Oh Mother, Where Art Thou? [Updated: 5/16/24](40k Words)

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Will there ever be an obvious evil/villain path?


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New Update Is Now Up!
(10k new words & Functional traits added)

It’s not perfect but I am excited to share some new content that I have added, the traits are back after I had to redo their code. Not all of them are actually possible to get at the moment I think, because they require really high stats. The whole point of them was to punish/reward you for getting your stats too high and you should aim to keep them neutral.

Nothing is perfectly balanced yet and they won’t effect gameplay until we reach Sanctuario, which is the next step and this update wraps up the inn segment.

The warnings for the game has been updated so please read, especially if your playing as NB.

I thank everyone for being so patient with me and sticking around through my little rough patch. I am going to keep writing away and hopefully actually knock out several asks when I have the time.

Enjoy everyone! Here is a Link :blue_heart:


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Question: can a male MC look more feminine after the prologue? (This is me overthinking about my male MC who fears men would want to look more like Mother.)


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The whiplash and laugh I got from this is crazy, thank you. My new year is so far so good and I hope you have a lovely year as well.

Answer: There will be unique appearances options people can take later when MC is in their teen years to try and push the limits of what is considered socially acceptable for their gender. (A male MC wanting to look more like June in their appearance is so freaking adorable omg! :sob::blue_heart:)


Since you have the stuff about being non-binary, is the protagonist being trans also an option already considered (like when you choose their gender they can already be trans), or like would that come later (as in you change your gender later)?


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Short answer: (yes, this long ass paragraph is the short version of this explanation) A trans route is not planned at this time but could be added when I finish the game and decide to add some more of the other variable features that were originally planned, (such as MC being on the spectrum, Antisocial personality disorder/Psychopath, and birth-marked) but ultimately cut so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself. For trans players, I would recommend playing the gender you identify as or play the NB route and selecting the (pass as, then select the masculine or feminine) option and then (affirm completely) to this gender for the unique story route you get with a NB play-through but identify as however you identify and be referred to by others by whatever you want, for a non cis play-through. [this part isn’t completely implemented in the game yet, the recent update starts the conversation though] Also keep in mind if you play this way; you will have androgynous facial features, plus not have any genitalia and if you’re a trans woman you will unfortunately be a part of the itty bitty tiddy committee, you can sit next to me if you’d like. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Oh, and I don’t think I have actually said this anywhere but I won’t have any explicit sexy time scenes in this game. Any NSFW writing I do will just consist of me answering asks (there is already quite a lot I answered on tumblr), where I mean if you want me to answer how characters would react in a specific situation with a trans MC I could do that.

Long Answer:

Uh, it’s a little complicated. The world of OMWAT is sort of an alternate reality of our world but with some geographical changes and cultures; but it’s still supposed to be like a huge hotpot of our world but with like only 4 tiny grains of magic sprinkled in. I also don’t like writing about what I don’t fully understand, without doing a bunch of research in order to do the subject justice and not sound ignorant. Plus, since I’m going for a somewhat historically accurate portrayal of how people acted back then in this game; (aka: sexist, racist, etc. but toned down), I also don’t want to be a dick to people who identify these ways and shit on them all game or completely exclude them from playing. So, I came up with a middle ground explanation to solve the problem for NB players. As I say somewhere (here or on tumblr), a NB MC gets a whole new game experience rather than male or female MC’s. In game they don’t have any genitalia and have androgynous features, there is also a unique story reason for who they are and how they got where they are that is different to a male or female MC. As I write their story, I write them as truly genderless and separated from the binary, which is what I have gathered is what people want? They do have to fake being one gender to fool most people, since telling people from the 1890’s you are genderless will break their brains. This gives you a narrative choice that you are either completely faking this identity (you can choice if it upsets MC or if they don’t care), or you are just casually passing for this identity (again, if MC doesn’t care, affirm to their gender of choice or if MC likes portraying themselves as feminine or masculine despite not being a man or woman) and then ask people you are close to, to refer to you as they/them if you want.

What narrative you want is up to you, a trans narrative I think I would have to write differently and take into account how some key characters would react to it. Mother/Mentor would not care nor would Traveler, but a RO’s like Tomás who are already having extreme gay panic and struggle coming to terms they might need to process their prejudices if they realize they love a same gender MC. They would need to have a whole new conversation and understand how a trans MC identifies and how to respect and accept that. I don’t want to copy paste dialogue from their gay panic lines to fit a trans conversation but write new ones meant for that conversation so that it gets the personal feeling it would need. I would need to add new In-depth conversations with mother, RO’s, key side characters, key antagonists, and future very important characters for MC’s older adult development stage. So, long ass essay worth of writing made short; it’s not planned because I don’t want to half ass it, plus it would take a lot more variable work and I already have way to much of that on my plate with phobias, traits, choices, and relationships levels. I might go back later once I finish the book and I have the energy to write a new story experience but at the time of early writing and development; it’s sadly not planned at the moment.


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For the rest, okay that works and I understand. I appreciate how much you went in depth with explaining how you’re handling it, helps me make a decision. I’m not really binary so I may go the NB route (I identify with androgyny to a degree, as the way I prefer to showcase my butchness), as that sounds probably more fitting for my personal circumstances and how I’d want to interact with the story. Just for explicit clarification, are we locked into using they/them in that path, or like will that be an option later on in the future gender shenanigans section?

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@ElliWoelfin Oh, ok well happy account birthday!

You’re not locked on they/them on the NB route, you can choose your pronouns if you affirm to a specific gender. And I mean, I said this on a recent ask but there will be unique appearances options people can take later when MC is in their teen years to try and push the limits of what is considered socially acceptable for their gender. You I think it will still be possible to look the way you want, I’ll keep this in mind for you when I write that part. :wink:


I love the update too much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

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I didn’t see any of the traits come into play, but maybe I just couldn’t tank my ‘warm’ stats enough. I’m curious about what they actually do though.

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They will have more of an effect soon, they just took a butt load of coding to put them in and actually work the way I plan them to. :smile:


I am so glad! :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

I’m not sure I follow, what does it mean that they punish/reward you for getting them? Do they lock in your personality? Debuff your skills checks?

I have all this answered on tumblr but I’ll repost those answers here for you,

More Elaboration On Traits

Ok, so the purpose of this is to kinda explain in advance how traits will function.
The way I currently have them set up is to not have people necessarily max out a particular personality bar unless they really want a character that will encompass the trait that will come with high personality percentages. For example, Having really high Dependent & Pessimistic personality stats will give the MC Separation Anxiety. It is one of the “negative” traits that can be gained very early in the game, it will give the MC panic attacks and can actually cause problems when and if the MC makes personal connections with RO’s or other characters. Some traits are definitely boons such as Analytical or Empathetic which have very little backlashes but others will be more difficult to deal with. Two, I will reveal now a little bit early as I am still working out on making them function properly but they’re first; The Socially Anxious trait which triggers when an MC has a high Reclusive stat. It will prevent the MC from making certain choices that require socialization and makes lowering the Reclusive stat more difficult. The second being the Lone Wolf trait that triggers when a high Independent is achieved, it will prevent some companion options and slows the growth/progress of connections and relationships (even with some of the RO’s). Meaning these traits are ones that will do you more harm than good and are difficult to get rid of once you have them. More like these may be added later on as well. The purpose of them is that they encourage players to be careful how much they push a character to be a certain way and to try to keep your stats slightly slanted or neutral. There will always be unique dialog for them however. Some do admittedly unlock some very cute dialogue, while others can actually cause some pain.

Anonymous asked: Is it possible to play as a Mc who while traumatized or suffers from anxiety is trying to work through it? I have suffered from social anxiety my entire life so I’m super curious to play a MC who also has the disorder but is it locked to acting a certain way? Obviously no worries if yes it’s your game

Answer: Hello, If you have the traumatized trait, social anxiety trait or any negative trait for that matter, you can have you mc work through it or just have them stay that way. It is an option for the player to decide on how they wish to develop their MC. (I have social anxiety too and 100% relate.)
So, I will sort of paint a clearer picture on how the trait lost system works: Negative traits are typically gained when you have select stats that are very high or as a result of story choices; but when you have some free time or you spend some positive time with traveler/the RO’s you can work on losing those negative traits. Just selecting options that lower the stats in the dialogue is not an effective way to make you lose the negative trait. Ex. If you got the Lone Wolf trait by having a high independent stat, it will be harder to lower your the independent stat and just starting to pick dependent options is a large waste of time to get rid of the lone wolf trait because you will only lose it if you get back to neutral which will take awhile. Thus you have select times in the story where traveler will help coach you through your issues, self reflection during free time or some sweet time with an RO where they will support you through your attempts to change.

I hope I answered your question. :blush::blue_heart: