One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)

It was Taliesin! Dude has more names than I thought he did.


Looking at the polls I find out Pippa from the polo club can be either saved by me or Adnrian or die, how do I do either one? every time I try to go after her I either do not get to far and fall off or my horse go way to fast and I fall off.


This makes a lot of sense. Between being given the option to feed Foreshadow after every conversation option with Adrian and later being prompted to give the rest of the treats to their horse, a Polo route MC is likely to get the maximum Fear Level reduction possible from the treats.

The vending machine, however, is a lot more unobtrusive, making it likely that even those who do use it don’t pick every option, resulting in maximum Fear Level reductions being much rarer.

If you want to bring it more in line with the Polo route, I’d suggest describing the MC as somewhat hungry and offering a prompt or two to use the vending machine between conversation options. This would likely make the average Fear Levels between routes more similar.

The option to attempt to manipulate Merlin doesn’t use the new m_hostile_external variable:

Also, Agravain is still listed before Aglovale in Merlin’s Guide. Not sure if that’s intentional or not, but I’m mentioning it again just to make sure.

It’s quite likely that it’s a red herring put there to mislead code readers, to be fair. Notably, the adrian_drink variable makes the poison one redundant.

Saving Pippa
  • Feed your horse at least one treat, but not all of them.
  • If your horse is Midsummer Knight’s Dream or Knight Rider, wait until they breathe out when tightening their girth.
  • Attempt to rescue Pippa (obviously). Doesn’t matter if it’s voluntary or not.

You now have two chances to rescue Pippa. To succeed at the first one (“I loop the reins around my left hand and lean as far to the right as humanly possible as I reach for Enchanter Moon’s bridle.”), you need to fulfil ONE of these requirements:

  • Body stat of at least 30
  • combined Body and Charm stat of at least 50

If you don’t meet either requirement, you get a second chance (“Full speed ahead!”). To succeed here, you need to have ONE of the following:

  • Body stat of at least 20
  • combined Body and Charm stat of at least 40
  • Luck talent AND win the RNG roll
Getting Pippa Killed
  • Give Foreshadow (Adrian’s horse) either all OR none of your treats.
  • Stick your head out of the trailer window and get possessed.

My Statistics:


Magic : 10 Physical : 34 Intelligence : 42 Charisma : 7

Bold : 64 Sweet : 50 Sassy : 12 Optimist : 72

Health(at Climax) : 69 Health(Final) : 100 Serious Injuries : 1

Caution : 26 Will : 5 Apathy : 0 Purity : 1 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 4 Denial : 1 Coward : 0 Silent : 5 Mute : false Pottymouth : 1

Serenades : 1 Interpretive Dances : 0 Lore Dump : 30 Lore Dodge : 1

Tech : 60 Medical : 0 Internet : 50

Club : fencing Talent : tactics

Crazy Theory : None Crazy Theory Level : 0

Fear Level (at Climax) : 25 Corruption : 0 Mindcontrol : false

Adrian Affinity : 80 Adrian Flirt : 0

Weapons : fencing sword

Achievements :

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I don’t know how to mark spoilers so don’t read unless you already read the story.

The story is all kinds of random and the setting constantly changing, it’s quite chaotic, first, it’s the modern age, going to a rather bland event with random people briefly introduced, saving some girl i don’t care about, and suddenly being chased by some monsters which are rather childish and appear under the bed too,

MC apartment burns down, then suddenly Merlin is there whose gender can be changed, I don’t see what this project is trying to accomplish apart from being everything and failing at all, and I cannot see a game that will sell well after it’s finished, considering you are putting so many topics instead of making separate games.

You could have instead focused on an Arthurian tale, telling the story of Arthur from birth to kingship and then his journey in fighting the evil with Arthur taking his guards, knights, and squires to battle.

The characters were rather bland, and forgettable, especially Merlin, language was too modern and uninteresting. and I found myself not caring about any, Merlin who I thought was rather modern and ruined the picture of a medieval one.

Honest criticism.

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

The general goal of feedback is to focus on constructive criticism. Telling people they should’ve written a different game entirely isn’t helpful in this regard because they are highly unlikely to scrap the current game and start a new one from scratch. That said, Arthurian-themed games are quite popular, so there might be some that better suit your tastes. Pendragon Rising in particular lets you play as Arthur, and there are other games such as Guenevere, The Bastard of Camelot and Arthurian Tale: Camelot that are also more straightforward retellings. I hope you find some of them to your liking.


Magic : 14 Physical : 34 Intelligence : 37 Charisma : 15

Bold : 140 Sweet : 11 Sassy : 95 Optimist : 45

Health(at Climax) : 69 Health(Final) : 94 Serious Injuries : 0

Caution : -1 Will : 7 Apathy : 1 Purity : -2 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 32 Denial : 8 Coward : 0 Silent : 9 Mute : false Pottymouth : 3

Serenades : 4 Interpretive Dances : 2 Lore Dump : 17 Lore Dodge : 0

Tech : 40 Medical : 0 Internet : 60

Club : fencing Talent : agility

Crazy Theory : zombie Crazy Theory Level : 3

Fear Level (at Climax) : 16 Corruption : 10 Mindcontrol : true

Vending : 7

Adrian Affinity : 80 Adrian Flirt : 0

Weapons : fencing sword

Achievements : Possessed | BBQ Deferred |

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What if Adrian is just a time traveler trying his best lmao


Finished off all the (many, many depending upon the MC’s actions) text messages awaiting the MC once they’ve woken up from the Camelot dream sequence. Now onto the main part of Chapter 2.

Preview below…

Adrian's Guide to Bible Apocalypse Stuff!

I’ll be posting a couple more MC replies on the game’s development blog later.

Unfortunately I haven’t read/watched Artemis Fowl, so I can’t really say. Another big franchise that uses the entire “realities overlapping the same location” thing is Silent Hill.


You mean Merlin isn’t already as sus (if not more) than Adrian?

Yeah, OKS Merlin has a bunch of known aliases. And a bunch of unknown ones too. :upside_down_face: That’s why they’re pretty chill & simply amused when the MC just bald-faced lies about their name to Merlin’s face.

I added the vending machine to the end state stats that I’m collecting now. I want to see if people just aren’t using the vending machine or if they are and it’s still not enough first before making any more adjustments to Chapter 1. :melting_face:

Regarding the bug fixes, I’ve updated Merlin’s Guide on my end but those changes (including the typo fixes) won’t go live until the next big update since that file now has a bunch of spoilers for Chapter 2.

The manipulative option doesn’t use m_hostile_external since (unlike the other options) it doesn’t make reference to any external actions, so the hostility can also be assumed to be only internal.

Well, he’s certainly trying his best, if nothing else. :smirk:


You’ll have to cast aside your recent hostility and try to begin this ‘relationship’ anew. But in the end it seems worth it.

In that case, it would be strange for the MC to “have to cast aside” their internal hostility, since that shouldn’t prevent them from attempting to manipulate Merlin. It’s not like they know Merlin’s a mind reader.

Also, I spotted your cry for help in the guide preview.


There’s just something about a stalker desperately trying to come across as the boy next door while handing us poison that raises more red flags than a vague and likely manipulative old wizard


Well, I have been out of loop with IFs for a while now but damn… This is pretty damn good.


This is a really fantastic WIP, and by some coincidence it feels like the spiritual successor to my old favorite Guinevere.

There were a lot of great moments here, but for some reason naming my cat really stuck in my head, even though she completely disappeared after the opening passages. I named her Jingxuan after the Ming Dynasty warlord nicknamed the “Yellow Tiger,” because my character struck me as that kind of nerd.

Two requests - can I get pu’er tea as my drink of choice? It’s basically the only thing I drink other than kombucha. And could we pick Palamedes as our preferred knight in the Merlin dialogue? He was my favorite as a kid because every other knight was Welsh or French or something, and then along comes Palamedes the Middle Eastern Muslim knight. (It also helped that he shares a name with my favorite hero of the Iliad…)

Fantastic work though!

Edit: Here are my stats from a quick second playthrough with the fencing club. I’d just like to say I can’t believe you Wikidropped Cath Palug and then didn’t add that to the cat name list. Dishonor!


Magic : 12 Physical : 25 Intelligence : 32 Charisma : 25

Bold : 149 Sweet : 34 Sassy : 77 Optimist : 76

Health(at Climax) : 88 Health(Final) : 87 Serious Injuries : 0

Caution : 6 Will : 9 Apathy : 0 Purity : 1 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 22 Denial : 5 Coward : 0 Silent : 6 Mute : false Pottymouth : 7

Serenades : 3 Interpretive Dances : 2 Lore Dump : 19 Lore Dodge : 0

Tech : 30 Medical : 0 Internet : 50

Club : fencing Talent : magnetism

Crazy Theory : None Crazy Theory Level : 0

Fear Level (at Climax) : 15 Corruption : -1 Mindcontrol : false

Vending : 7

Adrian Affinity : 87 Adrian Flirt : 2

Weapons :

Achievements : No Rescue Needed | BBQ Deferred |


Sadly, I’m pretty sure your pet is already dead by the time the story takes place. You can still take your pet’s memorabillia with you when you’re packing your stuff though!


I do hope we get more combat scenes in future dream sequences; my MC avoided Lancelot because she didn’t want to be at the center of attention, not that she wasn’t a competent fighter.


Makes a ton of sense xD I read it as MC being difficult and obstinate on purpose, aka mistook it for one of the Denial choices

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Two runs

This had an early ending. I was possessed and then kicked the bucket shortly afterward.

This reached the end of the demo.

Post-Fencing Club. I hope this is helpful.

This satisfied many of my CSG desires, including ones I didn’t even know I had.


So, was playing the fencing club, and i decided to keep to myself about King Arthur appearing in my dreams, however, when asking Adrian about how has been doing, u know the “enough about me”, he says: He shakes his head. “No weird noises and strange shadows in my apartment. No long-dead kings appearing in my dreams. The most exciting thing that happened today was me finding a toy in my breakfast cereal, like I told you earlier.”

how could have he know about that dream if i didnt say anything bout it?

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Adrian isn’t quite what he seems either.

Also, how do we ensure that Merlin’s dance is uninterrupted? I manage to chase away Maia and Lili (with a plant), but not the early twenties guy.


uh, i normally either choose magnetism as my ability or bring with me a weapon to scare him off (being a security guard or the im a k1ller secret), or just ask him if he once was on a museum