OFNA: Birds of a Feather (WIP - Updated 5/10/21 - on hiatus for August)

All the MC familiar options can be found in the Northeastern US (where the story is set)!

Yeah, the European starling is the only one that’s not native to the NE US (I think?). But their feathers are very pretty and they have migrated here, so I included them :blush:


Here is some (random) info on European Starlings: They are invasive species. Europeans brought them to America because people who admired the works of Shakespeare wanted to see all the birds mentioned in his creations represented (in NA). Eventually the population started thriving (and overpopulating) NA, but it took several tries. They all descend from the original 100 birds (the ones that lived) set loose in NY’s Central Park in the early 1890s.

…I like zoology and biology :upside_down_face:


I couldn’t help it, but what did everyone else pick as a familiar? :bird: :dove: :eagle: :duck: :swan: :owl: :flamingo: :peacock: :parrot: :hatching_chick: :baby_chick: :turkey:

  • American Goldfinch
  • European Starling
  • Red-wing Blackbird
  • Bluejay
  • Black-capped Chickadee

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Hum, read three times now, first time was the starling, Second was the blue Jay, both play through were reluctant and the last was the blackbird but I got disturbed and my mobile decided to refresh the Web page when its screen went off (issue with dashingdon when the page refreshes it always go back to page one of the story), will read again later but I like what I have read so far, think I will go for the persuasive powers :slight_smile:

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I picked the red-winged blackbird first, but I’m curious about how exactly it’s going to effect the story. I’m not planning my MC to be aloof, so I may end up with a goldfinch or a chickadee, which are both adorable little birbs.

Probably won’t pick a jay or a starling because I don’t care for the actual birds that much.


Just wanted to chime in that your familiar will not affect the MC’s personality at all. You can have a friendly, happy little initiate with an aloof familiar if you want to.


I’m loving it so far. Really enjoy the fact we can resist the strange circumstances instead of instant acceptance. Cant wait for more


Okay, you all are doing my boy the goldfinch dirty in this poll :cry: This is very interesting to see, though. Thanks for making it!

@Zenobrighter I’m glad you’re enjoying it enough to replay, persuasion is a good choice! Thanks for commenting :two_hearts:

@Emily19 Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll like what’s coming!


I fall in love with the story. I’m glad that I clicked on this wip :sob::two_hearts:


the fact that my mc really thought he could use his powers --that he found out like what? 2 mins ago???-- and persuade elliot to leave… i love it when we’re given the choice to make dumb decisions

our familiars, watching us: the risk they took was calculated but man, are they bad at math


Or if you go willingly and when you arrive at the mansion, the gate is closed and we have the choice to use our powers on a GATE. And if you have persuasion you’re basically trying to convince a gate made of metal to open up.

Man that was hilarious.


bird familiar based powers is a kickass thematic motif and i love this


I absolutely love the wip!
When Jeremy wanted to shake hands I was like “dude are you for real” (after I tried every option for my MC not to let them enter the apartment lol) and chose to cross arms instead… but Jeremy came off as disappointed that had me going “oh no pls don’t be sad imma be nice now” and saved scummed to shake his hand… I can’t even be mean to suspicious people it’s quite sad😂
Doesn’t help that I’m already in love with him.
Reading from your Tumblr I see he’s going to simp the most for MC. No worries, Jeremy, I will simp the most for you too :kissing_closed_eyes:

All those birds that MC noticed outside… were they to make sure they’re not ditching lol

Anyways, I enjoyed it a lot, gonna follow your Tumblr too. Can’t wait for more!
Good luck and I hope you have lots of fun writing this game! (Just as much fun I had playing it so far!)


I LOVE Troubled Birds! This one is for my MC:

Edit: This is a better link for finding your own Troubled Bird muse! (I am not affiliated in any way with this business; just entertained by them.)


Really, really enjoying this so far. The story is very compelling, and I love all the characterization options. I definitely forsee multiple playthroughs to try out different birds/abilities/personalities. That said, I have a question about this set of options:

I’d been choosing a lot of the “I don’t care” and “I’m too tired to deal with this” options, but there doesn’t seem to be a middle of the road response here. Is there a possibility of adding an extra choice along the lines of “I’ll check it out before I make a decision”?
I can’t wait to see where the rest of the story goes!


Oh duh, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that one. So… I’m going to add the choice, but the path will be essentially the same as if you decided to join, since the MC going to check it out. I’ll just throw in a few extra lines here and there about how the MC hasn’t made their mind up yet.

Does that sound reasonable?


Similarly to the above, I’ve been molding my character in this story after a different character of mine and found myself really missing a less excitable (but also less reluctant) curious option, akin to “This sounds really shady and I might regret this, but I have to find out more”. Between your new powers and knowing your parents were part of this organization, it seems really likely that even someone less outright excited about this whole mess might want to join anyway.


Sounds like he already got you with the stockholm syndrome


i love this its awesome! but i dont like secret societies. i dont trust them. never did and never will.


i was too busy being stubborn that i actually missed this but yes! this is exactly what i mean. choices like this bring me so much joy

oh, me too! i admire your mc because if i had to choose one for mine, it would be this:


which is also the reason why i’m looking forward to seeing how “questionable acts” stat is going to play out :eyes: