Oh Mother, Where Art Thou? [Updated: 5/16/24](40k Words)

Aww, things get better for the orphan I promise! :blue_heart:

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Hmm, can I ask why?
Is it for better for immersion purposes that such a change would improve?
Just asking out of curiosity. :pray:t3:

Yep, it would definitely feel more immersive, and you could even make it for seem more dramatic as the font would also be bigger as well! Just a suggestion tho

Hey Everyone!

I have been quiet on here for a while but I am much more active on tumblr as I have said. I am still writing and making progress on Act 2, when I feel like I have added enough will make a announcement on both platforms. Just posting something so that nobody thinks nothing has been done since the last post. ^^;

While I mostly answer questions on my tumblr blog, I am open to answering game & story oriented questions here too if anybody has any. Just be patient if I don’t answer right away, I check the form less often then I do tumblr.

Have a wonderful rest of your day or night! :blue_heart:


Hello! I love this game! Quick question, without giving away spoilers, is the Orphan Romandian, Castellione, or of mixed heritage (I’m guessing this one lol)?


Glad you like the game. :blue_heart:

So, it’s actually supposed to be mystery which; the orphan’s origin will be revealed later in the story but whatever you want to headcanon them as will also fit into the narrative. The orphan gets to experience both sides of Castellion and Romandi culture and they get to pick if they like, which they want to adopt as their own culture.

I got an ask on tumblr asking along the lines of “if the orphan needs to be latino or italian for the story to make sense”, they don’t. Orphan can be of any race or culture and the story still makes sense.


Act 2 ‘Inn’ Update Now Live

I need to test a few things to check if they work, let me know if you find any bugs. I am fine tuning the new stat screen, once I fix those issues I’ll add the finishing up of the inn scene.

Enjoy this update guys!


Hm. I’m not sure I like the orphan’s reaction to the horse. I took the time to calm it, it seems a bit odd/jarring to have O react so resentfully/hatefully towards it later on.

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The orphan’s reaction to Sombra is because they blame the horse for being in the way and taking time out of their escape window. They also get a little jealous of the affection mother/mentor gives her, but don’t worry; there will be opportunities for orphan and sombra to get along! Like I said in the introduction page, early orphan’s personality is a little set in the way they perceived the world around them when they were young. You get to develop the orphan however you like when they are older after the prologue.


I love the update so much :heart::heart:, poor mc :cry: and l love the mother so much. I think you need to change the title with the new update date so more people can know about it because it’s perfect :rose:.



I am so glad you liked the update! :blue_heart:
Can you tell what you mean by change the title? I am unfamiliar with the forum since I don’t really use it, sorry if it’s a dumb question lol.:sweat_smile:

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Hello, i love your game so far though i think the personality stats might be backwards, for example: after choosing the more stealthy options in the first act i gained social for some reason and choosing not to hold mothers hand in act 2 gave me loyal

She meant the title of the topic, like adding (Updated [date of update]) which is a comnon forum norm.

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All I really mean to say is that, given how it’s such a change in demeanor from the option given earlier to soothe the horse, perhaps it would be better to not have that earlier option. As it’s written now, it’s a very jarring change from the child who would take the time to do that.


Yeah I am trying to fix that currently. :sob:


Maybe another dumb question from me but… how do I do that?


If I remember right, newer members will need a moderator to set it to a wiki so you can change it whenever you’d like (technically the mods can change it themselves for you but it’s better to just have it set so you can, as not to bug them). I’d @ them but I kinda feel uncomfortable doing it myself, like it’d feel presumptuous. I’m sure you could also message them directly, as an alternative to calling them with an @.

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some minor mistakes

Platinum blonde

Needs a space

Also when we ask about the money she doesn’t give us a amount this might be deliberate though because we’re a child but I thought I would bring it up

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Thank you for the bug report! I fixed them, please let me know if you find any more. :blue_heart:

I just noticed I didn’t add the numbers when June first explains how the money system works but I guess that’s okay, since the orphan is a kid at that point the first explanation was supposed to be overwhelming. She will go over it again with more context when the orphan is older.



I just messaged one privately. I’ll let you know what happens when they respond.

Thank you helping me out! :blue_heart: