One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)

Yeah, since Percy is an RO, I realized I really needed to let the MC have cloudcuckoolander options as well.

Nothing Left (to Burn)? I’ve never played it, but I’ve heard about it. Seems particularly relevant if you don’t have the “Accident” background for your childhood.

Thanks for the compliments! And yeah, when it comes to dealing with strangers, the Intimidation stat is based almost purely on superficial things (height, body build, visible tats/scars/piercings etc).

I put the confirmation choice in for all the important decision points that have a major impact on the storyline so people could gather as much info there as they like, so it’s cool to know it’s appreciated.

Yep, only polo is available for the IF Comp version. The subject line of this post will change when I update to include the fencing & book club routes. (I’m probably going to do the update that includes the first Camelot flashback first though)

Thanks! Yeah, I wish people would add more Save Slots to their WIPs too. (Not to mention them existing in the published games)

The One Knight Stand tumblr is over here.

As to escaping from the monster under the bed, there’s only one option that’ll give you the opportunity to escape. (Just think of how to deal with a threat that’s on floor level.) What happens with the options at the very beginning of the game regarding the creaking under the bed also foreshadow what will happen later.

The stat check itself is pretty intricate.The first stat check is…

*if ((((((health >= 50) and not(mindcontrol)) and (not(mc_hurt_leg) and not(mc_hurt_ankle))) and ((body >= 30) or ((body >= 20) and (talent = “agility”)))) and (((fear_level < 13) and (fear != “fear”)) and ((fear != “dark”) and (fear != “death”)))) and (boozecount < 2)) and not(clothing_long)

If you fail that, then the second chance stat check is…

*elseif (((((health >= 45) and (will > 13))) and ((body >= 15) or (talent = “agility”))) and (((boozecount < 2) and not(clothing_long)) and not(mindcontrol)))

If you fail the first two checks, then the third and final fallback stat check is…

*elseif (((talent = “luck”) and ((health >= 40) and not(mindcontrol))) and ((not(mc_hurt_leg) and not(mc_hurt_ankle)) and ((body > 10) and (boozecount < 2))))

[and then you win the luck roll]

After that point, the monster just gets you so I hope Adrian is with you. That said, the fail rate is a bit higher than expected according to the polls. I suspect it’s due to most people going whole hog on the attempt to rescue Pippa and thus ended up with the bad shoulder injury, so I might be slightly tweaking that in the future.