Nuclear Powered Toaster! (WIP) Story Submitted to HG 6/18/18!



take your eyes off on them for one second and they are gone.


I moved the scene list up, then it said author name should be up top. Unfortunately, I have shelved the save feature for now. As soon as I did, the demo works again. Will reintroduce once it is able to be done effectively. Moving on to work on some of Alexi’s chapter now.

And you are quite right, Umbreon. Especially the 14 month old. Children are extremely suicidal for the first eighteen months or so of life. Constantly trying to crawl off a tall space, climb stairs or ingest the indigestible like a neverending game of Lemmings.

Never be surprised why children are irresistibly lovable and adorable: it’s a defense mechanism. If they weren’t we would leave them outside for the coyotes.


New update, which should complete Alexi’s second chapter. Total amount of coded words should be in the low 20k range. Onward and upward!


U saw gender choice in the forum but when I played it there’s only females


Well, I guess I never thought about potential name confusion, but that does make sense. If you choose to play as smuggler Alexi Beaumont, he is a guy, even though Alexi is sometimes a girl’s name too. I do intend to add a name change option on the near future for your MCs so they are at least have a little customization.

And unofficial update: the town path in chapter 3 is all coded up. Once I get the first bit of the mountain done as well I will put it up.


WAit, Alexi is a guy?


Well I’m pretty sure a he can’t be woman :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Heh, I guess for a long time I just had the intro and first chapter apiece up, which lacks a lot of talking to other characters and thus wouldn’t give you much chance to know your MC’s gender. It is apparent when playing Fiorella’s second chapter, but I suppose not necessarily in Alexi’s (ironically). Not that it matters a ton either way.


I think I broke it. Any time I try to “claim” my territory it just continuously loads without going to the next scene.


@Prof_Chaos No, that’s the current end of the demo. Like any high-class literary work, the opportunity to pee on something serves as the chapter break (among other options, of course).

And that next chapter is currently about 40% coded (8,500 or so words out of the 18,000 or so written). All of the town scene (as I tried hard to imply in the story, you choose town if you want lots of exposition and dialogue, and the mountain if you want to break things and/or people, which makes the town a pretty easy bit to code), and the first bit of the mountain outpost. Once the latter gets to a logical stopping point after the first big fight, I may upload it as an update rather than waiting until I do the whole chapter.


Damn, I though my MC broke reality when she decided to pop a squat lol


Oh, but that option is not unique to Alexi, in part for that reason. So that’s still a possibility.


Third chapter is uploaded! This was about as big as everything in the demo up to this point combined, as it totals about 22,000 words (there’s also a smidge of the fourth chapter, but only 250 words or so). I will give a total at the end of the month, but hopefully I am well on track for my end of October goal: 80k words written, and 40k coded. It will be a tight race to the January deadline, but I am still feeling like I should be able to make it. Though my beta will likely be on a very short timeframe.

In any case, please try it out and let me know if you encounter any issues, as I will work to resolve them as fast as the two small people who run my life will allow.



Thanks for the report! I could not reproduce it, but I reordered some choices just to see if that headed it off anyhow.


I got this


contraband line 188: Invalid expression at char 10, expected NUMBER, STRING, VAR or PARENTHETICAL, was: OPERATOR [-]


Oh sweet, a update!



Whatever you did, it worked.

2 more


You guys are awesome as always. He Contraband one two of you mentioned is busted (had both plus and minus on a *set for the relationship variables; I have yet to implement them showing in the stat screen but they are in fact being tracked, and have been since last update), as is the parse one for line 251 or so of the new chapter (forgot to put parenthesis on the selectable if quantifier).

The Duck line 544…I do not know why that triggered, as all indents look good. I redid it just to be sure, and hopefully it works now.


Duck line worked, until a few pages later: