One In A Millennium (WIP) 07/31/19 (ON HIATUS)

Oh dear. Thank you for the catch. It should be fixed now.

An error for flip flops to

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Also boots and trying to re-load

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I’ll look right in to these.

I keep getting this error whilst selecting footwear.

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Okay so the issue should be fixed now.

Still getting an error for footwear

God damnit codes. I’ll take a closer look at it in the morning. Thank you for pointing it out.

Sorry the errors are out of order, I had to go back to get some of them.


You can just say crop top

Should say “Do you want a jacket?”

The ‘m’ in William is on a completely different line

All the choices for body mods give you the same error message

‘converse’ not ‘converses’, converse can be used for singular and plural

Saying no to changing your appearance gives you another line644 issue

Also I’d suggest adding leggings/jeggings as an option instead of short jeans. Just jeans is enough to get the point across

I love the customization though! But be careful with how much choices you implement, as much as everyone loves lots of customization, it can easily become a burden on the code and thus you. Keep the good work up : )

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@Delphi All the errors should now be gone, along with the thing with William’s name and thank you for the suggestions.
@DontJudge If you are still getting an error in the footwear area, I suggest restarting and starting from the very beginning (I know it’s a hassle and takes time) , but it should be cleared by then because of the changes in that file and the save was just being a meanie for not recognising those changes.


maybe when you pick to be seen as a god or goddess you also give the choice of deity? it feels better for some non-binary peeps like myself

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Oh, yes! Sorry, totally forgot about that. I’ll add it in as soon as I can.
EDIT: Took me a day but the option to choose to be seen as only a deity has been added.

Hello everyone!
This is not an update to the story, but more to what’s going on. As you can probably see from the title, I’ve put this on hiatus for a while. Main reason being that school just started up again for me, a new environment entirely and those who know, I get jumpy and overly-anxious with new people and new places.

Also, lately I’ve been having minor trouble with my health (nothing serious, but still somewhat concerning to an extent) and frankly, it’s been taking its effect on my writing (lack of interest and whenever I get an idea and try to write, it just washes away).

Hopefully I’ll be back and about in not too long, but it might take time. Just thought I’d give a heads-up in case this thread gets locked due to inactivity and my own forgetful mind.


hope you feel better


Cool story

please take your time, and hopefully you’ll feel better when you get back! :smiley:


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