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Hmm, I like that!

That sounds great too, but I’d kill someone to get that scene implemented :sob:

Oh, we’re not gonna finish this game with our hearts in one piece…

Imagine it turning out to be a dream, though… Honestly I strongly believe it’s a psychological thing as a result from MC’s grief.


Or maybe, I don’t know, it actually is Drew who is alive, and just faked their death for whatever reason (and it is actually someone else who died) and that’s why the whole family disappeared for a while and the coffin was closed in the funeral (it all fits!)?

Anyway, I combed the demo through those ”they” pronouns for ”he/him” Drew I mentioned… a while ago? Anyway, managed to catch some.

See here.


Or maybe nothing really existed.
Drew was never alive.
Everything we saw was never real.
Maybe this was all a dream.
A terrible dream that we will wake up on someday.

Or maybe the world was never real
But a virtual world!
A virtual world controlled by someone else!
Maybe it’s the government doing some weird experiments , or, le gasp Aliens!!!

…I don’t know why I made this comment but either way, I love the work! Keep up the good work!


Oh NO!! We are in the matrix and Drew is really Agent Smith!!


Or maybe the MC is having a full on psychotic break.

I thought the way the demo ended was pretty chilling tbh, the pebbles hitting the window and then the rock sailing in and the cracks spreading all over the windowpane. That is some nice imagery. Also, you are so cruel for ending the chapter on that cliffhanger, now I’m gonna be thinking about this game forever. I’m hooked.


Wow, the angst! That’s going to hurt. I think you could make the reader know this information later in the book maybe when MC is finally going to get their revenge and this scene could also determine (along with previous choices the player has made of course) if it motivates MC even more to get their revenge or if they actually decide it’s not worth it, after all [If this happens MC’s reasons could be: Drew would not want MC to do that, committing a crime will make MC the same type of person who murdered their best friend/soulmate/ (past love -> if we’re romancing another person)]

Uh oh, that could lead to conflict… perfect! Making a relationship with a RO not always “happy happily happy happiness” is what drives me to read more. Perfect relationships are boring and unreal, imperfect relationships are muack! :kissing_heart:

Hmmm interesting.

I’m pretty sure you will! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself anyway, writing should be fun to do and not something you’re stressed about so don’t worry! Plus I’ll be here if you want another person to give their opinion about this book, and I’m sure another people that answered this thread will be there for you too!

Ok I will be pisseeeed with Drew if this happens, probably will hate him lol xD

Wow, but really, picture this: At the epilogue we are being attended by a man in white, we don’t know where are we and we don’t know who is he, we want to push him away from us but we realize our arms are trapped in a straitjacket… “Drew where are you?” We say and before falling unconscious for the anesthesia this man injected on us he says “As I already told you, Drew didn’t exist, never will. They are not real and neither your revenge, honey.”

Honestly I don’t know if I’ve captured your idea and if not please explain what you meant hahaha and I’m not exactly sure why did I write this mini fanfiction but, well, there it is lol.


Hey, I enjoyed your mini fanfiction, lol. That’s kind of it, but I do think that Drew was real. Just that the trauma brought about by Drew’s death induced the psychosis. So what we saw at the end of the demo was not actually happening but a hallucination.


I think the cliffhanger was the beginning of our MC losing their shit.


Someday I’ll write shorts stories about the characters in Nothing Left, once the demo is more advanced and I need more time for updates (so you’ll have new stuff to read if I take two-three months for update). Some will be about Drew, the ROs (before the MC returned to St. Mary’s), Eddie and the like :wink:

If I have to be honest… no, that’s not my intention. There will be sad parts, hard choices, bitter consequences and a lot of introspection on the MC’s part that won’t make the game very happy overall (the endings will be bittersweet at most, I believe), but life is something like that, right? :relieved:

That’s right! It could be Drew’s master plan to get the MC to remove all of their enemies, and the ultimate boss of the game would be them! By the way, thanks for the sightings, pronouns are specially tricky to find :grin:

@Kuro_Nikou thank you! Maybe you’ll have to use foil paper hats to fool the government, or band together with @Vyndral and fight against the matrix!

Thank you for playing! Chapter 1 isn’t finished yet, I still have to wrap it up with the following part of that scene, but I thought it would be nice to end it with that cliffhanger (and it worked wonders, didn’t it? :wink: )

What’s more, all of your reactions made me consider that maybe I should finish Chapter 1 at this point and put the scene left in Chapter 2, but… I’m not sure. I think it’s a good way to end Chapter 1, but if I end it there, it makes 2 harder to write. Mmm… decisions, decisions.

Oh, I get what you mean! Yeah, knowing that information itself would ultimately only affect how the MC deals with the last 2 targets, not the other ones. I think it’s important (and thus can’t be skipped) that the MC starts their revenge and is more halfway done when that discovery happens (which would set up the dilemma of “I can’t give up when I’m this close” and “it is really worth it? Would Drew want this”?), but how they discover it… is something I’m still pondering :thinking:

Good relationships with ROs are lovely to read about, too bad this isn’t the kind of game where everything works smoothly. I thought about it long and hard, and out of all of the ROs, only 2 are fairly lighthearted, the remaining 4 with varying degress of angst. Also, depending on your choices, you can have very serious disputes that won’t end up in just a break up, just saying :smiling_imp:

And thank you for your encouragement, you’re very kind! :hugs:

Chapter 1 still has a lot of work left to do, I finished one of the two scenes I had left to write, and I’m currently revising the conversation the MC has with Ethan Davis. I’m polishing the code, adding new content (like different flavor text depending on the MC’s stats and based on past choices), and some choices, but I forgot how dificult was the whole thing.

Have a good day! :smile:


I’m about to hit the 15k mark, but I still have a bit until I finish Chapter 1; it’s getting longer than I thought!

I have no idea what’s the word count with code (I don’t know how to look it up with CSIDE) but I added a lot of *ifs to give different MCs distinctive feels. I’m sure in the future I’ll add more/change a lot of things, but everything starts with a draft! :smile:

About stats, I currently have:

  • Impulsive/Deliberate
  • Caring/Insensitive
  • Emotional/Stoic
  • Aggressive/Placid
  • Compassion/Determination
  • Revenge/Control

Which may seem a lot (and some of them even the same!) but having several for things that seem alike helps keeping the nuances. And well, in case I don’t end up needing them, I can always delete them later.

There are chapters where a stat or two are fairly more important than others (like in Chapter 1 with the Aggressive/Placid one) and others are slower to develop, like Caring/Insensitive. I tried to make them easier to adjust to your desired MC as soon as possible, but sometimes story-wise it’s hard to fit.

I hope you’re having a great day! :grin:


Good luck author! Happy to see you’re making a lot of progress and I love personality stats purely for roleplaying purposes! :smile: But seeing that it’ll add some flavor text is really exciting too!


@Fay aww, aren’t you sweet! :blush:

In this game most of the stats are for roleplaying, there aren’t stat-checks that will determine if you fail or not. Some of them might even unlock special choices if they are specially high (like punching Ethan Davis: you can deck him if you make certain choices OR have a fairly high aggressive stat).

I’ve been writing a good deal these days (not a lot a lot of words per day, about 500 daily, but the progess is steady!), and I already have a rought draft of Chapter 1 (complete), but it needs a lot of polishing and retouches. I can’t show it yet to you all, but I’m happy with it :grin:

If possible (before october ends), I also want to add:

  • The slepover scene in the prologue: while it won’t show everything that happens (I decided it will be better if it’s a bit ambiguous and later on the MC recalls that moment in detail), there will be the option to confess to Drew :wink:
  • The start of Chapter 2 (but I’m not really sure about it, I might have to leave it out).

It might not be possible to do it all, but one can dream, right?

See you soon! :smile:


AWWW YES! :sparkles:

I mean, like, I’ll cry a lot, but this story is so good it’s worth it.


I like you, author. I like you very much. You spoil us.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to each update, it is one of the things that helps me through the days. It’s a sad game but when I like something it also makes me happy. And your game does that.

Keep up the good work!




I’m ready to have my heart ripped out. Again.


@Ninja1 I shouldn’t have laughed as much as I did :laughing: Thanks for the funny pic, I love it.

Honestly, it’s really all of you the ones spoling me with all your encouragement and kind words :hugs:

This week and next one I have some college-related stuff, so my progress will be a tad slower. But! I decided I’ll update the 31st of October, since it’s such a wonderful date :ghost: :ghost:

If I get to add the beginning of Chapter 2, you’ll learn who’s the first objective and part of the MC’s backstory. Also, while he won’t be this very update, Whitaker will make an appearance somewhere in Chapter 2; depending on your choices, he might pick up on some clues of what’s going on (not enough to lead to a bad end right away, but if he gathers enough proof… it won’t end well in the long run).

It’s going to take a while until I update, so here you have some choices without context: can you guess what they are about? :wink:

#"How I used to be, then?" I demand, because right now I don't know. I don't know who I am. How I am suppose to be. To feel.

#"Maybe that's the problem. That I wasn't like this before,"I snap, irritated. I might be unfair to her, but anger is better than desperation.

#"I can't be the same person anymore," not after what they've done to Drew.

#"I'll never be happy again," I cry, feeling bitterness and despair seeping into my bones.

Have a nice day! :smile:


I just love the fact that you put up the angstiest and most heart-wrenching sneak peeks and then proceeded to tell us to have a nice day :rofl: I’ll have a nice day when Ethan Davis learns to shut up… forever.

Looking forward to the 31st!!


As a compensation, I’m trying to stuff as much fluff as possible in the sleepover scene. Included but not limited to:

  • Confessing.
  • Kissing.
  • Sleeping in the same bed.
  • Sleeping in the same bed AND holding hands!! (Scandalous, I know).
  • For those not romantically interested in Drew, interacting with them and getting some information about former classmates and past events.

Pretty much all of it is tooth-rooting (with a hint of angst) stuff that’s making the prologue a couple of thousand words longer, I hope you like it when it comes out!

Have a good day! :smile:


Ohhh yes!! :heart: A refreshing break from all the sorrow and vengeance. I cannot stress how much I look forward to this



Scandalous, I LOVE IT :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Awwww… This is all so sweet! It’s a little appetizer for the angst that shall come… We’ll wait and see. But wow, this is gonna be awesome :two_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: