November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving, you turkey.

Gobble, gobble.


I don’t celebrate it but I hope yours is happy.


We don’t have that kind of celebration in my country, but Happy Thanksgiving Day. :slight_smile:


(Look it up)


Wait, what hasn’t thanksgiving day passed already (monday 8 october) .?!?
Oh, wait you Americans have to be obstinate and refuse to celebrate it on the same day they do in the great White North, eh? Well in any case happy thanksgiving to all the Americans out here, Bryce, Eiwynn, Havenstone and all the others .



I LOVE turducken. Aldi brings out terducken (or “3 bird roast”) each year and I almost always get one.

According to legend, it should be a whole duck stuffed inside a whole chicken stuffed inside a whole turkey.


Happy Thanksgiving, all!


Personally I think turducken is… for the birds.
…I’ll see myself out.