Obsolete Stars (WIP)

Update 05/June 2023

Who would have guessed, an update.
in this update i shall allow you to:

  • talk to friends
  • or not
  • pet a good dog
  • or don’t

as always, if you find anything weird code or anything else, please scream until i drop a day 1 hot fix update


I really enjoyed your writing style, the story was truly a delight. I have a niche thing for the damaged/broken MC. Is there any reason I should hope that, maybe. Someday we will find we have a little undetected magical ability and we might get a companion? I can see Alia and I and our companions romping through the woods.

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I’m so happy that you are enjoying the story so far.

I can’t get into much detail about maybe getting a companion, but u know. Hope dies last, doesn’t it?

hmmm, yes, I suppose I do not know the mc very well yet. Good point; but, perhaps some subtle description indicating hidden irritation…as I think one of my next choices could be pre-crying, which does indicate some emotional stuff…I don’t know…if you like it the way it is, you should keep it. On a side note, I have found many writers avoid using exclamation points in their writing and when writing emails or anything really aside from birthday cards. It is often looked at like yelling…but it really is much more nuanced than that. all caps is YELLING for real. An exclamation just indicates emotional emphasis, at least, in my eyes. Context also changes its meaning. Anyhow, enough about freeing the exclamation mark ha ha. I Will continue to read on and learn more about the characters. Happy writing!

Hi, im so sorry to bother any of you, but i can’t edit the title of the post. The post itself can be edited, and it has been made into a wiki iirc. Thank you so much for helping me out 🩷

What would you like it changed to?

I would like to change the 18/May 2023 part to 05/June 2023, so that by scrolling through readers can see when the last update came out.
Is there any way that i could change the title myself? Bcs i wouldn’t want to bother the mod team everytime i bring an update out

I don’t know, but I recommend not having the date in the title, because, yeah, this will keep coming up. Perhaps put the date in the first post?

I don’t mind having the date removed from the Titel at all! I’ve just seen a lot of other authors do it as well, and I did kind of depended on that as a reader to see if there was an update instead of checking the forum entry every day, that’s why I was asking.
But i can totally just have it in the post at the top instead

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OK, done–let me know if you need anything else (that goes for everyone, of course!)

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Oi there @Chichi what’s with the stat ‘baldness’? Also :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: what are any of the stats mean or do?

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Baldness literally tracks your hair length. As you go on ur journey, your hair simply just grows.

and maybe this will be used for future scenes where your RO gets to cut ur hair if you feel like it.

The stats track specific personality traits, they’re linked to actual traits, but first, i think it’s funnier and second, making them into nonsense takes the anxiety away some might experience with stats checking.

Interested in how this will progess.

But God I fucking hate the stats screen names. I know its a joke on your end. But its hard to even understand the meaning between each word and how it displays the personality.

Its actually a major turn off on the game personally. The rest are fine.


I’m very sorry to hear that.
The reader isn’t supposed to focus on the stats at all, even if they’re tracking personality stats.
I don’t see this changing, I hope you can either get used to it, ignore it, or find a game that suits your taste better.

Eh. I use the stats to make sure the personality I am roleplaying is in character. Having those names for the stats makes thing very hard to keep track of.

I will probally take your advice though. Roleplaying and keeping track is a major thing with me. So your game is probally not gonna interest me much further with those names.

Good Luck on your WIP.

One of the selectable names gives a warning of being the same as an NPC. That seems… weird to have it as an option provided.

I just went manually through it, and have found it, that shouldn’t have happened at all, an error on my end, jezebel is not a name that should let that warning pop up.
I’ll have it fixed for the next update.
So sorry for the inconvenience, but any of the option names are 100% safe to chose. Thank you for telling me.

It was Saul, actually!

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Looks like I’ll have to fix two names then! Thank you, hope you’ll enjoy the read nonetheless

But they do, that’s the first and major thing majority of the readers [if I have to guess almost all of 'em] checks the stat page, as soon as they open it. So in a way I do agree with @ERECarl up there.