Nothing left (to burn) [WiP] — Now with Tumblr

Sorry for the late reply! Don’t worry, it’s totally fine to ask! Regarding your question, yeah, some of my own experiences are the reason as to why I wanted to write Nothing Left. Bullying, self-harm, suicidal thoughts… they are delicate matters that I wanted to work with in a more healthy outlet like a game or story, and share them. If I can know, why are you asking? :smile:

Hello guys! Sorry for the long silence, I’ve been very busy with real life: I’ve had midterms and some college papers with the same deadline, my hands have been way too full :dizzy_face:

Chapter 3 is going nicely, it has a new intro and the break-in scene alone has over 4000 words (code not included). It doesn’t look like there are any game-crashing bugs, but the code for the scene is a lot messier than I expected, so I hope there aren’t any continuity issues. I also have to tie some things together and do a lot of polishing, but the progress is there, small but constant :star_struck:

Take care of yourselves and have a good day! :hugs:


That was one hell of a demo :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to play more of it.


@Nadjib_Zarral Thank you, happy to see you enojyed it! :grin:

I’m sorry for the radio silence (again): I’ve had an extremely busy month with virtual college and final exams, but I can finally say I’m done! :tada: I hope that the following couple months will give me plenty of time to write :page_facing_up: :fountain_pen: :thought_balloon:

The current demo is 65k words without code (I don’t want to think how much it will amount to if I include that too…), but I still need to finish some things to tie everything nicely, which might bump the word count to 70k. I can’t say for sure how long it will take me, but I hope that I can upload the update somewhere in July-early August at it’s latest.

Onto other things— I’ve been thinking about re-uploading the demo for One Thousand Blooms (if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a game I started a couple of years ago but had to put in hiatus for personal reasons). I won’t open the thread, but there will be a link for it on my Tumblr. That doesn’t mean I’ll continue its development (for now), but you’ll have access to play it. Don’t worry, it’s not a scratched project, but all my efforts are currently on Nothing Left, until I finish it. So, would you guys be interested in having access to it? :thinking:

I hope all of you have a great day, and stay safe and healthy :blush:


Yeah I would love to read it. Always looking for something new to enjoy. Especially a choice game.

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I already knew I was setting myself up to be crushed when I had my MC love Drew, but goshdarnit I still did it. That whole scene with the confession and the kiss and the bed sharing (!!) got me sobbing late at night, especially with all that happens after.

This was so good! yet so sad! i hate it, i love it – thank you.
RIP, sweet Drew :broken_heart:

on another note:

lowkey I’m eager to read the MC’s Rami interactions. it’d be very interesting to see how that goes, what with all the trauma she (my MC) is carrying. is it so bad to hope for a semi-good ending with someone new?:crossed_fingers:t4:


didn’t know this was still being worked on! can’t wait to see what’s next


A friend recommended this to me, and I’ve never been so sad and happy at the same time. Major kudos to the author


God this is such a great wip. It really hit close to home. Cant wait for the next update


I read this a while ago but I just want to drop in and say that I really love this WIP. It’s so full of emotion and character and…gosh darn I cried. This is the first WIP I’ve ever cried to. I knew what was going to happen and yet my clowning mind was like ‘Maybe if I romance Drew (my heart) none of this will happen!’

Needless to say, I was proven so, so wrong. And then I cried some more. So…Thank you for writing this and I can’t wait to get hurt more/read what happens next!


@Semi-Lovable the other day I was working on the demo for One Thousand Blooms (full of bugs, I left it in the middle of changing some coding stuff and it was a mess) and I’m having a lot of issues uploading it. Not sure why, I will have to investigate.

Thank you! That part was specially designed to make the following events even more poignant: give the readers something very nice and then take it away :smiling_imp:

Rami has a lot of emotional baggage, too. His relationship with the MC can either end up fantastically, or extremely wrong. Semi-good/good (depending on your definition) endings are very much achievable with any RO, but everything has a price :innocent:

@LX3CT there might be long radio silences due to real life, but I’m set to finishing to game!

@Jakeruss25 welcome to the thread, and thanks for giving the game a chance! I’m happy to see you liked the demo :grin:

@365 thank you! I’m still working in the update, but it’s finally taking shape!

Thank you, you’re too kind with me :blush: Playing through it knowing what happens to Drew doesn’t make it any easier, in fact I would say it makes every choice, every scene, harder on the reader and their feelings, right? Gosh, I really want to show you what I’ve got, but patience is a virtue!


A friend insisted that I read this wip, insisting that I do not read the opening post, just go in blind. I did. And I cried. Not just in saying, I legit cried and sobbed and hurt.

The feelings of dread and sorrow and being dead inside and how unfair all of this is felt too real. It’s one of my fears that a person who is dear to me leaves… and just doesn’t come back. Some of what happens in this story hits really close to home.

Thank you for sharing this wip. The world is cruel and unfair, I just want Drew back :sob: