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Lore/Spelling Inconsistencies

Not sure if this was intentional or not, but Gorlois’ entry says Morgana’s alter ego Modron was meant to be his bastard daughter, whereas every other mention has her listed as the bastard daughter of Uther.

Maelgwyn is sometimes referred to as Maelgyn and Maelgwn. I’d recommend sticking with one spelling.

I’ve been rereading chapter 2 and compiling a list of people who can be disqualified as potential MC reincarnations.

The first, and most certain, category would be people who directly show up in the flashback. Those would be:

  • Bedivere (Major Allies)
  • Dinadan (Major Allies)
  • Dindrane (Minor Allies)
  • Kay (Major Allies)
  • Lancelot (Major Allies)
  • Melora (Major Unavailable)

The second category would be people who are directly or indirectly spoken about in the third person during the flashback. Those would be:

  • Cadwallon (Major Neutral)
  • Eliot (Minor Allies)
  • Galahad (Major Unavailable) - referred to as Lancelot’s son
  • Gawain (Major Allies) - referred to as the Knight of Maidens
  • Isolde the Fair (Major Allies)
  • Maelgwn/Maelgwyn/Maelgyn (Major Unavailable)
  • Percival* (Major Allies) - referred to as Dindrane’s younger brother
  • Silence (Minor Allies)
  • Tristan (Major Unavailable)

*While Dindrane doesn’t specify which brother she’s referring to, Percival is the youngest and most likely to be making declarations of the sort she mentions,so he’s the most likely suspect.

On a slightly different note, Arthur mentions a few people in the third person during the potential conversation after the flashback even when he knows (or at least suspects) who the MC is, likely disqualifying them as well. Those would be:

  • Mordred (Major Neutral)
  • Morgana (Major Unavailable)
  • Percival (Major Allies)

There are also plenty of candidates that can be disqualified based on social status, timeline and unlikelihood of being in Camelot, but I’ll list them later.