One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)

I personally didnt enjoy the update. I like the game because of the MC. Being someone random, someone I dont know shit about wasnt really fun for me. Hope we go back to MC and real world next update.

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Hopefully the book store hasn’t brought in any lions or other dangerous big cats lately. :rofl:

There’s actually one really easy way to min-max one of the kitty-based stats, which I’ll leave you to figure that out then (but the way to do it is foreshadowed in the fencing club route right now).

It’s simple, all you need to do is this.

But more seriously, it’s not the polo horses who can help you. Try playing around with the past pets you can have at the start of the game if you want to try that way to get past the security guard.

Well, you like what you do or don’t, but this isn’t random, it’s the past life of the MC, the person they used to be, and the reason why they ended up as they currently are. Having the lucid dreamer talent also lets the current MC make comments/extra choices during their flashback sequences.


Okay. But also steal a horse that already knows how to climb stairs is what I’m getting too. :racehorse: For reasons. :horse_racing:

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I have to confess, I’ve learned more about Arthurian legends from this game than I’ve known prior to playing it (all according to keikaku?)
Like how Lancelot killed a ton of people and that ladies were mistakenly throwing themselves off the towers over the death of Gawain’s look-alike. All the important stuff.

Tried looking out that window recently - 10/10, would recommend. MC’s reputation with polo club members probably went through the roof… if the house was upside down.

It’s probably nothing important (or is it :eyes:), but funny how people in some way connected to Gawain or his supposed location tend to disappear. First Asher, now Caleb…

If MC and Adrian get to the apartment, conversation with Adrian removes the mute tag and without this conversation MC has to go to sleep without an opportunity to resist. Since the same dialogue does not remove the tag on the stairs, I’m not sure it’s intentional.

I mean this scene


I understand that but I cant really roleplay without knowing who or what I am. I dont mean this in any negative way. Your story is great, its just for me personally I need to know about my character to play them.

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Ok so first of all here’s one of my stats before I forget:


Lucid Dreamer: False
Castle Path: False
Courtyard Path: False
Stable Path: Complete

Arthur Quest: 3
Lancelot Duel: 0
Fae Fight: False
Met Modern Arthur: False

Arthur Promise: False
Arthur Suspects: False
Arthur Flirt: Subtle
▇▇▇▇▇: False
Camelot Oddities: None

ag1: -14 ag2: 6 ag3: 7 ag4: 4

bg1: 1 bg2: 5 bg3: 11 bg4: -6

cg1: -1 cg2: 0 cg3: -7 cg4: -5

dg1: -13 dg2: -2 dg3: 8 dg4: 2

Timebubble Name: hyperbolic time chamber
Restarted from Beginning?: Yes

Now that that’s done… * inhales *

Can I just say that this is amazing? that you’re amazing?? again??? bc I’ve read through the codes (which I’m still going through by the way) (thank you for the early Christmas present) and wow the amount of stuff in there is actual insanity!
Just the customization part made my head spin, holy heck. And it’s not even the sheer amount of customization options that’s crazy (though that’s amazing too ngl), the actual insane part is that the things you choose actually gets referred to down the line!
You weren’t kidding when you said the game remembers everything.

The Camelot dream sequence and Arthur conversation was really fun with lucid dreamer, I’m even more torn between all the trait options now ahaha :smiling_face_with_tear: my playthrough count will be in the triple digits by the end of it all, I just know.

I saw the (adrian_mad) variable in your code and was really puzzled on just HOW could you possibly make Adrian so mad that he’s being cold to you (I mean the guy lets you punch him in the frickin’ face just so you could feel better for goodness’ sake) - wow you really gotta go outta your way to be extra suspicious and mean to let it get to that stage, since merely thinking of him as a stalker and punching him in the face wasn’t enough to make him mad!
(And he never does kick you back even then so yeah I felt terrible :melting_face:)

I usually play the type of MC that’d prolly ask Adrian if he’s stalking me just so I could pose for the camera if he does, so that was pretty jarring :crazy_face:

Some bugs?

-It looks like Adrian’s text is still arriving twice?

*if (a_bond < 3) *set sms_adrian1 true is still present in the code right after picking your phone, unless that is intentional? I’ve seen some stat checks happen earlier in the story than it should be possible, like the heaps of *if (secret = “amnesia”) and *if (liar) before you choose your secret, would we be like playing this on a loop as part of the story in the future or something like that…?!?

-Got an error that says "chapter1-2 line 14127: Non-existent variable ‘ground_omen’ " when trying to pick the escort mission option before polo.

-And I’m not getting the ‘positive’ job_attitude text right after Merlin’s loredump if you pick ‘this is my dream job’ when you pick your job, since that choice is stored as “dream”.

Oooh I never knew their eyes looked like that up close, I totally stand by my sentiments! flies are cute!! their eyes are cute!!
More people would realize that too if they refrained from squishing it for like five seconds and closely observed their actions when they’re not trying to avoid your swatter, they spend like 90% of their time cleaning themselves meticulously from the top of their head down to their teeny tiny little toes, it’s especially cute when they land on dust and they’re rubbing at their eyes and frantically shaking one foot trying to get that off, and—
…Uhhh I should prolly stop here before you think I’m the lord of the flies or something. :space_invader:

Is it too early to start lobbing guesses at past incarnations?
Since I know jack shit about Arthurian lore and thus can’t make predictions based on my prior knowledge, I thought I’d try the other direction and go fully pleb :hugs:

Behold my tinfoil hat theories!

Since you mentioned our past incarnations are:
-famous enough for non-lore experts to have likely heard about,
-2 males & 2 females,

I thought that if I, the most plebian of plebs from pleb dimension, recalled the name I read from Merlin’s guide as somewhat familiar (from playing video games and whatnot most likely), then there’d be a good chance for your past incarnations to be among those!

So! here are my guesses, feel free to point and laugh at me when I inevitably miss the mark by several football fields!

Male names that rang a bell:
-Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, Gawain, Mordred, Tristan, Percival and… Oberon. (bunch of those from playing FGO. Oberon probably came from Shakespeare.)

Since you can’t be Arthur or Merlin, Tristan died in the previous circle and Lancelot is a bust, that leaves Gawain, Mordred, Percival and Oberon :thinking:

-It’s prolly not Oberon since it’s mentioned that there was tension between him and Arthur in Merlin’s guide, and the dream sequence suggested we’re quite close with Arthur (unless said tension was of the romantic variety)
-Gawain is quite likely I think? He’s certainly famous enough, playing FGO and the whole knight-of-the-sun thing makes me think it wouldn’t be too far off for him to set his sword on fire in duels too
-Mordred is (in)famous enough too, I kinda hope I could be him so there could be maximum awkwardness when I romance Arthur, what with Mordred literally stabbing him and all :hugs:
-I’m hoping we’re not Percival bc you being Percival would prolly mean Percy is a saboteur and our cloudcuckoolander MCs would be short a soulmate, such a tragedy :pensive:

So my votes are on Gawain and Mordred for the guys!

Female names that rang a bell, honestly not very many:
-Guinevere, Morgana and… Titania. (again prolly from Shakespeare)

Uh. So.
-Guinevere’s pretty much a given? maybe? since she’s the only famous female non-fey from Arthurian legends that I could recall from my plebian mind?
-Morgana might’ve kicked the bucket while Merlin was indisposed and reincarnated as us, or lost her memories while fleeing to the mortal realm for some reason?
-Same as above with Titania, and unlike Oberon she apparently had a thing with Arthur according to Merlin’s guide so… maybe?

Either way the fey realm is prolly standing upside down on its head if any famous fairy was missing.

I’m gonna guess Guinevere and Morgana for the gals :crazy_face:

I’ve been thinking about Adrian too, he’s most likely an ally (or at least not an outright enemy) since he genuinely seems to believe in Camelot ideals such as chivalry, likely has clairvoyance/memories of past self/outright haven’t died or something of the sort, obviously knows us in some capacity, wants to save the MC, trying to amend for some sort of mistake in the past etc…
Assuming he’s one of the knights, could he be Galahad? maybe he’s still around from the second circle and feels responsible for that mess??
Or maybe he’s Drian. Could it be that easy?? I mean Adrian seemed fond of Percival, he seemed like the type to be exasperatingly fond of his cuckoo-y sibling if he had one

Or or, considering he’s such a saint and considering him through my increasingly-thickening rose-tinted glasses, maybe he’s MC’s guardian angel??
I mean Merlin’s a demon, why not an angel be there too? And guardian angel’s something like a stalker if you look at it that way, is it not??

.* exhales * Sorry for the rambling, yet again! :zipper_mouth_face:
I literally can’t wait for the next update, man the mystery is killing me, I NEED to know!
Love everyone already and can’t wait for the rest of the ROs to show up :blush:

oh and for the record I’m one of the people that’d pay good money for your ‘spicy’ dlcs if you decide to make some, I mean I don’t usually buy dlcs like that but with YOUR writing and characters?? gimme EVERYTHING i’ll eat 'em all


Head’s up, there was a bug that somehow ported me back to the polo scene with my horse at the trailer (with no treats) while I was fooling around with all the Camelot dream choices. I haven’t been able to replicate it yet but I thought you should know just in case.

Other than that, the new One Knight Stand site seems to be working fine and I’ve found most of the updated content/additions/bugfixes. I particularly liked that I can now draw my gun at the security guard with a faint smile on my face. Still can’t seem to trigger the Loredump Achievement even after choosing all the options during Merlin’s exposition scene though, but that could be because I forgot how to trigger it since I remember I did it once last time.

Unrelated to that, I’m rather curious about the what the ag, bd, cg and dg stats above mean.

All in all a nice update. Played through the Camelot dream sequence several times- including one where my character has lucid dreaming as their ability- and it was short but sweet. No major hints as to who our Camelot selves were as far as I could see, but based on our fame and closeness to the bigwigs, at least we now know for sure that we aren’t Random Pig Farmer #12369.

I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed at that.

Still, interesting stuff, and I can’t wait to stab Adrian in the face with a fencing sword in the next update (which is technically allowed and if the mask breaks, is more on the club owner than the stabber).

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Adrian is definitely sus, and i also beleive that he might be gawain. In this essay I will present my case.

A certain tumblr ask points out that Galahad might be Asher, the phone CEO’s son. If you watched the TV before going for the club you can see the CEO’s massage:

It’s been ten years since my own teenage son, Asher, went missing during a vacation in Cape Town, but we still have hope that—"

Since it is currently 2030 we can say that the timeline matches up with what merlin has to say about Galahad.

“Ah… I daresay Gawain would be a popular pick. One of the greatest and most well known of the Knights of the Round Table. Back during the Second Circle, Gareth’s reincarnation thought that he’d managed to track down Gawain’s. I don’t suppose you were near Cape Town in 2020, were you?” Merlin’s eyes slant sideways towards you in consideration.

As such, the game seems to imoly that Galahad is Asher. However, Adrian is really mysterious, you met him recently and you also know that Adrian claims to have ran away as a teen, whilst leaving the details of his family vague. Based on his actions I’m almost 100% sure that he has full memory about his last incarnation. We also know that Adrian is about the same age as us, which means that he is indeed a teen during the event of 2020. There’s just too many coincidences here to nkt draw a line. As such I think there’s 2 possibility about adrian:

  1. He remembered his past reincarnation and role as a harbinger during his teens and ran away from his home to find us, possibly because our past incarnation has some special relationship with him

  2. He is indeed Asher who went missing in 2020, remembered hia past memory hid until the oast circle is completed while also searching for us, finally found us just before the apocalypse started.

Although, Adrian does not seem to hint anything when we picked Galahad as our dibs, it could just because he is good at hiding something. He does have weird remark when we pick Percival though, however I am prerty sure this is just because Percival is a major weirdo (My theory is that percival is one of the 4 possible past incarnation, particularly for cloudcockoolander MC).

*puts on tinfoil hat:
With the sufficient proof that i have collected, l
believe we have reason to believe that Gawain = Asher = Adrian.

Though i must admit Lancelot!Adrian and Guinevere!MC is putting a huge wrench in my theory for no other reason that it just. Makes. Sense…

Anyway that’ll be all! Thanks for reading and sorry for the horrible formatting since I’m frantically writing this on mobile.

Ỉ̷͈͚̬͎ ̃ͪ̎̆͏͚̫̭̮̳̻j̲̱͓̊͝ȕ͎̟̟͚ͣ̒͝s̗̳̳ͯ͋̓̎͝ṯ̛͓̫͚̣̥̰̬ͧ̄ ̪͍̩̺̜ͮ̑̇ͤ͟l͖̬̇̈́ͥ͝o͈̙͓̱ͣ͡v̨̞̪̠̞̯̩̺̪̂ͪ̌́e̢̫̩̎ͅ ̴̟ͪ̂̚ͅĄ̤̦͕̦̀͂́̃d̳̠̞ͦ̽̈́͝r̴͔̗̱̮͎̤̆ͅi̇̋ͣ͏͓̰͖a̴̩͔̥̻̔n̷̮͓ͨ̌ ̭̝̘̩̯̠͚͒͗̑͝Ş̯̬̹ͩͪͅO̩̥͉̰̭̲͖̪͐̏ͬ͝ ̷̤̲̥̋ͅM̉̌̏͏̦͉̹͚͓Ǔͦͥ͗͏̺̮͇C̬̪̯̱̦͖͔̍͌̕H͇̰̯͎̔́!̩̪̞͎̃͊͐͠ͅ


My fellow tinfoil-hat-in-arms!! :partying_face: :handshake: :partying_face:

Imagine if all of the previous Harbingers have been namedropped in the game already, that’ll be WILD.

Though, wouldn’t that mean Asher technically could’ve been anyone in the second circle? He might’ve died during the second circle and the body was never found bc the magical backlash disintegrated him or something.

We actually knew Adrian for years according to the game, so Possibility #1 seems closer?
I really like the Gawain=Asher=Adrian theory tho, he could’ve changed his name & face and is lying low until The Time Is Right. It all makes sense.
Could that mean WE could be Galahad with amnesia?? All the possibilities!

Ooh I had the Adrian=Lancelot theory too, just going by the fact that Adrian doesn’t seem to like himself that much and he didn’t seem all that enthused about Lancelot when you called dibs on him. :person_shrugging:
I thought Lancelot was simply the silent type in the dream sequence, but maybe the game didn’t let us interact too much with him bc we might suss him out as Adrian if he talked more?!? *puts tinfoil hat on top of tinfoil hat
Adrian & Lancelot certainly got the Intense Staring™ down pat!

L̶̹̐o̵̠̻̭̞̬̔̀͝v̵̲̤̌̆͑͘͘è̶̡̮̜̹͔̄̚͠͝ ̴̮͕͎̘̐͘y̴̢̰̫̙͔̓͊̍a̷̦̯͖̥͂̄̾ ̵̨̩̇̍͗̕A̶̢͓̰̰̭̔ḋ̵̈́̎̿͜͠r̴̺͚̰͉̐̓̎́͠i̷̛͕̺͓͎̅̐ạ̴̙̾͊̏͑ń̵̢́̍͂ ̸̞̱̥͉̄n̴̦̆̅̍͊̾o̷̼̅ ̶̡̤͗m̵̄͐͒͗ͅă̴̯̌̈́͘͝t̸͕̖̽̓t̴͇̃̐ẹ̷̩̹̞͋r̷̹͖̻̾͜ ̷̮͖̒̔́̓̊ŵ̴̪͗́͑ḧ̴̗̩́̔́͂ͅo̶͋͜͝ ̷̹̈́̔̈́̇y̷̱̼͂̍͗̚͘o̶̙͂̊͘u̷̡̖̻̳͈͊̊̀̐ ̵͇͎͎̎ã̵̲̭͚͔̎́̕r̵̺̀̓̾͌e̶̲̓̎͐͠


Thanks for the stats and comments everyone!

It’s only a military academy. Easy pickings!

Yeah, that Lancelot thing with Guinevere always ends badly. Particularly in the versions where she ends up on a pyre. But even the normal confrontation version goes homicidal.

Regarding Gawain, there are actually several different times where the various stories go “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” (not just with Aamanz) with a bunch of women (some who never met him!) crying and carrying on. I don’t recall anyone actually going through and pulling a Lady of Shalott and offing themselves (just threatening to do so), but since we’re being all dramatic in OKS, they totally did it in this timeline.

Also, OKS Camelot has so many mages in it, highly likely chance that someone caught them.

Otherwise, I’m gonna parse that rating as -10/10 (and the voices in the MC’s head agrees).

And yeah, that’s a bug as the mute MC in the apartment should definitely be able to communicate without talking (since there’s actually light inside the apartment). That should be fixed with the next update.

Yeah, this is basically the inverse of the normal situation of making a choice to fit an established background. The choices you make here are what’s determining the MC’s background in the first place. So pick magical choices to get the magical background, be hostile to Lancelot for the background that starts out that way etc.

Since this is a main plot point, it’ll appear in every chapter, but the majority of the story will be taking place in the current timeline during the apocalypse.

Man, that’s pretty harsh training. :rofl:

Thanks for the comments! Yeah, right now I think you’re about the only one who’s seen the adrian_mad stuff going by the stats that’ve been posted. Even the people who have him as their stalker and remain suspicious of him don’t seem to have tanked the relationship enough to trigger that.

Just don’t mind normal Adrian crying while Cloudcuckoolander MC poses for selfies with their stalker. Also, I was going to hand you the lord_of_the_flies flag from the game, but it looks like I pruned it.

And regarding Drian de Galis… guess what gets talked about in the # Hey, I think I found Adrian’s past incarnation here! option that I posted in the latest preview.


  • Announces that I’ve fixed the Adrian text messaging bug
  • I actually removed the wrong code and now his text isn’t showing up at all.
  • Pushes hotfix for section1-2 to reinstate the code
  • Hotfix creates the ground_omen bug instead


I pushed a hotfix to the startup file that should fix the ground_omen bug (since that’s a major one). I believe I’ve fixed the Adrian text messaging bug (for reals this time!) in my version of the game, but that’ll have to wait for the next update.

If that happened recently (past couple days), then I think that was caused by my updating the gosub file (which I thought I could do without weird things happening since the gosub scenes are so short… apparently not :sweat:). I can’t replicate the bug or even figure out how else that could have happened as chapter1-2 (horse trailer) and chapter2 (Camelot dream) aren’t connected at all. LMK if it pops up again.

Otherwise, thanks for confirming that the site is working okay. Regarding the Loredump Pro achievement, some questions can only be asked by the Arthurian Lore expert, so only that MC can get that particular achievement. Also, if your demon’s mark gets revealed in the middle of the conversation and you turn hostile that’ll prematurely end the scene.

As are some MCs… but don’t worry, the MC can still call dibs on Jimbob the Pigfarmer in the future.

Also, if you choose to be an Épée or Sabre fencer then the head/face is a legit target region.

To this and all other theories…



Lucid Dreamer: False
Castle Path: False
Courtyard Path: False
Stable Path: Complete

Arthur Quest: 3
Lancelot Duel: 0
Fae Fight: False
Met Modern Arthur: False

Arthur Promise: False
Arthur Suspects: False
Arthur Flirt: Bold
▇▇▇▇▇: False
Camelot Oddities: None

ag1: 2 ag2: 4 ag3: -3 ag4: 5

bg1: 1 bg2: 6 bg3: 7 bg4: 4

cg1: 4 cg2: -2 cg3: -6 cg4: -4

dg1: -7 dg2: -1 dg3: 2 dg4: -6

Timebubble Name: time bubble
Restarted from Beginning?: Yes

Hey, I’ve ended up possessed! Yay.

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Ok, I think I’ve narrowed down who my reincarnation is (currently? How far into the game is it set?). I think she’s a woman, which is good because that’s my only request. I don’t care if I’m a chamber maid, as long as I stay a girl.

This based on one little detail, but let me have mystery board moment. This detail is that Arthur helped me onto the horse. I know. But realistically, he wouldn’t have helped another man onto the horse. And a man probably wouldn’t have needed help. Because even the most adept lady on horseback would have still been wearing a skirt.

So my conclusion is that either my Camelot self is a lady, or Arthur is chivalrous weirdo who needs to take it down a peg.


A few of holes can be poked in this. There were women knights in the lore dump. No one was going into battle in a dress, there’s no proper way to armor up in one and it leaves too much fabric to be caught/bound/grabbed. A knight in a dress would be a danger and a burden to everyone around including the horses. Second poke, mages commonly wore robes, which overall present the same problems as a dress. Third poke, you could be a young squire. Trying to get on a tall horse when you have short legs is quite the experience, when there’s no mounting block or helping hand.


Lucid Dreamer: True
Castle Path: False
Courtyard Path: False
Stable Path: Complete

Arthur Quest: 3
Lancelot Duel: 0
Fae Fight: True
Met Modern Arthur: False

Arthur Promise: False
Arthur Suspects: False
Arthur Flirt: Subtle
▇▇▇▇▇: False

Camelot Oddities: None

ag1: -1012 ag2: -1 ag3: 3 ag4: -997

bg1: -997 bg2: -989 bg3: 3 bg4: 4

cg1: 2 cg2: 988 cg3: 999 cg4: -2

dg1: -8 dg2: -8 dg3: 1009 dg4: 1003

Timebubble Name: time bubble
Restarted from Beginning?: Yes

I love this game, the polt and choices are fun and intriguing. I’m so looking forward for following updates!

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Will do, and happy to help. Ah, that would be why I haven’t gotten any loredump achievements yet then, since the characters I made for the update weren’t Arthurian experts.

Thanks for letting me know.

Hell yeah.

When the dust clears, Jimbob’s army of invincible pigs shall have conquered both Earth and the Netherrealm in the name of Twrch Trwyth and his Patron Deities, Porky and Peppa. May the streets run red with the blood of Jimbob’s enemies.

It sure is. Although being fair, anything can be a legitimate target region if you believe hard enough. :smiley:

I’m very excited that my serial killer murderhobo MC can finally stab someone in-game, if that wasn’t obvious.


Yes give me that Arthurian lore

Meanwhile certain MCs looking at Merlin’s Guide:


Nosy question @Unregistered how long have you been working on this project? :point_right: :point_left:

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Thanks for the continuing stats + comments!

I’ll just say that right now the MC is still in a Schrodinger’s Cat state where they can be any of the four Camelot backgrounds. If you want to be a lady, any lady, then acting like a typical medieval princess may help there.

As to mounting, it’s theorized that one of the types of horses used as medieval knightly destriers would be the ancestors to the modern day Friesians shown below.

Suffice it to say, even a male knight would be used to getting boosted into their saddle there. By a squire or something such, not the freaking High King himself, so feel free to think Arthur is being overly chivalrous (he is the King of Camelot, the flower of courtly chivalry and blah blah blah) or being weird. Blame Merlin

Merlin may be reconsidering their life decisions right now.

And Hjördis is kicking you out of the fencing club. You might be interested in Part 2 of Chapter 2 then.


About a year now. I’m hoping it goes faster now that I’ve streamlined some things and have stopped polishing the text 4x over before posting.


Not sure if you’re still looking for stats but here:

Lucid Dreamer: False
Castle Path: True
Courtyard Path: Lancelot Ver.
Stable Path: False

Arthur Quest: 0
Lancelot Duel: 3
Fae Fight: False
Met Modern Arthur: False

Arthur Promise: False
Arthur Suspects: False
Arthur Flirt: None
▇▇▇▇▇: False

Camelot Oddities: None

ag1: -9 ag2: -10 ag3: -10 ag4: -1000

bg1: -998 bg2: 14 bg3: 1 bg4: -22

cg1: 10 cg2: 1009 cg3: -11 cg4: -1

dg1: 6 dg2: 10 dg3: 1002 dg4: 11

Timebubble Name: time bubble
Restarted from Beginning?: Yes

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I love how this game reminds me this description of a beautiful Bloodborne edit on youtube comment;

“I keep having this vivid image in my head, of the hunter after he chose to let Gherman kill him and return to the waking world. He may have lost all his memories, but the deep seated trauma of the madness he endured, the instinct-deep muscle memory he had to gain to fight beasts, the heretical arcane mysteries he unlocked…they’re still there. Not consciously, but under the surface. He’s damaged goods.

I envision him suffering from PTSD he can’t explain, with the sight of blood or the smell of burning hair/fur setting him to frenzied panic. Suddenly lashing out at people in the street who twitch in his general direction, or get too close, or touch him unexpectedly. He suffers from night terrors, and cannot remember a thing about his dreams. Maybe he travels the world, trying new religions, meditative techniques, or even narcotics to cope with his fraying mind. He’d give anything to know where this pain and trauma come from. Maybe he finds a sage to guide him through a hypnotic meditative trance, and the things the hunter says under the trance drive the sage mad, and when the trance breaks, the hunter has less answers than before. ”