Of beasts and humans (Short Demo is Out!)


Yep sound’s anime like to me :slight_smile:

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So do I, I love anything anime and now that I think about it SH has samurai in it which links it to China where manga/anime come from…can’t believe I missed that.
P.S my fave anime book is Vampire knight which rivals with D.N Angel.


D.N Angel is one of my favorite animes

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Man. I forgot what anime fans are like. Guys we have a danke meme thread for a reason.

Edit: “Gotta go relatively rapid, right?”

This line made me smile.

Also is Alia the pie baking goat based off an amalgamation of Undertale characters?


Ok, the people who wished to talk about anime and manga come with me to the anime thread (packs up all her belongings and takes a small party of people to the anime watches thread)
P.S could someone put up a link

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Thank you!!!
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(In short…Ok)


Both samurais and anime/manga came from Japan.


Well my username quote is give me dank memes or give me death.

But actually, that was a coincidence. I have a very deep fondness of sheep and traps that can cook, so I combined them into one being. The updated prologue that will come with the update has a reference to Goat Mum when I realized it like, a day or two after I linked the first link.

Also, fun question for all the people getting hype. While I’m busy and not on my coding computer that has all the data for the game, I google doc the second chapter that introduces Owlet and Nico. I have Owlet down, but I’m kinda iffy on Nico. So what kind of personality do you think he should have? I mean, I bare-bones have moeblob (Alia the Sheep), chuuni (Owlet the Owl Harpy), stoic (Kazuko the Dragon), emotionless (Bartholomew the Zambie), tsundere (Myoura the Slime), flowery oujou (Maristela the Naga) and fat bird (needs more Hatoful Boyfriend jokes for Eldritch-sama). But Nico’s barebones personality is eluding me~!

So in a rephrased question (that or people just really dig the Tsunde-Rin) the parenthesis next to the terms like stoic or moeblob are what character is what if asked to sum up in one word. So Kazuko’s stoic, Owlet’s a chuuni, ect. I’m wondering what people think Nico’s personality should be like (I try going for variety but lol if Tsundere wins I’ll roll with it)


Mix of stoic and tsundre plox.


I’m going with tsundere


Kazuko or tsundere
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Excellent and not-so excellent news everyone!

Good News: HOT UPDATES and revamped details!


Bad News: Lots of parts of spotty because I need to stop writing 1K words for even simple explanations. However, I got everything in the works and stuff’s still A-OK. In the words of Mighty No.9…It’s better than nothing atm.

Luckily, this one won’t brick the WiiU


I appear to be wearing “the finest silks this side of Acacia!” despite the fact that I dressed in the leather sparring gear… Did they… undress me while I was unconscious…? :scream:


Oh dear I never mentioned the fact they put PC in their nightgown…derwear. Thank you, I’ll have to put that on the "to edit’ part!


Poor MC-kun. So violated…

Also, I was sad to note that white hair is not protagonist-worthy, apparently (but orange is?).


Well, I kinda went “Well, what hair colors are anime and what aren’t”. I usually pair ginger with red cause I imagine orange being this Ichigo tangerine thing. And I have a friend irl that has melanin issues, so their hair is pretty much so pale blonde it might as well be snow-white.

And MC-kun knew what they were getting into. Never trust a fox.


Inuyasha, Allen Walker, Soul Eater, Gintoki Sataka; yeah, you’re right. I can’t think of a single anime protagonist with white hair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Also, “ginger” hair (in real life) can cover a variety of shades, from deep red to orange.


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