Nuclear Powered Toaster! (WIP) Chapter 6 Completed 1/18/18!



My typical end of month update: we have officially crossed the threshold for an acceptable contest entry! 103,000 words written and coded. But still a good bit of work before the story is done, and plenty to fine-tune even after that. January will be a busy month, but I am ready for the challenge and looking forward to seeing how everything comes out for CoG in the new year.

Edit: I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has played NPT up to this point. Your bug reports and feedback have been absolutely invaluable. But I am kinda shifting from just “Hey, here’s my story” to actual beta test mode in this last month, so I will be asking any who are willing to assist to provide some needed information. First on the docket is stats. If anybody plays through the demo, I would LOVE if you could post what your stats are once you reach the beginning of each chapter. Please also include which MC you chose and who was in your party. I want to make sure I am balancing the success threshold properly for later game choices as I start working on the big Solus confrontation, the flight of the Toaster, and the endings. Helpful souls will be forever commemorated in the credits upon release, to be summarily ignored or quickly scrolled through by literally dozens of readers.


Is there a chance to be some romantic action between Alexi and Fiorella?


Potentially. But not in this particular installment.


New update, big star here is that relationship stats are finally viewable.


Found a game breaker:


Thanks! But that’s actually the end of the demo up to this point.


Ok, just got a flash of genius…
At the end of the game, if you have a high insanity score:

Insanity circuits overloaded.
Please insert 25 cents to continue.
Here's a link to my Patreon:
(actual link, totally breaking the 4th wall, Deadpool style)


Hmmm. I’ll be writing some of the endings this weekend, and while I may not go that route (it’s funny, but I don’t have a Patreon), that does give me an idea. I already intended to have a special ending for those who roll high Insanity. But an ending to an Insanity run should be suitably crazy itself, no?


I know that it’s too much to include an option when Solus is telling you what she wants where you can retort “It doesn’t matter what you want!” and promptly kick her in the stomach and deliver a Stone Cold Stunner. But the temptation is strong nonetheless.