Nuclear Powered Toaster! (WIP) Story Submitted to HG 6/18/18!



Alexi’s complete first chapter has been uploaded! Fiorella’s will be finished in a week or so. Please let me know any feedback or input you have, thanks.


So I got a problem with Alexi’s route.


Thanks for the catch! As detailed in the Ultimate Noob code thread, I changed a stat over so it would have a different name depending on your MC. Must have missed one when it came to changing the coding. It should be fixed now.




I also tried the 3rd option, its basically gave me the same problem.


I guess I got too fancy. Should have rolled out the update and then decided to introduce the fancy pants shared stat variable to have time to make sure I cleaned up all the old Special references. Or, to be graphic, this may also be why people do not code when up at 2 with what can best be described as catastrophic gastrointestinal distress.


Yet, these are the times you decide to just “go ahead” with ideas and try to implement them in your story too … so there is always some good in them too :slight_smile:


Too true. And it is a good time to get out the boneheaded mistakes. Case in point: I was flummoxed at first by the bug popping up in Fiorella’s chapter when I knew I had cleaned out all the old Special tags. Took two passes through it before I remembered that I had sanitized it **on CSIDE. ** But I never actually uploaded the fixed file because I have coded a lot more of her chapter and figured I would just wait until I had it all to do an update. So I will do that earlier than expected and push it out as an update in a day or two. I could now, but the chapter would end in the middle of a choice and that just seems sloppy, even for a WIP demo.


Ok, Fiorella’s complete first chapter is uploaded, hopefully with everything worked out from before.


There is a spelling mistake.
Beside that, everything look fine. :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for the day I can play as a Borderlands psycho in a CoG game. Nothing else matters.

You, sir, deserve a medal for this.


@RagEgnite Thanks! I figured I could not be the only person who occasionally just wanted to run around like a madman and upend all the drama of the characters at every turn. I have a hard time not making Insanity too powerful, but then the answer will likely be that it can get you through a lot of situations, but the ending will be impacted by the fact you acted like a Looney Tune for the entire game. People will not just ignore it. But ultimately I want my game to be as serious as players choose for it to be. It won’t be high drama, but there are some events and issues that they can treat with gravitas. Or they can try to beat a spaceship in a staring contest. It’s up to them.

@Umbreonpanda Typo is fixed, I appreciate you keeping an eye out!


Does anyone know how to get a cover image for your story on Dashing Don? Was going to use a Nuclear Powered Toaster wallpaper from back in the day. I uploaded it several times, and renamed it to dashpic.jpg per the site’s directives, but never saw anything change or show up.


OK, sorry for an additional bump but I think I am well and truly sick of this. I’m writing the end of chapter 4 and I just am tired of using ‘credits’ as the currency. It’s so sci-fi generic. It’s a slightly goofy game, so the money can be a little ridiculous but probably not completely outlandish (in an earlier iteration of this story I toyed with ‘chimpas’ as the money, the name having been voted on by an I-net poll, but that was discarded). Universal money units, referred to in short as umus (pronounced ooomoos) was another possibility. But I want to open this up to the peanut gallery, and see if y’all have some other possibilities. The few that get the most love or strike my fancy will get thrown into a poll.


Money, huh?
Hmm… let’s see… :thinking:

Unicred: Universal credits
Sumon: Super money
Uncur: Universal currency
UAWV: Unit of Approved Wealth Value
RAWR: Ratio of Authorized Worldly Riches

I don’t know. I burnt out my brain just for those acronyms :laughing:


Unicred is a winner, definitely putting that in the poll. Already an improvement over standard credits. Nothing wrong with acronyms (I have several either in this story or planned for the future, and may even make mention of their proliferation by having a later story enemy group called ACRONYM) but it would need to be something that works well as a spoken word and/or lends itself relatively easily to a slang term. For example, buck for the dollar, cred for credits, and so on. I don’t want it to sound stiff. And something like “Ha! He keeled over already, you owe me 20 RAWRs, sucker!” may be a tad too ridiculous, even for a story that has the potential to feature a rubber duck as the MC’s most trusted ally.

Thanks Szaal! Between coding help and feedback here, you’ve been a great help so far with the story.


I haven’t thought of any good replacements for “credits” yet, though I’ll post again if I come up with something interesting later.

That aside, you have a good idea with seeking alternate or slang terms for whatever your currency ends up being. You can use these in different situations both to show how formal (or informal) the mood is, and also allow you to break up the repetitions.

For example, the currency of the United States of America may be called United States dollars, U.S. dollars, USD, US$, American dollars, dollars, or bucks, and has the symbol $. The currency of Japan might be called Japanese yen, yen, JPY, or even JP¥ in English, is called 円 in Japanese, and has the symbol ¥. The currency of the United Kingdom may be called pounds sterling, British pounds, pounds, or quid, and has the symbol £. I’ve almost certainly skipped multiple names and nicknames for each. This doesn’t even get into the use of words like “money” or “cash!” Those could also help prevent your chosen currency name from constantly repeating.

There’s a generic currency symbol, ¤, you could use to allow use of a symbol without re-using an existing one. If you don’t want to use the generic symbol (I find it ugly, and it doesn’t particularly look like a “money symbol” to me) you could consider using a symbol from a currency no longer in use.

For example, ₳ was the symbol for the Argentine austral, but could be something like All-Cred (All-purpose Credit Units, perhaps also nicknamed Alls, ACUs, or Aces.) ₢ was the symbol for the Brazilian cruzeiro, but could be nearly anything that includes “credits” in the name.

You might even consider combining a pair of symbols or a symbol and a letter. Since you liked the Unicred suggestion by @Szaal, maybe something like U₢ or µ₢ would work.

If you do decide to use a symbol that’s difficult or impossible to type, save it in a separate text file so you can copy-paste it into your game files whenever you need.



  • Unicreds (nickname: yunis)
  • All-Credits (nickname: Aces)
  • Good old American dollars (nickname: too many to list)
  • Pie/Other (because I always have Pie as a poll choice. If you pick this please give a write-in choice. Or a pie.)

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“Great news!” said Professor Farnsworth. You may have noticed the lack of updates. That’s because of a lack of coding. And also a vacation. But I have been pushing myself on the text, and as I celebrate going to a new job within my company starting tomorrow, I also celebrate officially crossing a big mark with my base text. Current total is 66,770, which means as of a few minutes ago I am 2/3 of the way to 100,000 less than 90 days from when I started this crazy ride! My goal of finishing (or at least hitting 100,000 in case I need substantially more words to complete the story, which remains to be seen) the uncoded text by Halloween remains realistic. I will take a little break for a few days and try to code up some of Fiorella’s second chapter in order to push out another update, though. I have about 2,500 words more than the demo currently shows, but it currently goes into an error for missing variables and I prefer not to update unless it is a full, completed section that ends at an organic point.


Keep up the great work; congrats on all your hard work to this point. :cheer


I must say your WIP (specifically your writing) is damn fun. I couldn’t get too far in because of a 404 error but the replay value still made it entertaining in the re-tries. I really hope this gets more recognition.
Also if I may ask, have you played Tales from the Borderlands?