One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)


Update 2: Chapter 1 Part 3 - Fencing Club Route

Don’t feel like playing polo? Join the fencing club instead!

Play the Updated Beta Test

(Since there were bugs reported throughout Chapter 1 & 2, your current saves are probably going to reset to the beginning of each section of the game)

Additional Word Count (Sans Code): 120,000+
Additional Word Count (With Code): 155,000+
New Total Word Count (Sans Code): 614,000+
New Total Word Count (With Code): 833,000+
Average Playthrough: ~60,000 words

Note: You can view the game code on my site the same way you do on Dashingdon just add /scenes to the end of the URL.

Next Update

  • Merlin’s Guide to Minor Enemies
  • A bucketload of owed texts & e-mails to the MC
  • Decisions of great import… just where are you sleeping in that motorhome?
  • A̴ ̴C̴o̶m̴p̷l̷e̵t̷e̴l̴y̵ ̶N̴o̷r̸m̴a̶l̵ ̵G̴a̴s̸ ̶S̵t̵a̷t̷i̶o̷n̸ ̵S̴t̸o̷p̷
  • Take part in your first multi-user spell! (Potentially depending on the length of the gas station stop?)
  • Meet the next Harbinger - RO #4 (Potentially depending on the length of the gas station stop?)

The Update Also Includes

  • Calmly letting Merlin into your apartment after escaping the monster-under-the-bed no longer removes the mute flag
  • Fixed Adrian literally calling the MC as “MC” in the pub
  • Fixed expresso back to espresso AGAIN stares at it* *
  • Fixed the phil_status 2 bug AGAIN (Somehow I must’ve reverted a bunch of bug fixes in Chapter 1)
  • Fixed bug where MC’s name permanently changes to their pseudonym if the player tried to back out of the renaming screen
  • Fixed the “On second thought, let me try a different fake first name…” option so it only asks the player to change their fake first name (as originally intended)
  • Fixed some dialogue with Adrian depending upon your clothing choices in the polo club branch
  • Fixed the Adrian text messaging bug. Again. Hopefully third time is the charm.
  • Fixed bug where your current job being your dream employment wasn’t triggering the positive job attitude flavor text
  • Fixed bug where the mute flag was being toggled off when interacting with Adrian regarding your fancy outfit before the polo club meeting
  • Choice where Lucid Dreamer MC talks to Modern Arthur about Merlin’s dreamwalking advice is now set to toggle only when the MC speaks to Merlin in the Camelot dream sequence
  • Fixed bug with the user’s input option for Business Casual outfit
  • User’s choice option for Business Casual & Business Suit now toggles pants or skirt variable
  • Fixed bug with the Cracking text effect in darkmode
  • All piercings & scars now available in one choice during customization.
  • Fixed bug (AGAIN!) when Lucky MC fails the luck check to escape the bed monster
  • Added reactions to Camelot-affiliated names belonging to inanimate objects.
  • Fixed *set ag2 2 -1 bug in Camelot dream sequence (I wonder how that didn’t trigger QuickTest)

A Bit More Info on the Update Mechanics

The decision on which club you join is one of the first questions in Chapter 1, so players will have to restart from pretty early on. However the fencing club flavor text will continue to run throughout the rest of the game (including in the Camelot dream sequence with the Courtyard branch for the Lucid Dreamer MC).

Otherwise this current update does not progress the game further into Chapter 2.


I’m currently coming down with something (Covid test says not that, so maybe just the flu?) so I’ll be taking a bit of a break after this.


What happened to Zain?

  • He’s fine. The MC knocked down all the sword shards.
  • He’s fine. He was protected by his fencing mask.
  • He’s fine. Adrian tackled him.
  • He’s not so fine. But Paramedic MC might’ve saved him?
  • No one saved him. He ded.
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Length of Fencing Club Route Versus the Polo Club Route?

  • About the same
  • Too Long
  • Too Short
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How Interesting Was the Fencing Club Route Versus the Polo Club Route?

  • About equally interesting
  • More interesting
  • Less Interesting
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Is the MC Currently P̵o̴s̷s̷e̸s̷s̷e̸d̷?̴

  • Y̸e̸s̷
  • No
  • You mean the MC can actually get possessed?
  • You mean the MC can actually avoid getting possessed?
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Sounds legit. Thanks for all the comments! The infiltrator (and all the non-Merlin Harbingers are supposed to be reincarnations. If they are all what they’re supposed to be remains up for debate.

This is the link that Merlin will send to the MC if they complain about reading Merlin’s Guide. Although that only has a couple of the stories.

Also, here’s a listing of the Matter of Britain which is usually accepted as the OG lore for Arthuriana (as opposed to the many, many reinterpretations floating around). But unless you’ve got a high tolerance for ye olde text (“His sconken he helede mid hosen of stele.”) you’ll want to find a modernization of the text.

A lot of them have free translations available online. Like here is Culhwch and Owen which is one of the oldest Welsh stories available. And here’s a list of a bunch of them available for free (but some of those are the equivalent of encyclopedias with 2 lines dedicated to King Arthur).

And then of course there’s the really popular modern reinterpretations like The Once & Future King and **Idylls of the King

Merlin: (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ FRANKISH SLANDER!

Also most dialogues are one & done, but there are a few conversation hubs available that have timers attached to them where the conversation moves on after 3, 4, 7, etc turns go by.

Added it to the stuff fixed in the newest update, thanks. I’m a bit surprised that neither Quicktest nor Randomtest picked that up.