One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)

You can take them with you at the end of chapter one, if that’s what you mean. The way to get the option to show up is:

  1. Be a collector of Arthuriana.
  2. Don’t be a serial killer (they use a knife instead).
  3. Go into your apartment with Adrian.
  4. Select the “Nothing looks suspicious and that’s very suspicious in itself! I’m going for my weapon and checking out every inch of this apartment.” option.
  5. When you wake up, first select “Freeze. Don’t move a muscle. Just don’t. Don’t. DON’T.”
  6. Next, select “Frozen. Absolutely frozen. I’m not moving.”
  7. Then select “I tear my weapon free.” This breaks Excalibur.

The option to pack the broken shards of Excalibur should now show up.

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