On The Run: help and ideas needed


Rule4 you got the dark brotherhood thief armor?? No dont i dont know


Rule 5- do not be brave, just be extremely stupid (example: dragonborn can set you on fire with his shout, don’t run like a sissy fight him! Even though he can set you on fire… And he has magic, sooooo good luck with that…)


6-say if you disrespect law you are disrespect me…who are you anyway?


@irule9344 you have got great ideas , after seeing you and other comment their ideas i m jealous i wish i could doing the same, but sadly my english is too bad yet :-S


k i am not far on the game yet probably a week or 2 before the demo comes out


and it will also have a part where you can go to the prison or stay on the run and if you go to the prison then you must make a plan to escape


It will have legal courts or jurys i love all that stuff


i don’t know wat that is the court part is like really really really really really really really really short


like 2 sentences only


Oohh… No lawyers well no work for me…then i like to be a ganster attorney, but been a ganster is cool too


and i don’t think the gangster choice will come in the in the demo the choice is fairly far in the game


Can i be a girl?


yeah but i never heard of girl gangsters but yeah you can be a girl


In spanish are women narcos when husbants or fathers are in jail




I’ll probably be a good guy and try- If I have the option to, Persuade everybody in Jail
to be Good people, realize their evil ways and turn them into Childish but Blissful Hippies. :stuck_out_tongue: Then, after I made them harmless, I plan to demand the Mayor of the City to give me my Tucker Torpedo back. >:/


@MaraJade for how long are you having english because i am only having it for 1 1/2 year now and i think it isn’t very hard to learn
@irule9344 maby you get so angry that you start fighting the cops and stuff…


P0RT3R you are centroeuropean you got a genetical skill to learn lenguages, im from a latino country really the latino country the worst country learning foreing lenguajes in all european union, even worse than greece. Im start with 5 years and got more than 20. And i got one of the best levels actually. I have to learn by myself academies are or bad or expensives…and lessons are in spanish… I hope someday i speak properly


I was raised with english, but ive taken 3 years of french in school, when i was little my aunt taught me some sign language, i forget most stuff tobe honest, i am fluent in pig latin, and ive learnt some japanese.


I also know very little spanish