OFNA: Birds of a Feather (WIP - Updated 5/10/21 - on hiatus for August)

I have to question the past me, why on earth I hadn’t check this demo all the times!

I’m glad I’m playing it now, thank you so much for those rejection!!! I can’t stop giggling when I picked those options, and the two strangers have to fake a fire to lure my MC out of his apartment just made my week! :joy: :rofl:

Though the amount of ‘cross of your arms’ is a little too frequently, I bet my MC’s arms would end up like twist by the end of the day, maybe the MC could just put their hands in their pockets if they have any or behind their back when Tasha hands them the letter, my MC already crossed his arms when Jeremy tried to shake hands, so that’s why I’m suggesting.


Oops, I’ll check on this for a future update. There are definitely certain phrases that I find myself using too much :sweat_smile: Glad you found and enjoyed the game!


Haha, I tend to consider it a character quirk if it happens often (same with the MC of “The One Chosen” starting most of their questions with “So”).
But yeah, I have noticed MC crosses their arms often - I just accepted the fact they do so quite often as it being the case and that’s it. I’ll probably still imagine them doing so even if you change it now :rofl:


How do I get 100% resist now I have 98 haha
Btw I’m not sure if this happens if i start over but it does on a saved game that I loaded

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Hmmm I’m not sure. I wasn’t able to replicate the error, so it may be with your save file? Let me know if you run into it again and can’t get past it!

I’m not sure if 100% resistant is actually possible… I’d have to check the math :thinking:


Yeah everything is ok if I restart. I guess it’s just that one save

That’s is kinda weird lol far as resistance go I think I was at 88 % last play through, but got to thinking about something. When the twins first meet you at your house they mention knowing something about your mom but if resistant yet still asking they say they don’t actually know anything. if they knew nothing how did they even know enough to actually bring her up? Or is it more of the same kinda deal that Kathy brings up and there all to keep quiet about it?

Jeremy and Natasha know the few things they’ve heard around OFNA and that the MC is her child, but they don’t know much more about the MC’s mother. They’re also aware of the fact that the MC did not know about OFNA going into everything and didn’t know their mother growing up.

They really only know that Lucia was in OFNA and that she was well-regarded, plus a few more things that they’ll mention in later chapters. The two of them didn’t know her, as they’re roughly the same age as the MC, so they’re mostly going off of what they’ve heard other members say in passing.


@ofna okay thank you for the responce it sates one of many curiosity’s lol :smiley:

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Regardless of how much blame the MC’s father can shoulder for the MC being forced to grow up without the love of their mother, if OFNA have nothing to hide regarding her death, then the twins should honestly be privy to more than just little tidbits they gathered in passing. :thinking:

Hopefully it’s less convoluted in the long run than it seems currently. :sweat_smile:


It’s not just me as the author holding out on information :sweat_smile:

The older members have their reasons for not talking about certain things from the past :eyes: and honestly, it never would have occurred to Jeremy or Natasha to ask about the MC’s mother. They know it’s not talked about, but it’s also not something that they would have been overly interested in on their own.


True that. Why ask about a total stranger’s mother? That much agree with as a bit out there, so that’s not the part that sticks out. Having said that, after meeting the MC, and learning a bit later–now that everyone is gathered in the mansion–that the only reason the MC was an orphan living with their aunt was because of some spooky secrets their organization is hiding. No doubt, the twins will have questions of their own that will impact their personal destinies in regards to their relationship with OFNA. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:


FYI. Not an official update, but I edited chapters 4 and 5 because I found more pronoun issues and I hate that. Also added the option to be more upset after the induction (~1k words altogether) and an option in chapter 2 to set a nickname that most characters will use (e.g. your name is Alexandra but you go by Alex). Let me know if I broke anything new!

Chapter 6 is written and currently in the editing and testing process. Expected to be ready sometime in July, stay tuned :v:


Congrats I look forward to it and will play again soon to see :smiley:

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I’m excited, but I think I’ll wait for the “actual” update!

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Totally! There’s not much new content this time, I just feel the need to compulsively log anytime I edit the files :sweat_smile:


@ofna just got through playing it again and looks great and loved the panic option don’t recall it from my last playthrough :smiley:

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Loooooove it!! Can’t wait for more, I will escape the bird cult lol

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God i love this small bundle of joy. I swear the only motive I would join ofna is the bird


It physically pains me when I have to write the options to be less than nice toward the familiars :sob: :broken_heart: Would def join a cult if I got a cute little bird buddy