Nova City WIP (Remake) (Minor Demo Update 6/16/2021)

Wait… everyone is trans? My MC is trans too. This is a trans party. What are the odds huh.


Weird how that happens :man_shrugging:

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@sequeltodogs This is fun! Perfectly timed cliff-hanger hinting for more angst. Hahhaha Nicely done!

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this is just an idea, but maybe you can make a ro that is a villain but that the protagonist can turn them into good people, like catwoman

The villain romance routes as planned aren’t what I’d call redeemable, but there will be characters in Grey areas.


This right here is what I want. Like we all love Pein and villains like him who have a just reason for their actions, but sometimes a guy just wants someone who walks up and picks violence.


Just found this, and gotta say, I’m already interested!

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was interesting! imma go annoy everyone in the gam now lmao

this sound kinda odd; maybe just use “they”?

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Oh lol that sounds very silly thank you for pointing that out!

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For a little bit of an update: I’m still working on Chapter 2. I’ve got a ton of stuff I have to do so I’m just trying to get a better schedule. It’s gonna take a bit of time tho because it’s gearing to be a lot!


An update on writing progress:
I’m moving slowly but still moving! The first scenes of Chapter 2 are written, but with classes starting up soon, college will be keeping me busier than I’d like. But, I intend to go through all I’ve written so far to proofread and add in content while I’m working around a minor writer’s block.

If all goes well, I should have an update on the WIP sometime this month!.

Edit: Oh and potentially there will be some changes to the romances. Given how many I’ve planned, I’m in the process of managing that workload. The current plan is to have certain romances be the main romances (more story-related + more scenes due to the character’s influence on the plot), secondary romances (fair amount of scenes with these characters, but less so), and the romances that really play out in the endgame (still going to have scenes, but the endgame is the starting point of a relationship. this one won’t change because the characters this apply to kind of require this take).


Great Demo! :slight_smile:

I find it unexpected and amusing that the MC’s adoptive mom to be trans.

Anyway, Keep up the great work!

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plsss why is it so much fun to give Drain boy a hard time?? :joy::sob::heart: it’s worth the energy drinks I’d have to chug afterwards

Cool demo can’t wait to see more :grin: