Older development thread (The Aegis Saga - Blood)

Darn – I’d planned to spend today writing the linear option for ‘The Aegis Saga - Blood‘.

Instead I just wrote 6,500 words putting some more ‘magic’ storyline options into one of the apprenticeships the reader’s character can end up going through.

I feel epic, yet also a bit punch-drunk, maybe because I missed my target for the day so completely!


My first trailer for ‘Blood’! It’s short and sweet :grin:


@Charles_Parkes Hello! Just wanted to say that i really enjoyed playing the demo some time ago and that i cant wait for this to be released so that i can buy it :grin: Keep up the great work! :kissing_heart::hugging:

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Thanks @GloriaRose - really appreciate the encouragement! I’m getting some really useful feedback at the moment (as you can imagine the last couple of chapters require some fine-tuning so people aren’t distracted from the ending by my terrible grammar!) and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get Blood up to scratch asap to send to COG. I’m biting my fingernails a bit. . .:pray:

I also just got my first image from @defenestratin!

I’m getting really excited about the cover art she’s working on next. Still working out whether I wanna show people, or leave a little something for the amazing readers of the demo to enjoy when they try out the real thing

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@Charles_Parkes Thank you! :smile: [quote=“Charles_Parkes, post:589, topic:16190”]
and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get Blood up to scratch asap to send to COG. I’m biting my fingernails a bit. . .:pray:
Thats so awsome! Congrats and Good luck with everything! I cant wait :grin:

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Only one of these people on Eurovision has both wolves and a shiny bottom.
I have to admit he’s got cahones, for the moment.

@Charles_Parkes, Ooh, I can’t wait to see both @defenestratin 's art and your new game!

The hype is too much right now!:grin:

Also, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. :sweat_smile:

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Every year europeans and um non-europeans get together in a act of solidarity and vote against one another in a sing off. . . Don’t try to understand us, or the Eurovision song contest - we are cultured.


By the way, one or two of you might find this: Character Creation Chain | Page 60 | Science Fiction & Fantasy forum amusing.

I was looking for a way to kickstart my writing for today and found this cool thread.
Character Creation Chain | Science Fiction & Fantasy forum (this is the first post explaining whats going on)

You take the character name the last poster posted, write a description for them, then leave your own made up name for the next poster to write a character description about.

My description was about ‘Violette DuPres’. I’ve left ‘Valerian Sack’ for the next intrepid writer :wink:

And another one (okay, I’m going to stop procrastinating now) :kissing:

I am literally learning something new everyday doing this

If anyone has a wordpress site and they want to include a simple email subscription form (say for a mailout when you release your awesome choicescript) this is how:

I don’t know if anyone will actually sign up - but I still feel triumphans!

Freezing my proverbials off across the river Thames from the Chelsea Flower Show site :smirk: waiting to set up my partners stand: http://tanyarussell.com/

Makes me think full time authors must be warm and cosy all the time

EDIT: The finished thing!


Laying the floor and preparing the walls

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Hooray - with the help of some really amazing testers, my short story has been submitted to the comp.

I can return to Blood without fear of the chill ticking of that darned competition clock, and get back to the generous feedback I’ve neglected while I panicked about my submission : )

I’d like to thank @Silhuetta, @Snowpanther, @DarthDovahkin, @ProjectEkerTest33, @Terrell_Williams, @MadamVo and @Keira
Without their help I wouldn’t have got it finished in time.

I’d also like to thank @Lordirish and @Fiogan for doing such hard work putting together the 4th Annual Choicescript Competition. And I wish loads of luck to the amazing writers who submitted stories and supported one another throughout:


So, without further adieu, I’d like to say that I’ll be sharing the first illustration for ‘Blood’ with you all on Saturday - there’s a tiny preview in my new profile icon.

I’m also looking forward to getting the cover art from @defenestratin, which I hope I’ll get around the 11th of June (depending on Adrienne’s commitments) :grin:


I played through the demo and quite enjoyed it. It’s well written and has a nice plot twist thus far. I’m curious to see how the story develops as the world it’s set in is convoluted to say the least.

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Haha, this is true :sweat_smile:

I’m aiming to release the full thing to around 25 new beta testers tomorrow ( likely in the evening )

The current 25 testers have knocked it into better shape and I’ve got some outstanding feedback to address first, but then I’m hoping we’ll benefit from some fresh eyes on it. I’m getting kinda excited about being another step closer!

You’re welcome to join if it interests you :wink: (I want to implement a skip ahead system throughout too which should make rereads more enjoyable and much much faster)

I’d be happy to take a look and give you my thoughts.

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If anyone has an idea or example of a dastardly thing a teen of around 15 would do or has done i’d find it really helpful : )

I’m reviewing ‘evil’ choices (in the context of the younger characters in the story - not Omen stuff :smirk:), but I’m struggling with specifics.

I’ve been scratching around on pinterest for some general evil inspiration with very little success and I think I need to put this one to more villainous heads than my own!

Just take a situation then add the hormonal changes and pressures … there you go.


Wow - I’ve spent the entire day coding the ‘skip ahead’ function, and I’m still not finished

Something about taking something used in your short story and applying it to a long story that’s 50 times longer . . .

Right now I’m feeling like I never hit self-imposed deadlines :persevere:

@Zolataya - soo, take a situation - like coding a story? And add loads of pressure and mood swings . . . that sounds familiar to me :expressionless:

I’ll have to watch some youtube videos of people raging out over little things or something :grin:
thanks for the idea!

Oh and @Zilla, I saw a pic of one of these the other day while I was finishing up my short story. Didn’t have time to mention it then, but it just came back to me -

I saw this and thought of you. Axolotls!

EDIT - nice salamander @Zilla :smile:
I think I found the world a more boring place before you started posting these things


Yeah! Get Hype for Salamanders, I used to have a brown salamander as a pet when I was younger.

They’re so cute.
Even giant Salamanders are cute.


Couple of thoughts for evil things one could have done around 15: stealing, grave robbing, having fought and severely injured someone, if it’s a male perhaps they impregnated a girl.

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