One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)

I hope that screenshot works okay. It’s tiny.

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I havent went far. Allowed it to kill me, both times i tried this. Evil won! :smiling_imp:

Ill wait further before going again and try to survive. The angel gal was interesting.


how does one even begin to do that? is it the path with merlin where you ask them your name and they say it in this big blocky text??

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Tbh I’m also not sure, I’m guessing its tied to the arthur suspicion? You kinda have to be a lucid dreamer MC and asks merlin what to do before meeting Arthur in the dream sequence, after which you have to ask Arthur a question during the dream sequence and then meet the present day Arthur while asking the same question. Doing so will give Arthur a hint of who your past incarnation is.

If it helps, I also don’t remove the demon mark and let Arthur notice that I had’nt let Merlin remove it for me yet. Though i doubt this is the cause for triggering the ▇▇▇▇▇.


Thanks for the stats, comments, and bug reports everyone!

Glad you’re liking Arthur! It also seems that your stats say that you didn’t restart from the beginning. Did that mean that your old saves still worked?

Woohoo! :partying_face: Hopefully that one finally stays dead and doesn’t come back as a zombie.

Yeah, I think dueling Lancelot is the path most likely to jack your stats like that.

*whistling innocently*

When someone strolled in with around +1000 in intimidation (apparently they really liked checking their stats), I knew that I had f*cked up somewhere.


I’ve fixed the bugs on my version of the game, but since I already broke saves in 3 sections with fixing the a_bond_past bug, these new ones will have to wait until the next public update now.

This is what happens when you call your test character MC Surname. I should probably switch back to using Damien Knight for testing. I’d (probably) notice an extraneous ‘Damien’ floating around the code.

Dang, I know I already fixed that once, but it somehow got reverted in the game code. I hope that’s the only typo/bug that got reverted. Anyway, fixed it in my version of the game again, so hopefully it’ll be gone for good in the next update.

Thanks! It’s cool since the pic will enlarge to full size when clicked on.

Angel… :smirk: And here I was afraid that no one would end up getting the Dead Ends.

That’s one way. @questriss mentioned the other way too, although doing it through Arthur is a lot more fiddly.

On a completely unrelated note, did you know that doing particularly perceptive things will give the MC a slight stat boost?


No, these stats are from a second play through dream sequence. So I technically started from a save. I replayed it because I bumped into Merlin before I could go with Arthur. I decided changing clothes wasn’t that necessary :joy:


Question of the day
We know MC can potentially experience gender-bender with their past incarnation, but did it happen to any of the ROs? Just curious)

You’ve mentioned all four incarnations appear in Merlin’s Guide. Did you mean it can be any section (except Unavaliable), even Enemies, minor and major?

Aw damn, I genuinely thought it’d be bad to report more bugs right on the verge of an update =( Sorry if it caused any inconvenience((

And if you won’t that’d be a fun experience for any irl Damien players! Imagine playing as some Richard or Selene and suddenly the game uses your real name. I’d be ecstatically creeped out =D I mean it’d be fitting for such a game…

Thank you for all the answers (and funny gifs) c:


God, I’m curious as to who we are now. I know it changes, but god I want to know. Also, I notice that I can threaten a security guard with a hunting knife now, hell yeah.

Lucid Dreamer: False
Castle Path: True
Courtyard Path: False
Stable Path: Partial

Arthur Quest: 2
Lancelot Duel: 0
Fae Fight: False
Met Modern Arthur: False

Arthur Promise: False
Arthur Suspects: False
Arthur Flirt: None
▇▇▇▇▇: False

Camelot Oddities: None

ag1: 3 ag2: -3 ag3: -9 ag4: 1

bg1: -3 bg2: 4 bg3: 5 bg4: 6

cg1: 8 cg2: -6 cg3: -2 cg4: -2

dg1: 0 dg2: -10 dg3: 2 dg4: -2

Timebubble Name: time bubble
Restarted from Beginning?: Yes


Also, do all the “Lancelot ver” of the courtyard scenes just mean that the person is Lancelot?

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I’m pretty sure the author just wants to know what route you took in the courtyard scene. You seem to be labelled as lancelot ver if you choose to duel lancelot as this precludes you from everyone else you can meet in the courtyard and vice versa.


Lucid Dreamer: True
Castle Path: True
Courtyard Path: False
Stable Path: Partial

Arthur Quest: 2
Lancelot Duel: 0
Fae Fight: False
Met Modern Arthur: True

Arthur Promise: True
Arthur Suspects: True
Arthur Flirt: None
▇▇▇▇▇: True

Camelot Oddities: Arthur

ag1: -1 ag2: -1 ag3: -6 ag4: 6

bg1: 4 bg2: 1 bg3: 3 bg4: 6

cg1: 5 cg2: 6 cg3: 0 cg4: -3

dg1: 0 dg2: -6 dg3: 9 dg4: 1

Timebubble Name: time-lock
Restarted from Beginning?: Yes


I keep getting stuck in a loop. It happens when i tried to help the stalker guy with his computer.


Okay, got it, looks like everyone is losing their previous saves then. :melting_face:

Regarding the first scenario, Camelot MC totally went back, changed their clothes, and then caught up to Arthur in the past… Harbinger MC (and the player) just got booted out of the dream before they saw it.

The MC and the ROs can all reincarnate as a different gender. And they can all appear in any section of Merlin’s Guide (although there’s a greater chance of them appearing in the Major sections, it’s not guaranteed).

Well, it doesn’t particularly inconvenience me, but it means that everyone playing will be stuck with all unreported bugs until the next update (because pushing through a hotfix will break all saves in that section). That’s why it’s best to get everything squared away as possible before a major update.

(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

Also @Dragos is correct that Lancelot ver. just means that person sparred with Lancelot in the dream. No way I’d add something so obvious to the code regarding the MC’s potential previous incarnation. (We’re also still in the part of the game where the MCs are being Schrodinger’s Cat between the 4 Camelot backgrounds.)

I just replayed through that section but I can’t trigger any loops there. What was the last choice you picked that triggered the loop? And which text is actually looping?

Also keep in mind that you need to pick the #Yes, that’s exactly how it was option at the end of the scenario to accept the stalker background and proceed with the game. That section will allow you to play through all the potential scenarios for your hobby with Adrian before you’re forced to confirm the truth (from MC’s POV) of how you first met.


I’ve finished off the Minor Allies section of Merlin’s Guide to Arthurian Lore (sneakpeek shown below) and have moved on to the fencing club route now.

So hopefully, soon™ the MC won’t have to play polo anymore!



I would very much like to pet the cats at book club.


Ha. Just had a thought. If we do book club, and the security guard is allergic to cats, could triggering a sneezing fit buy Merlin enough time to complete the spell? (I’ve never managed a complete yet.)


Thanks for the stats and comments!

It’s the fencing club now since I want to do that while all the swordfighting techniques are still fresh in my mind from the Camelot sparring sequence. After that I’ll be progressing with Chapter 2, but I should have the book club route done before Chapter 2 is finished.

But there’s definitely cat petting sequences planned… some which include passing stat checks for some particularly feisty felines.

There actually is an animal already in the game that can help you deal with the front lobby security guard, but it’s not a cat.


Oh I’m gonna min max the fuck out of my character to optimally pet all cats.


I’m going to pet every cat. Idc if it kills my character to do it, every cat will recieve pets.


I don’t know how to steal a horse, let alone teach it how to climb all those stairs.