Offering Editing and Coding

So I’m trying to get practice in editing, and figured I’d throw in some coding as well.

  • Editing - I’m doing this for free. It’ll be a cross between proofreading/beta, and editing. Editing also has multiple layers, so let me know beforehand if you want a line edit or developmental edit. I’m not doing copy edits since I don’t have access to my style manual at the moment.

  • Coding! I’m already working on my own game so I don’t have time to write another, but if anyone wants to do a collaboration I’m offering my services as a coder. If you want to collab, send me a message and we’ll work something out.


I’m obviously not just posting on this thread so it goes to the top and more people see it.
On a more related note, you said you are already working on your own game, so does this mean you have allocated days/ time periods in which you write and are not free to collab with others, or do you just write when you feel like?

The free editing you’re mentioning is what a lot of testers already do. So, it’s useful to let people know that you have these awesome skills, but you might also check out a few WIPs going into testing phases and offer your services there directly. As you know, coding is life-consuming, and people who would need you won’t always have time to read this category.

It would be tacky to message people and ask them to pay you, but since you’re offering your time for free, I’m sure there are coders who would love a volunteer. Or @jasonstevanhill posts calls for testers pretty often, whenever a game is about to go to the App store. That’s how I ended up doing some editing/proofreading for @JimD’s latest (awesome) game, which was called A Wise Use of Time. I’m almost positive the final title was It’s Killing Time, but haven’t had a chance to buy it yet and confirm.

@Sashira killing time isn’t JimDs game.


I’ve been meaning to go through more editing for my game Unnatural ever since the fire but time has been very sparse lately. So help would be appreciated but first may I ask what your experience with editing currently is?

Oops, sorry. What is “A Wise Use of Time” called now, do you know?

I think they just stuck with 'A Wise Use Of Time" as the name, although I may be wrong.

Its still a wise use of time as far as I Know.

I’ve done some testing for WIPs on another account (which I very wisely forgot the login details to), so I’m aware of the betas for that. :smiley:

I have allocated schedules for my own projects.

Hey mate, are you still available for coding? Cheers!

Services still offering???

Hi, I was wondering if the offer of an editor/beta tester was still up? It’s been hard to find beta testers who also give constructive feedback. If you’re interested, I’m leaving the link below.

Its probably best to create a new topic explaining your wip(with the demo) and if your game is already completed ask for beta testers there. Creating an wip thread helps the game get popular and if there’s any grammar errors the people in the thread can help with that. Although it depends on if your publishing the game from COG or if its an thread interactive fiction game.

I have and it’s been there for a day or two. I guess I’m just a bit anxious and trigger happy waiting for feedback.

Are you still offering services?

As the original poster has not been on the site since 2015, I think we can safely close this thread.

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