One Knight Stand - King Arthur x Among Us Apocalyptic Road Trip (WIP - 614k)(UPDATE - 01/16/24 + 120k Don't like polo? Have a fencing match instead. Now with extra bug fixes!)


Update 1 - (Nov 16, 2023) Chapter 2 Part 1 (~48,000 words) Camelot Dream Sequence

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(Since this has moved to a new hosting site, your previous saves are unfortunately probably not going to carry over. Pray for my server.)

New Total Word Count: 678,000+
New Total Word Count (Sans Code): 493,000+

Also includes…

  • New option to stop packing early in the packing section.
  • Hair highlights have been tweaked so only flamboyant colors (blue etc) activate the ‘striking’ flag
  • Clarified that the Fairy Princess option removes the ‘mute’ flag
  • Clarified ‘hecatomb_rue’ as Adrian’s screenname
  • Low-neck T-shirt & Jeans’ vs ‘Low Neck Shirt & Jeans’ bug fixed
  • Intimidation bug fixed (stat was increasing after viewing the stats menu)
  • Loredump Pro achievement bug fixed
  • Fixed inventory bug that wouldn’t let you draw your sword/gun/knife during the protect Merlin sequences
  • Monster-under-the-bed stat check has been made easier
  • Lowered threshold to receive willpower boost
  • Increased fear threshold for easier passing of some stat checks
  • Raised threshold for possession check at certain parts
  • Various other stat + flavor checks have had their thresholds tweaked
  • Fixed bug where not changing your opinion of Adrian made the game assume you had a good relationship
  • Harry Potter references now gated behind choosing a Harry Potter related dialogue option.
  • 2 new shortened versions of the MC customization scene now available
  • New relevant characters have been added to the Minor Allies section of Merlin’s Guide to Arthurian Lore

Note: You can view the game code on my site the same way you do on Dashingdon just add /scenes to the end of the URL.

A Bit More Info on the Update Mechanics


You’ve basically got 2 time slots available in the dream before you wake up. The Castle & Courtyard paths take 1 time slot each. Completing Arthur’s path takes 2 time slots in total, but you can also just do the first part of his interaction at the barn & one of the other paths instead.

Next Update

  • Finishing the Minor Allies section of Merlin’s Guide
  • The Fencing Club Route
  • I’m going back to Chapter 1, if you don’t see me in a month, send help.

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  • Spoke with Dinadan & Melora
  • Spoke with Dindrane & Lancelot
  • Sparred with Lancelot
  • Spoke with Arthur
  • Ran off with Arthur
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