October's Writer Support Thread

Time for my update:

With two weeks of October finished, I have been working on my rewrite. As I am doing the rewrite, I often feel down on my own work. Despite feeling down on myself, I do feel like the rewrite parts I’ve completed are better.

I have two weeks left of October, and I have no idea if I will reach my goal. I do know that I’ve added about 2,000 words into the material I rewrote… mostly restructuring old choices and adding new choices account for the additional words.

The story-body material I have rewritten neither added nor subtracted anything meaningful, number wise. I do consider that a win, because it means I’ve updated the material while staying within the original scope for the story I had.

My stretch goal seems farther away today than it did two weeks ago … I won’t give up hope though.

I love hearing from everyone, so keep up the good work everyone.


Written some more on The Velvet Tome (WIP title, bleh) and reorganized some things. Like the startup was giving me anxiety with how I did it before. I just had to fix it. Did a little rewrite on the choices, too.

For the second project, which is currently dubbed Iron Kingdom (hate that), I’ve done some rough drafts for scenes and choices. Rewrote the beginning and some choices, as well as did some character writing; adding a priest’s son to the mix, and will likely add a few more.

The Velvet Tome currently has about 900 words and Iron Kingdom has about 1162 words. I’m happy with my progress.

At least my attention isn’t drifting like it usually does by this point. And I’m actually not being hard on myself! It’s a miracle.


Everyone, let’s hang in there!
I resumed working on my little Monkey Island/Pirates of the Caribbean Project and I hope I can open WIP tests before December.
Love and hugs to everyone.
Together we write, divided we fall!


This scene probably isn’t going to make the final cut since it’s so silly, but maybe it will.


So for context of what inspired this scene… I was vacuuming and had to stop and clean the rotating brush so it wouldn’t get all tangled up. Then I remembered those videos/gifs of cats riding roombas and how now we have roombas that can be programmed to start vacuuming whenever.

It wouldn’t be completely out of the realm of possibility a roomba accidentally sucked up some crime scene evidence.

If the Detective checks the roomba for evidence then I’ll reward them by having their optional cat ride a roomba when they return home.

Like I said, maybe it will, maybe it won’t. If it does, it’ll probably be just one line of narrative dedicated to the cute little easter egg. Maybe I’ll add an achievement for laughs too.


This would be great and the achievement would be adored by all cat lovers.



Cat’s Wild Ride … a riff on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. :cat2:


Now the tricky part comes in what do I name the achievement. :rofl:


Nevermind. I think I found a suitable achievement name.

To glory!


Haha, this made my evening. :joy:

I haven’t said this before (at least I don’t remember) that these supp threads that Eiwynn is making each month are really influencing forum for the better. Bringing everyone to share their happiness and sadness with real-life or more exactly with (real world is just a stage for us writers to get the material for next story, right? ^^’’)

This thread brings a lot of people together. Otherwise, people just mostly stay on their fave WIP threads (at least that is the feeling I have from stalking at some points).

Thank you! :slight_smile:


If I were you I’d pick one and really crack into it for a while. Best not to have two projects splitting your attention each night.


Oh, I know. I don’t actually work on them at the same time. Personally, I can get bored easily so being able to go to another project for a bit helps me some. In any way, though, I’ve been working more on Iron Kingdom (gah, still hate that wip title).


Ferrus Feudalism

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So… it’s the end of the week and I’m planning to forget that this week ever existed. I accomplished nothing other than annoying the bejesus out of myself with my inability to focus. Hopefully, during the weekend, I’d be able to double the work I did for these past 5 days.


Come on You can do it! I am in a similar situation but I am going to do my best this weekend. At least we will die trying


i’ve tried to make progress and i’ve tried to force my brain to create something up but to no avail! trying to power through, fix the error from my game and get the prologue done but oh well— anyways, I hope you all the best <3 don’t be like me and ignore everything until the last minute


Haven’t been feeling well the past few days (couldn’t focus), so not a lot was done. Today, though, I was able to work more on my current main wip. Now up to about 1711 words, have the ROs more or less figured out, and have started on world building and gone more into drafting the plot.

The whole token thing I was doing has been scraped due to the plot changes. It just doesn’t make sense any more; might revisit them later in another project.


Don’t beat yourself over it. You will eventually get a rush of inspiration and everything will fall into place. You just need a stimulus.


i’m trying not to, dw :heart: i’m trying to be kinder to myself and i’ve actually finished half of the prologue so that’s a start, ig! anyways, thank you for comforting me, tho :pleading_face:


Don’t worry! It was my pleasure. When I need inspiration, I just listen to the appropriate music.


I was having writer’s block then I started writing backward. In my head, I had a clear idea of the cliff hanger ending but was stuck developing the middle part of the story… and it worked :slight_smile:

It’s progress, and now I won’t have to worry about having more stuff to write when this portion of the story is out of the list of undone.


Eh, still not ready. I don’t know if it is effects of the quarantine, ring rust, lingering junk from the ‘rona, or what, but I just can’t write much right now. I bounce from thing to thing, which I never did before. And I hate the words almost the exact moment they show up on the screen no matter the genre or format I am writing in at that moment. It’s been this way since April, and as much as I want it to be different, it just seems like it’s not there. I just keep praying it isn’t permanent. It hurts knowing that if I was operating like I had the last couple years, I might have a third story ready for publishing right now.


Hi Matt –

I am sorry to hear that you are suffering a rough patch lately. The past few months have had a number of things combine to affect me as well.

From what you wrote, it seems that you are deep inside yourself and that over time, you keep going deeper. Have you developed any strategies or self-help tools to get yourself out of your own mind?

We are all different, and so, I wish I could point you to the golden ticket (Willie Wonka reference) but I know this is something I can only empathize with you on.

Know that there are a lot of us in your corner, supporting you and your efforts. We know from experience and first-hand knowledge of your writing that your writing is better than good… so in this time of distrust of your own writing, you can put your faith in us, and trust us when we say "your writing is good, Matt?

When I am experiencing imposter-syndrome and I can not trust my judgement of my own writing, I turn to dear friend who I trust in all aspects of writing and game making. If she says my writing is good, I believe her, even if I do not believe in myself.

Is there such a person you can confide in confidentially and with confedence?

If there is no one, I am here to act as a sounding board; just hit me up in PM … You have experience with my feedback, so you know what to expect.