Okay So Hear Me Out (Headcanon Talks)


Yis, thank you for replying. To be honest, one of few things the series lacks is the character development required for certain characters. Like we know Victon is an manipulative, power-thirsty man who’s not above taking others’ lives to meet his end goal. But not much beyond that, so it’s kinda open for everything. We don’t really need in-depth back story about them, that would be nice but overkill. Just something like, more layers for this foundations, things that make character complicate.

I should stop before I start ranting and more romantic headcanons? More romantic headcanons.

Aaron is an insecure person, and an insecure lover. He’s self-aware of what he has done in the past, and dwell on it from time to time after getting into a relationship with protagonist. Sometimes, when he holds them in his arms after a restless nights, he still thinks about his actions, his past, how he’s a jumbled mess, how he should be hated by them. Yet, they are here, comfortable and relaxed in his arms. And he looks at them with so much love, because he still firmly believes that he’s blessed by their love, that because someone loves him not because he’s a Victon or Jury, but because he’s Aaron. They have him at his most vulnerable and weakened state, and he appreciates them for that.

But even so, he doesn’t hold them back when their relationship falls apart. When that day arrives, he knows, just by looking at those eyes when in the morning. The both of them know they can no longer hold this up, but they still act their parts of a couple when they return from work. Small talk, shared bath, little gestures of affection, the two of them are closer than ever. It’s a long night before both of them have any sleep, but when they mellow out and he thinks it would be over, their words break through the silence and stop him from breathing. Let’s break up, it chokes him at a loss for words. He was expecting this, but it’s no less hurt. Yeah, he says, squeezing them a bit tighter in his hold. They pass out that night as lovers like any other night, but by the morning, they are strangers.

He still keeps that sketchbook, mainly drawings of them or their shared apartment. The two of them move out together after they secure their family’s safety. It’s a bit rushing, but there’s no time to lose. He needs support and they are happy to be by his side. From their bedroom, he can look out to the city’s side. Sometimes, he just sits in silence at the balcony to capture the scenery. A moment of peace after the storm, perhaps short-lived but appreciated.

He let them have his drawings of them after moving out by intentionally leaving it behind. And when they try to return, he tells them to keep the sketchbook. He shouldn’t keep art of them lest he feels weak and show up at their door again. He did, he did that more than once but he never had the courage to knock their door. But he forgets that photography is also art, and those photos of them in his MeChip he never remembers to discard.

He likes walk in the rain, he’s not even poetic or anything of a romantic soul. It’s just that, rain doesn’t care who it falls on. For rain, everyone are one and the same, and when he’s taking a stroll under the rain, he forgets who he is and just mindlessly walks on. He’s not quite good with deep thinking during these time, he saves those for when he’s engulfed by the sheer beauty of art.

Why am I make an arrogant and sleazy character into an ARTFUL SOUL with INSECURITIES, and REGRETS.

Wow, like, Aaron. That, trash can. Yes. Of course. Depth for him.

screams “Jury angst!!” while running into the distance


Aaron might be trash but he is high quality trash. Like medical waste or something. Expensive trash.

I have so many headcanons when it comes to Jury. Like him being touched by the smallest acts of kindest. Anything from remembering his favorite pizza toppings to listening him rant about the other members of the American Protectorate makes him unreasonably happy since he was never shown much kindness from his father or step-mother.

Aaron being a popular guy during school and all his friends being the typical “bro-tastic” douchebag types. When he tells them about becoming a hero they help him make the most ridiculous, over the top costume that his father instantly turns down in favor of something much classier.

Getting with the MC he and MC’s grandmother becoming kind of close. Him helping her with small things when the MC is too busy to do it themselves, watering plants, grocery shopping, things like that. Him bragging when De Milo let him water her without almost getting bitten.

Ah, I have too many feelings for this character. He’s making it hard to replay the game and romance anyone else!


Okay. So. I’ve got a few new headcanons.

First off, the most important one. Summit. He’s a furry. I mean, he dated an ani-powered hero, his arch-enemy Sheathe is ani-powered. If you can romance him as the new MC where he wouldn’t even give the old MC the time of day I’m going to consider it confirmed.

Also, this is more serious, how does Jury’s “powers” work? I kinda assumed that he would hack into other people’s MeChips. I’m sure the MeChips would have a view through the person’s eyes. Plus he does seem to have some kind of technical know-how since he was trying to hack Proccy.

Okay and… how did Miss Artillary get fridge’s full of Victon, ah, baby-juice? Either he is the most oblivous man in the world or she’s some kinda hand-job ninja.


My headcannon of the MC’s family echoes my own. Dad: Ronald. Mom: Ann. Grandma: Marcellia. I even gave my first mc my rl first name.