OFNA: Birds of a Feather (WIP - Updated 8/09/22)

While I don’t necessarily “hate” everyone, there isn’t a person a I trust…yet. It wasn’t until I finished reading the demo & finally breathed that I realized how paranoid I was reading this. lol I do love my little Golden Finch.

I don’t know if it’s possible & you have enough options already but when you are choosing on if you are going or not to the mansion, I kinda wish there was an option where the MC could just kind of brush off the whole thing & not go. Instead of taking a fearful or aggressive stance they could just be like “yeah I’m not about that life” or be like “really what are they going to do if I don’t go, kidnap me…” lol Because I could see this being how my sarcastic MC would have responded. Granted the outcome is the same as if you choose one of the other options to not go cuz they’re going to make you one way or the another.

If I may make a request is that you continue to have an options where the MC can “play along” with the situation. Like my MC is curious enough to go along with things once they’re forced into the situation because they want to find out more about their parents, especially their mom. But they’re totally not sold on the idea but still wants to seem “cordial”. There are several times where you do give options that reflect this already and I understand that at some point the MC will have to choose to either fully commit or to try to run. But as of right now I feel like my MC only understands enough to know that this situation is dangerous but yet they are curious enough to risk being in danger in order of find out the truth.

Anyways, I’m really enjoying this story & am excited to read more.


Glad you’re back, and thanks for the update!

I noticed a small typo:
“Don’t touch me,” you say, taking a quick step backward.
Jeremy. “Sorry, kid. I said your name a few times, but you were really out of it.”

(incomplete sentence before Jeremy’s line?)

Loved the new chapter btw! Much to ponder :eyes:

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You mean there are other ways of interacting in this game ? :eyes: :joy:


Replayed it with the updated version. I just love the fact that we get to be awful To everyone, especially the familiar :rofl: Simon(e) is an absolute lad.

I noticed a few typos in last chapter, when Simone is genderlocked female the text still shows masculine pronouns for example.
Might be fixed now but The response to “does that mean that I have a wimpy soul?” was the same as the “can I trade mine for a bigger one?”.


Malarkey. Shenanigans. Utterly impossible.


Hey everyone, sorry for the silence the last couple weeks. I’m moving to a different state the first week of June so I have been busy with those preparations.

I was hoping to have chapter 7 ready before the move, but I don’t see that happening anymore :broken_heart:

I’ll let you know as soon as I have an “official” date for the chapter. I would think it should be out sometime in late June!


Be safe getting to the new state and I hope it all transitions over well for you which ever state it is :smiley:

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Birds bob their heads up and down because they are hungry, angry, excited, or bored. They might also do it because they want attention or want to bond or play with you.


Chapter 7 added to demo! | August 9th, 2022

The first draft of chapter 7 is now playable! I know it’s been months and months, but there’s still quite a bit of branching and small details in this chapter that I haven’t had time to test yet. So please send any bugs you find and I’ll do a patch in about a week or so when I’ve had more time to go over everything

I have edited the demo on dashingdon to add chapter seven! Features:

  • Additional 17k words for a new total word count of 99k just 50 shy of 100k i’m so mad (~43k per playthrough)
  • Some tweaks to earlier chapters
  • Find out more about the other initiates and OFNA members
  • Investigate the woods around the property

Please let me know if you find any bugs/typos/general issues or have any suggestions. Thanks again for everything and I’ll let you all know when I have the next update! :feather:

Feedback that would be especially helpful:
  • General spelling, spacing, capitalization, or other grammatical issues
  • Any sections repeated? Other things that you think may be coding errors?
  • Any issues with pronouns or the gender of the characters?
  • Being able to flirt with characters your MC is not interested in (e.g. being able to flirt with Natasha when you indicated you MC was only interested in men in ch 1)
  • Continuity issues (e.g. attitude about OFNA incorrect, the characters mentioning things that never happened to you, etc.)
  • Any confusing sections? Any points where you weren’t sure where your character was or who they were talking to?
  • Any important options/reactions/questions you felt were missing or times when your MC couldn’t do what they wanted to (within reason)?
  • Pacing issues? Did any sections feel too rushed or too slow? Did you die of boredom?

Wellcome back! Good chapter with more creepy stuf great! Pacing was great and I didn’t notice any bug.It’s pretty late for me and I’m too tired to give a better reviews but that it was great and I will wait eagerly for the next update :blush:


Simone’s entry in OFNA member roster uses wrong pronouns

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Just fixed it, thank you so much! I think I broke that awhile ago and never noticed :sweat_smile:


Pacing was great, i felt the tension at all times. The thing above the MC’s bedroom is driving me insane.


Great update (and game in general :grinning:), but I have a piece of critique.

There is no mention of food during the camp scene! Some unspecified drinks (bottled beer, I guess), but no food!

What’s the point of going to camp with bonfire in the woods and drinking beer without any food?

Barbeque probably is not fitting, but some sausages? Roasted potatoes? Marshmallows? Some snacks from Kathy at very least?

It would also add some variation to stream scene, if you ate a lot, you wuould quickly regret it :nauseated_face:


i can’t figure out the birdtrayer to save my life TwT … it feels like all the ROs are equally likely at this point…


Some of the submitted theories on tumblr have gotten very close!

I think there’s good reason to suspect anyone at this point :eyes:


I don’t really trust anyone there, except for our bird


The only thing that goes through my head while going through this is this singular quote

“Let’s get the f*** outta here right now!”


Progress update: So, I got a little bit lost in the sauce in an attempt to implement some more branching in chapter 7. Essentially, I want to give an option for a player who is very much a loner and/or distrustful and is not going to the bonfire with everyone else

Anyway, I’m tabling that for now because 1) weaving it in while still hitting important plot points got a little complicated and 2) I would like to attempt to finish chapter 8 either this month or (more realistically) early November

I know it’s been a hot minute, just wanted to let you all know where I’m at. Happy October! :ghost:



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