Oh Mother, Where Art Thou? [Updated: 7/1/24](45k Words)

“Oh Mother Where Art Thou?”
Or OMWAT for short.

Is an interactive piece of fiction where your choices and decisions will ultimately change and decide the outcome of the story; as well as the fates of those in it.This story takes place in a semi-realistic fantasy world. Where the places and history of this world is mirrored to our own in varying ways.

OMWAT is a tale in which you play as The Orphan, a child left abandoned with no family nor memory of why you were always alone. Left to your own devices, you have survived. To the surprise and much annoyance of the villagers of Lontapiso, the nearby village where you scrap for any food you can, you have lived longer than any had thought you would. What many had thought was that you would die out someday, an unfortunate circumstance but nothing that anyone would interfere with.

But you didn’t die, in fact you refused to.
Right on death’s door, you were saved by a mysterious woman.

This woman you would come to either know as Mother or Mentor, she saved your life and took you away from that horrid village and gave you a home. She gave you a life, a place to grow and thrive. She nurtured you back to health, gave you an education, raised you in her cottage by the coast. The life you had always envied others for was finally yours; after years of watching other children happy with their families, being loved by others, while you had no one. It was all over, because now you had her.

Years passed by, from childhood to adulthood she raised you. All with love, comfort, and acceptance.
Mother/Mentor was your everything.

Yet the day after you turn 18, she was gone. Leaving only behind a letter, apologizing for leaving but needing to. She said she would return one day, to please live the life she provided for you. Make use of the skills she taught you to make some friends, fall in love, have a family, and grow old. To keep living but to not look for her, asking you to please, let her go.

What she did not account for was that to you, Mother/Mentor was your everything. Your absolute everything.

You will be reunited. That is a promise.
You won’t stop until you do, you are sick of being an orphan.
You will not lose the only family you have ever had.

You refuse to be left alone, again.


  • A customizable character with a section of gender, appearance, personal attraction and personality.
  • Twisting secrets and truths.
  • Finding culture for yourself between one of 2 well developed countries, or neither.
  • A heartfelt story about finding family and knowing when to let go.
  • Choices in forging friendships and/or rivalries.
  • Decide the fates of several characters.
  • Explore a world inspired by Spanish and Italian language, histories and cultures.
  • Find your preferred profession, acquire unique skills and traits.
  • Select and develop you fighting style with a selection of weapons.
  • Learn different forms of magic or opt out of magic altogether.
  • 3 RO’s per country (6 in total); with ranging backgrounds, personalities and tastes.

You can play the Prologue Act 1-3 demo here: Link
You can find more detailed info posts about OMWAT at it’s tumblr page: Here

A/N: I have played many hosted and choice of games but I am new to the forum, I check it every now and then but I am much more active on the OMWAT tumblr. Feel free to ask me anything just please don’t be mad if I respond like a week later. :sweat_smile: :blue_heart:


I am actually the one who suggested the post thing.So I guess I will have the right of the first comment hehe.
I really hope the demo gets the recognition it deserves.
really nice plot and the Ros took my heart before I even met them in the demo :joy:.
good luck.


Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy everything yet to come! :blush:


This is really cool, looking forward to see how this develops :')

The demo was nice though it left me angry at the village.

Good luck with the development; seems like it’s going to be quite the adventure.


can we come across the village again later and nuke it cuz id really like to nuke it


Enjoyed it. Will be following. Some nice flourishes with the perspective change

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ooooo a game where I can be a fucked up dysfunctional codependant like I am irl :smiley:

Btw, the save slots are borked (sorry I don’t remember the fix for this, but I know it’s an easy one), and the link to the demo isn’t a direct one, if you meant for it to be.


Just read the description for the story and it sound amazing mate. I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

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I was looking through the Tumblr and wanted to mention that the traits concept is really cool. I don’t know if I’ve heard of an IF that tried to encourage readers to keep neutral stats but I like it. Seems like it’s going to be a very unique read with a lot of replayability.


This seems pretty good, excited to see more!

This is one of the best wip i have read.Please keep this up.Though it would have been better if we had a bit more info about what those kids did to us.But overall i cannot wait to see ore of this


Not gonna lie the mc sound like a yandere :joy:


Fixed the demo link to be the dashingdon direct link to the demo and I am working on the save file issue. :smile: :+1:
Thank you for the heads up!


Hello everyone!
I have made a google feedback form so that I can gauge what features you guys like and which ones you don’t like. It will help me incorporate features that will be enjoyable in future content yet to come!
I am currently working on Prologue Act 2 and the sooner I get all the necessary info, the sooner I can use it as I write Act 2.

Don’t feel pressured, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want but I would really appreciate it if you helped me out. Please and thank you in advance!
Google Feedback Form: Link

Btw: I am celebrating 200 followers on the OMWAT Tumblr blog! As my way of saying thank you I am doing a 200 followers gift where you can vote what you guys want as your gift.
The options were,

  • Lore Post: Homunculi
  • Secret Characters Small Stories
  • A contest in which selected winners get to design familiar options
  • A contest in which selected winner gets to make a trait (positive or negative!)

This 100% optional, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. :blush:
But if you want to vote on the community gift you can do so here: Link


based MC


Reads title

Oh feels like some comedy thing.

Reads description

Right into my alley (wheeze).



So, Act 2 is now up.
It’s not finished and currently just about 3,200 words long. It’s all the writing I got done on my ipad when my laptop was in the shop for repairs. (Which was a thing that happened recently, I actively post about what’s going on w/OMWAT and me weekly on the tumblr page if you want constant updates.)

Just wanted to give you guys a taste of it since I don’t know when the next time I can have a good writing session will be. It gives you a little more time to get to know Evangeline and the first tiny taste of a traumatized orphan. More will be added when I can write again.

Also, I took out the save system for now; until I can set the time needed to actually figure it out because it was not as simple as I thought it would be.

Enjoy the bits of scraps I could scrounge up! :blue_heart:
I’m sorry It couldn’t be more, you can blame college. :sweat_smile:

Link to game: Have Fun!


Don’t know if it’s just cause I’m emotional or something, but I literally teared up at the beginning. Would’ve full on sobbed had I not been in public.


Interesting concept, would love to see it refined! A suggestion though, instead of putting “turn page” use the last sentence of the page for it

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