn’t it? Though it might be wishful thinking, I don’t want my original form to be a guy

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It’s not unusual to require assistance when mounting a large horse. My local riding centre even has special platforms installed for the purpose. One would be even more likely to need help if wearing mobility-restricting armour.

That said, the MC isn’t wearing armour and their horse is said to be small, so that excuse wouldn’t apply. The Watsonian explanation is probably that Arthur’s just being overly chivalrous, while the Doylist one is that the scene needs to be ambiguous about the MC’s capabilities.


if you go see code there are 4 different main variables that change depending on choice you make. if i had to guess after all dream sequence’s which variable is highest will decide your incarnation. author also sad multiply times that your original from may be woman so it not wishful thinking.


Just finished the fencing club path. That was such a crazy long chapter with a lot of customization.

Here are the requested stats. (Possessed achievement isn’t wrong. I just reloaded.)

Magic : 10 Physical : 29 Intelligence : 23 Charisma : 30

Bold : 87 Sweet : 93 Sassy : -12 Optimist : 54

Health(at Climax) : 83 Health(Final) : 83 Serious Injuries : 0

Caution : 26 Will : 9 Apathy : 0 Purity : 0 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 7 Denial : -1 Coward : 0 Silent : 10 Mute : false Pottymouth : 3

Serenades : 1 Interpretive Dances : 0 Lore Dump : 30 Lore Dodge : 0

Tech : 10 Medical : 15 Internet : 50

Club : fencing Talent : magnetism

Crazy Theory : None Crazy Theory Level : 0

Fear Level (at Climax) : 22 Corruption : 0 Mindcontrol : false

Vending : 7

Adrian Affinity : 94 Adrian Flirt : 5

Weapons : fencing sword

Achievements : Possessed | No Rescue Needed | BBQ Deferred |

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Holy crap I’m so happy I got back into COG again so I could go through this gem. This humor was perfectly synced to me. Here’s my fencing playthrough stats! I got the possessed and bbq deferred achievements but they weren’t showing up when I reloaded.

Magic : 13 Physical : 17 Intelligence : 35 Charisma : 30

Bold : 76 Sweet : 104 Sassy : 54 Optimist : 63

Health(at Climax) : 83 Health(Final) : 92 Serious Injuries : 0

Caution : 16 Will : 3 Apathy : -1 Purity : 1 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 9 Denial : 4 Coward : 0 Silent : 4 Mute : false Pottymouth : 5

Serenades : 2 Interpretive Dances : 0 Lore Dump : 9 Lore Dodge : 0

Tech : 10 Medical : 15 Internet : 70

Club : fencing Talent : lucid

Crazy Theory : None Crazy Theory Level : 0

Fear Level (at Climax) : 24 Corruption : 5 Mindcontrol : true

Vending : 7

Adrian Affinity : 95 Adrian Flirt : 6

Weapons : fencing sword

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This imposter game would end in seconds if the cuckoolander mc just asked Audrey III, the elected High Queen of Parsimonious Botanical Function who the traitor is but alas we wouldn’t be making new friends on a life changing adventure now would we


Magic : 3 Physical : 47 Intelligence : 21 Charisma : 10

Bold : 138 Sweet : -2 Sassy : 38 Optimist : 58

Health(at Climax) : 33 Health(Final) : 100 Serious Injuries : 2

Caution : 16 Will : 5 Apathy : 1 Purity : -1 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 10 Denial : 2 Coward : 0 Silent : 14 Mute : false Pottymouth : 3

Serenades : 0 Interpretive Dances : 0 Lore Dump : 2 Lore Dodge : 1

Tech : 10 Medical : 10 Internet : 10

Club : fencing Talent : endurance

Crazy Theory : None Crazy Theory Level : 0

Fear Level (at Climax) : 17 Corruption : 9 Mindcontrol : true

Vending : 7

Adrian Affinity : 35 Adrian Flirt : 0

Weapons : fencing sword

Achievements : BBQ Deferred |

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