Nuclear Powered Toaster! (WIP) Story Submitted to HG 6/18/18!



@Eiwynn Thanks! Some days are harder than others, and while I fully intend to do other stories after this I will probably have to take a month or so off after I finish this booger just because it’s been such a crush fighting against this deadline. I look forward to future stories where I can work at my own pace. But I can at least be glad I didn’t find this thing later. We’ve likely already gone past the point where anyone who stumbles upon it for the first time would find it impossible to create something in time.

BlueSkies, glad you enjoyed it, and I am hoping the two unique PCs and some of the branching paths will make replays a fairly fresh experience each time. Right now I am writing chapter 5, where I get a little experimental and start introducing random encounters in the hopes of giving people a good chance at something new each time they go through it. As for that, it’s funny to have a second Borderlands mention in this thread. But the only Borderlands game I have played is 1, and the only Tales game I’ve had a chance to dive into was Walking Dead (got it on Games With Gold, made it to chapter 3 I think) I intend to come back to the latter someday, but part of my method to try and finish this game in time is to declare a complete moratorium on the ol’ Xbone. As soon as I started writing I stopped playing, and only power it on to download Games With Gold titles as they come up and then turn it off again. Nothing like the desire to finish the very last mission of XCom 2 to help keep me on task.

What happened to the poll? For some reason it only says two votes, yet it had 16 last time I had checked. And the user icons are still by the previous choices. Strange.


A post, both to keep this from locking and to announce a very sizable update coming in a few days. Will have at least Fiorella’s next chapter, with Alexi’s not long after. After ticking past 75,000 words I have temporarily shifted to coding for a bit, to try and make sure I don’t have to do it all at once.

Currency results were interesting thus far; I have put both yunis and aces in my first draft to try them out, see which one I prefer.


As Alexi, I am stuck at the point where I’ve uploaded my new identity and the ship asks me what I’d like to do first. Clicking the “Next” button causes the game to freeze.

Also, spending time at the Great Museum of Smuggling History does not add to my Intelligence stat, although the game claims it does.


“which they have classified ass vital to the resistance movement against the aliens.”

I’mm 99% sure you meant “as.” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve fixed the museum issue on my computer, and will upload the fix when I do the next update. For the life of me I can’t find an issue that would cause it to stop at the identity choice, though. It’s a very simple choice, haven’t even introduced any variables to it yet. I’ll run some tests.

@Beezlebub, It’s not intentional, but I kinda wish it was. Which chapter is that in? I am not familiar with how to Ctrl+F on a CSide file.


It doesn’t happen at the choice of identity, it happens at the next choice after that. The loading icon pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen and stays there, and none of the buttons work anymore. I can’t even restart the game. I have to refresh the whole page in my browser.


Clear the cache and then try to play it again.


Point is, the old bucket is tuned up, empty and read for its owner. I’ll miss the fees I get loaning that workhorse out, but a deal’s a deal. Your license is reinstated and you’re ready to run."

was it supposed to be ready?

Annyhoow I just read your game and it’s realllly awesome! Keep up the good work!


Fiorella’s next chapter is done, I’m busy testing and working out kinks so hopefully I will have it up soon. Thanks to the immeasurable help of the folks who post in my Ultimate Noob Coding thread, gender variables and relationship meters should be introduced shortly. I do need to figure out where to introduce a name selector, though. Predetermined gender is a necessity for the MCs to cover the one you aren’t currently playing as, but might as well let folks have their fun with the names. Probably put it in the first bit of each MCs first chapter, before they go to meet their various headmasters.

Oh, and thanks for the feedback all, especially @AmericanShakespeare, because flattery will get you everywhere.


God damn it. >_<

I’ll search for it.


Nah, don’t worry about it. I puzzled it out late last night. Thanks, though!


No problem! I’ll screenshot it next time. :5


Update! It’s likely got a rough patch or seven I didn’t catch, but I wanted to get something out there for perusal.


Just got to the new chapter, looks like you’re missing a page break before the title

Alexi’s body is labeled as his before I technically know his name

And nothing loads after this option:

Curious to see where this is going…and what this will look like from Alexi’s perspective. Have you looked into using the save plugin built-in to Dashingdon? It’s really simple to set up, and would let your testers jump right back were they were instead of restarting every time

Oh, actually I can’t play as Alexi right now :grimacing: There’s an error when I try to choose him at the beginning now: line 7: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "sir


Wonderful; you’ve already targeted several fails I have now busted this morning, as well as led me down some rabbit holes that furrowed out a few others no one had found yet. Most should be fixed. For some reason the town isn’t coming up as selectable, but I’m working on that. I would love to set up the save plugin, didn’t know it existed. Looked at it though, and I feel our definitions of ‘simple’ may differ slightly. As this game has no save function (because, spoiler alert, you won’t be able to die, as that would make writing a sequel a tad difficult), never looked at the code involving save functions. Not at all sure what he’s referencing with the *sm stuff and what values I would put in as the mygame thing.


All you would have to do is put *sm_init nuclear_powered_toaster | 3 in your startup file, after your create commmands, and check the box on Dashingdon under game details, and tada, you have a save system with three slots!

You just have to remember to *comment out that command on your computer version, though, because you don’t have the plugin Dashingdon conveniently adds for you, and your game will crash if you try to test it.

There’s apparently more you can do with it, but I don’t really understand it, either…


Well, hopefully it is in place now. Along with page breaks for those chapters (probably need to intersperse them in some heavy text spots too) and some other small things. Not an update worth updating the main post for ultimately.

Oh, and a note on stats: in these later chapters, stats still go up or down for many choices, but there’s not currently a comment on a lot of them for it. This is because I am still kicking around the notion of how I want to handle skill stuff, and the possibility of introducing selectable difficulties (specifically, an Easy Mode that tells people what the stat shift will be for all available options of a choice, or the requirements. Basically a way to go through the story with not much thought on the crunch of it all).


Still buggy, I’m afraid. Looks like you just need to move your scene list to before the create commands



I can’t even play the demo anymore. :cry:



Bizarre. Scene list has always been after the create commands. Apparently it only matters with the save thing implemented. Will fix in a couple hours. Yes, you’ll get tired of hearing that long before this story is done, but rampaging toddlers wait for no man.