Nova City - WIP (Minor Update 8/12/19), Writing Update on post 54

Hello! My name’s Sequel. I’m a longtime lurker/fan of CoG and HG, so it really was just a matter of time before I sat down and started working on something of my own


Nova City

A fateful encounter changes your life forever, leading you to uncover Nova City’s darkest secret.
Will you capitalize on that knowledge or work to unravel Nova of those dark bindings?

Basically, Nova City is another superhero story! Or a supervillain story. Heck, you can even dabble in the moral grey if you like!

It’s nowhere near done yet, but I plan on updating (ideally) once a week.

The Demo (which includes the intro and the first chapter):

Let me know what your thoughts are! I’m looking for all types of feedback, but I’d super appreciate:

  • Spell-checking: I’m a notorious fast-typer which means I’m always messing up and typing things wrong.

  • Checking my phrasing: If I say something and it sounds redundant or makes no sense I always want to know! Sometimes I type like I’m getting paid by the word so I’d really like to curb all of that messiness.

Current Features


The choice between four unique Super Powers, selectable or customizable Aliases, and three stats that will have an effect on how you interact with the world! As well, you’ll have the option to be Humorous or Solemn, or completely smack dab in the middle if you really feel like it.

Planned Features


Romance, of course! I’ve come up with 12 romance options (bc I lack willpower) which are subject to change. But I’m very partial to all of them, so we’ll see if I can commit to it.

As well, the option to be a Hero, Villain, or Vigilante will be implemented as you begin your heroic (or not-so heroic) journey. Once the first chapter is fully completed this will be next on the table.

And possibly much more, though I’ll wait until those plans are beginning to be implemented before I get ahead of myself too much.



6/7/2019 : Edited file to include power type in the descriptions of its first use. Also fixed some coding errors, including the error keeping the stats page from showing Name, Hero Type, and Alias.

6/8/2019 : Small edits to story to make introduction stat-assigning choices make more sense if the MC later chose powers that would be capable of circumventing those choices.

6/9/2019 : Introduced two potential Romance Options, implemented humorous vs solemn stats, implemented ability to choose sexuality. Also added part of the Library Route

6/11/2019 : Halfway completed the Library Route, fixed issues with code. Introduced 3 of the 12 planned ROs.

6/23/2019: Added very beginning of the Cafe Route to keep with my promised schedule. If Wit >24 and you picked the former job of Songwriter you can definitely pick the Cafe Route. Sorry to anyone with different stats, but more of the Cafe Route will be coming out soon!

6/27/2019: Cafe Route Wit >24 completed. Made major changes to the Humorous versus Solemn system. No stat increases will be caused by your innate Humorous versus Solemn percentages. All dialogue that was once a result of those stats that also increased those stats are selectable to all, so you don’t need to feel locked into one particular personality type.

8/12/19: Nearly finished with the Cafe Route mid-point (aka the change from Chapter 1 to 2) and have started the very beginning of the Park Route.

Romance Options (Heroic) (Slight Spoilers)


Name: Chantae Love
Hero Name: Nightingale
Aged: 25
Gender: Female (Cis)
Pronouns: She/Her
Powers: Soundwave Control
Appearance: She has chest length white box braids, a slight build, dark skin, a nubian nose, and nearly black brown eyes. There are a few scattered piercings on her ears and a septum piercing she wears occasionally. Her regular style is relaxed and colorful.
Hero Costume: Her hero costume is an elaborate black suit with bits of red armor atop it. Heavy sound-increasing gauntlets rest on her forearms in a cylindrical shape. Her mask is a simple white domino mask.
Civilian Occupation: Librarian

Name: Kohaku Satou
Hero Name: Achilles
Aged: 26
Gender: Female (Cis)
Pronouns: She/her
Powers: Enhanced Strength and Healing Factor.
Appearance: Kohaku is a slightly taller than average with a stockier build and light tan skin. Her hair is warm black and slicked back, just falling to the midpoint of her neck. She has amber brown eyes, a button nose, and a few tattoos. Her usual style is a mix of a slightly toned down 70s punk aesthetic and athletic wear.
Hero Costume: Her hero costume is a pair of black cargo pants, she wears a pair of shaded motorcycle goggles and a dark red mask covering the bottom half of her face. She wears a red sports tank and a black leather jacket.
Civilian Occupation: Indie Circuit Wrestler.
Wrestling Costume: Blue wrestling spandex with light blue accents on the sides. Her hair is slicked back and slightly spiked, and dark punk makeup decorates her face.

Name: Howard Figueroa
Hero Name: Cerebrum
Aged: 27
Gender: Male (Trans)
Pronouns: He/Him
Powers: Technomancy and Enhanced Neural Processing
Appearance: Howard is a man slightly above average height with a huskier build and chin length brown hair that falls in waves. He has a short and neat beard, green eyes, a grecian nose, and tan skin speckled with moles. His normal style is trendy and professional.
Hero Costume: Howard’s superhero ‘costume’ is essentially just whatever he was wearing previous to the call topped with whatever free sweatshirt he’s managed to get off of a college event. He wears a plain white mask with eye holes. Despite the other’s proddings, he’s refused to invest in an actual suit.
Civilian Occupation: Historian.

Name: Trent Hale
Hero Name: Haste
Aged: 24
Gender: Male (Cis)
Pronouns: He/him
Powers: Enhanced Speed and Reflexes.
Appearance: He is slightly shorter than average, with a slight but athletic frame. His hair is dirty blonde and styled in a fade haircut. He has blue eyes and a face full of freckles. His normal style is very colorful and patterned but also all over the place at times.
Hero Costume: His hero costume is a yellow biker suit with black accents, and his mask is a black domino mask. He has super durable “wheelies” as an optional part of his look.
Civilian Occupation: Freelancer/Part-timer/etc

This is just a taste of the RO that will be here. Villains and Vigilantes may not be posted/be posted with partial information, but the Civilian RO should be added when I get to a certain point in the WIP.

Romance Options (Civilian) (2/3 Listed)


Name: Xinyi Locke
Aged: 27
Gender: Female (Trans)
Pronouns: She/her
Appearance: She is slightly taller than average, with an average build. Her hair is medium-light brown and kept in a short bob parted down the middle. Her eyes are dark brown and she has a few freckles along her cheeks and chin. She wears a smart navy blazer with the sleeves slightly rolled up, a pair of light blue jeans that stop at her ankles, a pair of sensible heels, and a white blouse.
Powers: Power Immunity
Occupation: Reporter

Name: Jaime Mora
Aged: 24
Gender: Genderqueer
Pronouns: They/them
Appearance: They’re very under average height. Their skin is medium dark brown and their hair is dark brown and natural, falling in tight curls just before their shoulders. They wear lots of turtleneck sweaters tucked into mom jeans, and a pair of cat-eye glasses.
Powers: N/A
Occupation: Cameraperson

Scheduling/Writing Updates


7/19/19: Deciding to wait to update until I finish every Chapter 1 route. After that I should return to a more regular updating schedule!

I’m at the halfway point for two of the routes and beginning the third. I’m definitely going to scale down the ambition a smidge and work with a more railroad-y(I know this type of story is feared) basic plot and then work on branching it out more in depth.


alright, alright, not a lot but i like what you’ve got so far! these memories definitelt have me intrigued!
i also ran into this error


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A short demo, but it looks good so far. I reached the end of the game but the vars doesn’t seem to be working



Thanks for letting me know and checking it out! I’ll put that on my to-do list.

Was interesting and would love to see this getting developed, didnt run into any errors and didnt notice any mistakes whatsoever.

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I’ll fix that code as soon as I’m back at my computer, thank you for letting me know!

(Welcome to the ja’am)

Neat, no errors found. Good to know of another wip that lets me be a villian. Any ideas for the powers?

so is this a superhero story?

Well yes, but no

As of right now your powers are (once I can get the stats page to properly display them) telekinesis, super strength, teleportation, and energy shields.

I’ll make sure to label the choices that decide the powers accordingly

If you decide to be a hero it will be. I’ll make a note of the genre in my post to clear that up!

I like that the MC seems to be down on his luck thus far.

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Just a suggestion but when you select you power can the specific power name be beside the description


I am absolutely going to implement that. I realized once I was away from my computer that little mishap. Sorry for any confusion that caused, but don’t worry! It shall be added


It was sold at ‘Super Heroes’ ! Wooo , I love super heroes stories .

It’s small but it’s good . I like the dialogue, and it sound promising .

Love the name btw :smiley:


Love the game so far, honestly anything superhero or crime related and I am 100% sold. Just two issues, why wouldn’t the MC, with teleportation abilities, just teleport past the fence?

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I assume that the mc didnt know about it at the time. And that the use of his/her power was out of panic. @SenorBurrito

This is a very good question. People just be like that.

There’s never been a high-stakes situation I’ve been in where I’ve been immediately able to make the smartest decision the first time, and when I was 12 whew boy even worse.

Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, I have a way to incorporate power usage into that moment. This was a very good question!

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Well this is a way better answer than mine

ive got some changes to ponder :}

I always love a option to be a villain or just staying in the grey.