One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)

I’m curious, the author recommended the Luck talent if we want an MC who will potentially have a horrible and interesting experience (for the readers of course), but why exactly Luck? What is special about this talent? I’m honestly curious hehe

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It’s probably because it depends on RNG, so it’s less reliable than the other talents. It’s also possible for it to cause bad luck, making certain situations worse (such as making the MC drop their luggage on themselves in a failed attempt to distract the guard).


Where are the among us characters?

We are the Among Us characters. That is to say… the Imposter is Among Us.


OMG! Fr tho, why does the title has “among us” in it?

It’s in the description. There’s a traitor in the group and the author is using “among us” as an easily recognizable way to understand the situation.





Magic : 11 Physical : 15 Intelligence : 36 Charisma : 27

Bold : 82 Sweet : 58 Sassy : 51 Optimist : 51

Health(at Climax) : 83 Health(Final) : 82 Serious Injuries : 0

Caution : 32 Will : 4 Apathy : 0 Purity : 2 Cloudcuckoolanderness : 19 Denial : -5 Coward : 0 Silent : 11 Mute : false Pottymouth : 3

Serenades : 2 Interpretive Dances : 2 Lore Dump : 31 Lore Dodge : 0

Tech : 30 Medical : 15 Internet : 40

Club : fencing Talent : tactics

Crazy Theory : None Crazy Theory Level : 0

Fear Level (at Climax) : 33 Corruption : 0 Mindcontrol : false

Adrian Affinity : 92 Adrian Flirt : 5

Weapons :

Achievements :


Honestly at this point I have no idea what’s going on in here half the time and I love it



Before anyone gets too excited, this update is primarily for bug fixes. Hopefully if I push this out early enough, people’s browsers will be more likely to show the bug fixes before the next update to Chapter 2!

The new version of the game is Version 0.13-B so if you’re not seeing that on the start page, please reload the page or clear your cache until it appears.

I tested this on Waterfox, Firefox, Midori, and Chrome and the Chrome browser needed to clear its cache every. single. time. to show the new update. :melting_face: The previous saves I tested also seem to be working fine with the new update.

The new update includes…

Bug Fixes & More
  • Fixed bug where choosing to be an épéeist redirects to the foilist choice if the MC prefers to use long swords (also fixed the a épéeist typo in the same choice.
  • Fixed the trailer attack being mentioned during the fight against the hellhound and during Merlin’s lore dump conversation
  • Added long sword response for certain MC’s in the weapons talk with Merlin
  • Fixed adrian_arthur/adrian_arthurian disambiguation bug that made it seem that MC always had Arthurian talk with Adrian
  • Fixed Shrek/Sword in the Stone/Camelot Musical references
  • Fixed(?) bug with current weapon on hand not triggering
  • Fixed the bugs with the MC’s fencing lame.
  • Removed Maelgwyn/Maelgyn typos
  • Clarified "Modron"s background in Merlin’s Guide
  • Fixed bug where game assumes a friendly MC has already seen Adrian’s text message in the fencing route
  • Fixed Flip1/Flip2 showing up for lucky MC’s when using the Magic 8-Ball
  • Fixed various bugs concerning the current status of the MC’s fencing gloves
  • Fixed Stratchclyde/Strathclyde typos
  • Fixed bug where people were getting +2 Silent instead of +1
  • Added wiki to Adrian Garf during the Mist talk with Adrian
  • Tactics & Photographic Memory now gray out some less than optimal choices during the fencing club route

I’ve been trying to update the thread for 2 hours now but kept getting a 422 Unprocessable Entity error message. Finally I got the bright idea to move the newly updated FAQ section into a different post which finally worked. Boy, it would’ve been nice if that error message had mentioned going over the character limit for a post or something such. :melting_face:

Anyway… the FAQ has been updated to include links to guides and info posts within this thread. LMK if you’ve got any suggestions for other posts that should be linked.

Also, the first test was a lie and it was indeed Covid in the end, which I’m still having a lot of trouble trying to shake off right now. So expect updates and replies to be quite a bit slower than usual until I fully recover.

Otherwise, thanks for all the stats and comments! After collating all the current data, it’s interesting to note that people on the fencing club route are really kicking the demons’ asses versus the polo route. It can’t just be the new corruption guide, could it? :thinking:

Polo Route Average Corruption: 3.6
Fencing Route Average Corruption: 0.1

Meanwhile, the fear level has only gone up by a few points in the fencing route, but since the magic number there is 17, most fencers seem to be failing the late chapter fear check. Might have to keep an eye on that & drop the fear level increases there a bit.

Polo Route Average Fear Level: 17.7
Fencing Route Average Fear Level: 20.5

I can’t replicate the timing bug with the text messages, so that’s probably an artifact of the game caching the old version of the gosub scene file. Adrian’s messages in both the fencing & polo route should be showing up at the same time (right after the MC chooses a friendly history with him) with the current code.

The game assuming the MC had already seen the text message in the fencing route was definitely a bug though, so hopefully that’s now fixed.

Do you mean that Adrian knows the exact location of the MC’s apartment (not a bug, he always knows that) or that he always knows the MC’s apartment is haunted even if you never told him? If it’s the latter, I’ll need a copy/paste of the sentence where that happens in order to track it down.

The first is a pretty intricate current weapons held check, so I’m not sure if I identified the proper failure point here. I forgot to turn off the draw_weapon variable once the MC sheathes their sword in the fencing club route, so hopefully that was it!

Otherwise, I see the Shrek bias here considering that Camelot the Musical and Sword in the Stone were also failing to update there.

Setting the MC’s nickname should be in the same spot as always, it’s the top option (wording will vary depending on the MC’s sass level) after you’ve chosen the MC’s first & last names.

I didn’t touch the Inventory screen (called ‘Bag of Holding’ in the stats menu) so that should be the same with all your weapons listed in their proper section.

The end stats screen is just me collecting data for the beta test. Right now I’m just collating info on things that were changed for the fencing club route, so the only weapon potentially showing up in the final screen would be the fencing sword.

There were a couple people who ended in the negative boldness range in the previous polo route. The lowest boldness stat reported was… *checks* -28

That said Timidness is probably something that the player has to actively aim for since there’s more opportunities to act really bold versus really timid. It’s the personality stat that I try to keep in mind the most, but sometimes there just aren’t any interesting timid options that I can think of for a scene.

Fencing Club Route: -381 Timid/Bold +510
Polo Club Route: -338 Timid/Bold +453

You know, you’re the second person to mention that (unless that first time was you as well), but I’m a bit hesitant to increase the sour stats since the game already favors sour over sweet. (Although some of the large sour boosts are really homicidally dickish).

Fencing Club Route: -641 Sour/Sweet +438
Polo Club Route: -540 Sour/Sweet +349

Not to mention someone having the opposite problem. The only thing I can think of is removing both the sweet and sour boosts from some options to leave things more neutral. :thinking:

Yeah, the forum is congratulating you with a banner for returning after 4 years. :rofl:

“Modron” is the suppose bastard daughter of Gorlois that Uther adopted at the same time as Morgause and Elaine (only not really, just some good ol’ fae gaslighting going on). I went back and tried to make that messy connection more clear and not accidentally switch around the bastard/adopted description.

Otherwise, it should be Maelgwn since I’m using the most popular version for most names but my brain keeps wanting to insert y’s into all these Welsh names that are lacking in vowels. :upside_down_face:

Otherwise, that list of people…

gendo smirk

Indeed, only the Arthurian lore expert can get the Lore Dump achievement. I was about to ask how the heck you managed to get the See No Evil achievement with -2 Denial, but I think achievements carry over between playthroughs, right? Did you also do a high denial playthrough?

Yeah, the way things played out it’s easier for someone else to save Pippa (who just needs someone, anyone, to pull over her horse) versus Zain’s emergency happening so fast that the MC needs to have either set up something in advance or pulled a supernatural move out of their posterior to stop it.


Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

I’d be concerned, but I feel any speculation would get this response regardless of its’ accuracy.


Hey OP, the Time Bubble reminds me a lot of the curtains from the JJK Shibuya Incident Arc. Was this purposeful OP? Reads very similar

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I feel like the concept of time bubble, closed space, curtain, etc. has became so ubiquitous in modern media so much so that if you compare the similarity, you’ll end up finding hundreds of similar tropes done.


I know this might sound stupid but please can someone tell me what are the possible incarnation we might become in future update because I really don’t have the eye strength to see through all the long lore for possible characters that might be the mc just waiting to be explore


That’s kind of the million-dollar question. We know there are four possible reincarnations (two male and two female) with different skillsets (magic, combat, political/interpersonal skills). From chapter 2 we can surmise that all the incarnations are high-ranking nobles (or have similarly high status through other means, I suppose), humans, remain alive at least a few decades into Arthur’s reign and were, at the time, on good terms with the king. We’ve also been told that they’re relatively well-known figures from Arthurian legend.

I’ve made a list of people I believe can be disqualified from consideration here, and given the above qualifiers I think most of the potential reincarnations would be found in the Major Allies and Major Neutral sections. I’ve also found a few interesting hints on the forum and Tumblr blog, which I’ll post here:


The last one is particularly interesting to me, because the wording of “some […] are present in the dibs list. Some are not.” implies that exactly two potential reincarnations are listed during the dibs section of Merlin’s lore dump. Looking over that list, some of the people on it can be eliminated from consideration.

  • Arthur - still alive
  • Dagonet
  • Elaine
  • Galahad - mentioned in flashback (also just very ominous vibes in general)
  • Gawain - mentioned in flashback
  • Guinevere
  • Isolde - the famous one is mentioned in flashback
  • Lamorak - already dead (according to Merlin)
  • Lancelot - seen in flashback
  • Merlin - still alive
  • Mordred - mentioned in conversation with Arthur
  • Morgana - mentioned in conversation with Arthur + still alive (according to Merlin)
  • Percival - mentioned(?) in flashback + conversation with Arthur
  • Yvain

That means that if we trust Merlin on Lamorak (a pretty big if), two of the reincarnations should come from this list: Dagonet, Elaine (I’d say only Corbenic and Astolat qualify as well-known), Guinevere and Yvain (the Great, presumably).

TL;DR: Two of Dagonet, Elaine of Astolat, Elaine of Corbenic, Guinevere, Yvain the Great and possibly Lamorak (depending on how much you believe Merlin). The other two are most likely to be in the Major Allies or Major Neutral sections, discounting commoners, fae and people who died before/very early in Arthur’s reign.


Not me tailor making an MC for Dagonet now, just without the cowardness :sweat_smile:


im obsessed with this🖤


Well I was a tad disappointed when sparring with Lancelot.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting to win, but I was at least expecting an epic showing for it, since my character had the agility to fence an exploding sword into submission.

And is our current defining trait not supposed to be a reflection of our Arthurian incarnation? Because Lancelot refusing to use real swords seems like an odd precaution if our Arthurian self could shear the wings off of a fly with wuxia like agility.


It’s been stated that the MC will only gain their Arthurian reincarnation’s abilities once they regain their memories. Their current stats aren’t connected to the abilities of their past selves.

Tbf, the MC can point this out as odd, so it’s probably just Lancelot being a weirdo.


I take it you never chose the “lying about amnesia” secret, because it’s possible for the MC to remember everything from the get go, even though the Player is left in the dark.

So I’d take that generalization with a grain of salt. Especially since Merlin doesn’t know about our talents when telling us this.